Estimates are that a HALF BILLION dollars have been spent since Nov 3 in Georgia on the two senate races…

That’s got to be the most expensive election in history!

And it makes me wonder if the amounts of money are overriding the reality of local issues that the elections SHOULD be about… Instead, one has to look at WHERE the money is coming from, HERE.  It’s interesting that a lot of Ossoff’s money is from out of state! And it’s the same for Warnock, HERE.

This makes me think there is a concerted effort by big tech to BUY this election… Grrr…

The total cost of the 2020 election will nearly reach an unprecedented $14 billion, making it the most expensive election in history and twice as expensive as the previous presidential election cycle. 

Full article, HERE.

And then there is this little tidbit that has been buried in Google and other search windows about votes being changed in GA, HERE.


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Trust me, I ain’t thrilled…the numbers of ads and commercials from both the candidates and the assorted PACS have inundated the airwaves. I am glad that I have satellite radio, so I at least miss that part of it unlike the poor bastards listening to Atlanta Radio. But I am afraid that the donks will steak this too because they are using the same equipment and the same people as before.

  2. I am skeptical of it being entirely independent of the PRC.

    Fraud in the Georgia run off, or out of state voters, would mean a combination too powerful for the ordinary court process to remedy.

    Check out volume four of the Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. There’s a certain speech during April of 1861, I want to say the 15th.

  3. ” Everyone thinks there was fraud” isn’t proof of fraud.Get something substantial in front of a judge or sit down& shut up.

    • Mark – awfully hard to get something/anything substantial or net in front of a judge – or the supremes for that matter – when they flatly REFUSE to look.

  4. Ed- Yep…

    Mark- Well, they testified UNDER OATH in front of the Georgia house. If they lied, why aren’t they being prosecuted for what they said?

  5. Mark,

    Conversely, if it can be shown that there is no fraud, why are the courts rejecting it on procedural grounds, rather than material?

    This isn’t 1960, the logic of Nixon bowing to JFK’s fraud then doesn’t hold now.

    Several things have occurred, that together tend to break the trust in the old consensus on electoral process. First, the judges taking the excuse of covid to let out a bunch of prisoners that they must have desired to release anyway. Second, the collusions of numerous officials in permitting riot, arson, and some murder in the mostly peaceful BLM protests. This is stuff that has been tolerated before in the US, when people who object are capable of preserving law and order where they live by being careful in who they vote for. Or if they really object, vigilantism where the elected officials are not responsive. Third, the decisions by Google, Twitter, and Facebook to pick now to go all in on obvious blatant censorship. Which isn’t damning on its own, but becomes very concerning when combined with all of the other things. Fourth, the monumental incompetence of election officials in both the fraud and non-fraud explanations for what occurred that night.

    Normally, you would have a margin of ruin remaining in the system, and that might be enough to convince me that I might be able to accept a certain amount of fraud.

    When I’m going, ‘sure, I’m potentially in danger for my life if I relocate for work from a deep red state to a state that might elect a blue governor, but at least the voters will keep the red state red’, that is not the time to persuade me that accepting fraud in blue/blue areas is going to result in my ‘safe’ red area being frauded blue. Perhaps fraud explains all the local votes here that have gone the Democrat way?

    I started out thinking that Chicago, New York, and San Francisco were crooked. I knew that my own state had previously been quite crooked, and was still showing indicators of minor problems, but had figured that it might be safe enough for a person to avoid being lynched even if local powers that be found them convenient to scapegoat.

    I now have reason to suspect that New York and California might not merely be Democrat voters, but instead massive fraud, and that such fraud could as easily happen in the reddest of states.

    For reasons of personal security, I want some assurance to local elections when I am in a red town, county, and state. If a university town or two can put in a blue Governor, and that Governor can shut down ordinary business, suspend the usual police protections, and so forth, I have zero expectations for my own safety. And if I am dead anyway, I might as well spend my life showing the guilty the finger.

    The presidential election was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. There is now a pressing need for verifiable election security, if you want me to have any respect for electoral results, or for disputes to be resolved in the usual manner.

    And ‘Judge Woodrow Johnson says that there is no Klan terrorism in this county’ is not at all persuasive when you are pretty sure that Judge Johnson was out riding with the Klan when that neighborhood mysteriously burned down. Given the disparity in numbers, running is the smarter answer than fighting. Possibly, in the current situation, the balance of forces might be in Republican favor. Doesn’t really matter, because there is not any real possibility of successfully running.

    Democrats have promised murder and mayhem in word and deed. I’ve always tried to not be the person who goes back to the spouse who kills them, or who lets the criminal take them to a secondary crime site. Right now in the PRC, a mass murder is occurring. These are not times to trust in human decency, even if I was so inclined.

    The logic that the process must continue is based on the idea that leaving the presidency vacant is too much of an international strategic problem to be affordable. This may be less true when measured against the internal strategic problem of factions that cannot believe the other will not kill them, and the appearance of fraud.

    Republican voters already had significant distrust in Republican elected officials. You can’t fix the more recent loss of confidence by having Republican officials rubberstamp a ‘fix’.

    Either Biden/Harris does not take office, or prove that the allegations are not correct. Get the assertions for and against entered into evidence with a court, and let the public figure out if the judge has decided crookedly or not.

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