I don’t like what I’m seeing…

But I think it’s coming. Pandora’s Box has been opened and I don’t believe the Dems have the capability to get it closed…

Twitter has permanently suspended Trump’s accounts…

Facebork is probably going to do the same…

And Simon & Schuster is canceling Sen. Josh Hawley’s forthcoming book because of the violent riots on Capitol Hill, the company announced on Thursday, below.

“As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints: at the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.”

  • Balkanization based not on language or faith but political orientation and ethnicity (“divide and conquer”)
  • Media shuts down all ‘dissenting voices’, see above…
  • Vaccination will be the ‘requirement’ to travel. “Papiere, bitte!”
  • Gun confiscation. Commissars are on their way. I’ve said before if this happens, you will see an ND that leads to a homeowner being shot by the enforcers. When this happens, all bets are off.
  • Biden out of office before Independence Day 2021, either dead or institutionalized. Under provisions of the 25th Amendment, he is replaced by Harris.
  • Harris appoints Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, to fill her VP post
  • The servile UniParty Senate meekly conforms  her for the VP post
  • Massive construction project for FEMA “Repentance and Rehabilitation” facilities. Maybe…
  • I believe the cities will melt down first, when EBT cards, etc. get hacked and stop working.

Your thoughts?


I don’t like what I’m seeing… — 53 Comments

  1. To give him credit, Barack Hussein Obama was smart enough to not go after the guns. As long as we of the Right get to pretend that weapons matter without using them, then we will go along with literally anything else the Left does to us and our children.

    • Only because he was setting up the framework for the taking of. Can’t take the guns until you have compete control of Congress, the Media, the major cities, there is rioting in the streets, you can declare an emergency due to ‘wide-spread issues…’

      He rebuilt and built upon the framework that Clinton set up. If Hillary had won, the framework was almost ready, most likely gun confiscation within 2 years (around the mid-term elections of 2018, most likely right after.)

      But she didn’t, so back-up plan of rioting, insurrection, manipulation continued. Seriously, was there any year of Trump’s administration where there wasn’t basically a leftist-led riot in Washington DC?

    • He was trying. Remember all the talk about ‘straw purchases helping foreign cartels’?
      And then suddenly Eric Holder got caught supplying them with guns and there was so much egg on face that Obama backed off.
      They’ll be back. They’ve already got all sorts of anti-gun laws proposed, did it on the first day of the new Congress.

  2. As ugly as things would get it’s preferable to just handing over control of EVERYTHING to the left. The eventual outcome would be just as bad, it would just take longer to get there and a lot more good people would suffer and die while keeping a lot more parasites alive. The party needs to get started and the tree needs to be watered. We are at one of those major crossroads in history. The choices made now will have enormous impact on the future….for a long time.

  3. We’ve complained about the double standard for years, but Senator Hawley is a dangerous threat to democracy and freedom but the Democrats who objected to the last three Republican Presidential electors weren’t, and neither were the left wing/anarchist rioters who took over Washington DC and attacked multiple Federal buildings and police stations? I know I’m preaching to the choir here but I don’t see how this ends well. I believe the Left has declared open war on conservatives and traditional America. I don’t, however, know what to do next.

  4. After opening the doors of the Capitol to allow a peaceful crowd to enter the building, once debate started, it took an execution to suspend debate.

  5. Courage and Faith brothers. Keep current. Keep in touch. Work up a plan with like minded neighbors to watch out for each other.

    You saw how the critters ran away on the 6th. Proverbs 28:1

    keep your nose clean and reckon on what you are prepared to do.

  6. FWIW,
    I suspect that NLT 12:01EST 1/20/2021, it will be “weapons free” on the illegitimate government of His Fraudulency the Ist.

    The only way to stave that off is if they are prevented from being sworn in before that point. Not my problem.

    Everything after that is socked in 10/10 by the Fog Of War.

    The Leftards thought it was cute to say “not my president”.
    Even cuter to steal two elections, the presidency, the Senate, and the republic, and think there would be no penalty, and no consequences for that.
    When the shoe’s on the other foot, and 75M people say “Not My Government”, and make it stick, the smiles will flee their faces.

    What they say at that point won’t matter, as it’ll likely be drowned out by the gunfire, whether all at once, or like pecking on a typewriter one stroke at a time. Endlessly.

    Go long and deep on food, body armor, and night vision.
    Also, cold drinks and popcorn.
    I’d add ammunition, but that’s already unobtanium.
    Anyone who didn’t load up when things were good missed that bus.
    For now, we watch and wait.

