One more day, and 2020 is at an end…

No question this year has been one of ups and downs. But it sure as hell is ending on a downer. Too many friends lost this year, a couple to the WuFlu, but others because they couldn’t get treatment for ongoing issues…

My family has made it through pretty much unscathed, for which I’m thankful, but I know many others haven’t been that lucky, and I say a prayer for them. Where do we go from here?

Honestly, I don’t know…It’s obvious that .gov is going to change, significantly to put it mildly, and possibly even more badly for us depending on what happens in Georgia next week. In the big picture, I think the world is going to change too, and that is what really scares me.

America first will be a thing of the past, with Biden et al bringing back Obama ver 3.0, and I believe China will feel emboldened to do what they want, starting with Taiwan. The gains made in the middle east may roll back, and Israel may, depending on what happens to the US/Israeli relations, decide it’s time to take the bull by the horns with respect to Iran.

North Korea will go back to rattling their sabres, and I wonder if Biden et al will stand behind South Korea…

Russia is back to actively maneuvering at sea with both submarines, ships, and long range aircraft, which doesn’t bode well for our peace of mind. And I’m pretty sure the new administration is NOT going to be friendly to the military going forward, which will put an end to the military upgrades that are in progress. For the Navy, I would not be surprised to see the shipbuilding stopped…

On the home front, how many small businesses will be left? I’m thinking not many, about the only ones that will survive are going to be mostly the chain stores. Guns and ammo have all but disappeared from the stores, or gotten so stupidly high that people are really thinking twice about buying, but are also desperate, considering the breakdown in law enforcement and the moves by the left to defund the police.

Crime is up in most of the major cities, more people are leaving, and everyone is on edge… All it is going to take is one match in the wrong place and anarchy could well break out. I hope not, but…

And no one that I know trusts the media, the CDC, or pretty much anyone in authority anymore. That’s not a good place to be either.

I think the best thing we can do is hunker down, stay in touch with friends/family, and ride things out as well as we can. Low key, don’t make yourself a target, make sure you have supplies on hand.

The bright spot is, we are still here! Alive, motivated to succeed in spite of the things going on around us, and making the best of our respective situations. Hang in there folks, and remember- Non ergo in te vocabo!



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  1. I think that you’ve wrapped it up quite nicely.

    Happy 2021?

  2. You’ve pretty much made the case for not hunkering down, IMO. If there’s no rule of law and they’ve ruined my livelyhood, I don’t have anything else to lose.

    I honestly don’t know what the fix is, but I am certain we can’t rely on the politicians to save us. I’m also not willing to get to Point Solzhenitsyn and then regret sitting on my hands.

  3. Don’t hunker down just yet – contact your US Reps and Senators and tell them to not accept electoral votes from the contested states where fraud is only too evident. If the ballot and jury boxes don’t work, however, we are left with only two choices – submit or pull out the cartridge box. The latter will be awful and messy, but better than being subjugated to unjust rule. I am open to other alternatives, but afraid there may not be any left.

  4. LL- I guess we can hope…

    Art- Yep!

    Heath- Good point.

    Tom- Our reps and senators in Texas are basically doing what they can against the tide… Re the other, you’re right…sigh

  5. Yep, keep telling the Congressmen what they need to hear and what you want them to do.

    Otherwise, keep at it. We survived Clinton and Obama, we can survive Biden and Harris.

  6. Toom — I was just over at “Bayou Renaissance Man” where Peter pointed out that if Biden/Harris (Soon to be Harris/?) get the reins there will be no way to get us out of this mess peacefully since the super powerful/wealthy will create a Fascist State wearing the skin of the USA. As one former talk show host, Neal Boortz, would say “Bow down to Zod” (from Superman) will become the new normal.

    I am very pessimistic about 2021 and what will happen. Even if there is a miracle next week and Trump/Pence stay in the executive along with Georgia actually having an uncorrupted Senate run-off (cough-cough, or at least in the end the Republicans win), I think all hell will break loose this coming year from one side or the other.

    I, as a Christian, view the current events as a major outbreak of Evil led by Satan in the greater Cosmological War between Good and Evil. The Revelation of Saint John states that Evil will be in power before the Triumph of God and Truth.

  7. Oughta do a deadpool for 2021 and see who shows up here 365 days from now…

  8. Next year in Jerusalem….
    I don’t know what is coming, I’ve hunkered down as hard as I can, while living my dreams as best as I can (but draft horses, forestry, and gardens aren’t on the target list yet…).
    And as a devout Christian, I take my strength from the Israeli Jews. ‘Next year in Jerusalem’ even if it does take two thousand years. No government can make me bow to them above God, they can kill me, but they cannot earn my loyalty.

  9. I believe Trump will win in January. EO 13848. The art of war.