    We had our Boston Massacre.
    Lexington and Concord come next.

    It’s not going to go well for TPTB after that point.

  7. You are right on Biden out soon, everyone forgets that he has had 2 brain surgeries for aneurism. He is one high pressure event from a massive stroke. God help us.

  8. I don’t know if he’ll be out of office that soon, but I’d say it’s a near certainty he’ll be gone within a year or so.

  9. I don’t think they can confiscate firearms in 80% of the country. They may make them illegal, but they don’t have the manpower to go after them. If you’re stopped with one you may draw felony but lot’s of local LEO will turn a blind eye. See NY state.

    If Michelle is made VP, Harris better sleep with one eye open.

    Not noted is if Trump will be alive by 2024. I would not take that bet.

    • Sir, I think you are wrong on the confiscation of weapons, the best reason to show how they seized guns was New Orleans after the hurricane. Groups of cops attacking single households who had no help from friends or militia. That is how it is going to play out all over this nation.
      The best way to stop this is to tell the police in your area they will be killed if they seize guns and follow through if they start.

  10. > I believe the cities will melt down first, when EBT cards, etc. get hacked and stop working.

    I bet those EBT cards have better security and authentication than those electronic voting machines…

    • The shutdown ofbthe EBT cards was tested during Obama I, in Birmingham, among other cities.
      A “computer malfunction” caused cards to no load funds on the first of the month. By the fourth, mobs were stripping the Wal-Marts and the grocery stores. Cards re-enabled the evening of the fourth.
      No bets as to whether there will be any resupply in the current environment.
      Pay attention to Aesop. Just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean that he is wrong. 🙂
      Thanks Aesop. I bought masks in January, when you first mentioned them.
      Check a recent book, Prarie Fire, by Clay Martin, and if still in a city, his Concrete Jungle.
      Another good book for the coming troubles is by Selco Begovic, The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival, about his experiences surviving in the Balkan wars of the 1990s.
      Not nice, but necessary.
      We may be up to our asses in alligators, but remenber that the mission is the revival of our Constitutional Republic. (At least it is for me). Teach where you can.
      John in Indy

  11. This is urban versus rural. Most power plant workers are Trump Supporters. Shut the plants down. Show the locusts that the ants are tired of this shit. Atlanta is literally a city state surrounded by hostile territory that depends on the hostiles. May not work so well else where, but I believe it is time for states to start representing their deplorables as well as the enlightened. Any current politician at any level should be out of work. Go back to in-person voting with ID required. If you can’t vote on voting day in your home precinct, tough. Easy to catch the locusts if you block the roads and turn off the power.

    Anyone know what happened to those billions of rounds purchased by the deplorables? Paragraphs 1 and 2 may be correlated.

    • Xoph -the only thing I’ll disagree with is the ‘only’ voting on election day. I strongly favor early voting since that allows us to decide when we vote not being dictated to a certain place and time. The ID and in person requirement still remains.
      I don’t know of any ‘voting irregularities’ in the states that allow early voting, well at least not any that used dominion or mass mail in ballots.

      • that should have read that did NOT use those voting scams

  12. All- Thanks for the comments, and no disagreement. Sadly, I don’t think we will ever see in person voting unless there is a HUGE change in the political climate.

    Posted from my iPhone.

    • We must. There’s no point in any other “elections” until we take the country back. The Ballot Box is finished.

      • Boat – agreed – the ballot box as it is currently being misused and abused is truly finished. The votes of some 75 million of us deplorables have been invalidated by all of the voting scams and we have no recourse since the supremes (among many others) flatly refused to even look at all of the cheating. There even some allegedly on our side who are telling us to just roll over and accept the results.

  13. The levels of propaganda and chicanery by the elite and those in power are equivalent to the levels of chicanery and propaganda in…

    Germany right as the National Socialists were coming into power.

    Spain as Franco’s national socialists were coming into power.

    Italy as Mussolini’s fascists (national socialists, yet again) were coming into power.

    In Cambodia as the Khmer Rouge were coming into power.

    China as the (inter)national socialists under Mao were coming into power (even though the Nationalist did all the heavy fighting during WWII.)

    Cuba during the ascension of Fidel and CHE! which were more instances of (inter)national socialism.

    In every instance, the rising power selected an easily identifiable group of people as bad and enemies, and ruthlessly tried to destroy them. And in every instance except Italy, every rising power also attacked the sick and elderly and other ‘drains upon national resources.’

    Yay. Not.

    We have effectively become a National Socialist nation. And the Covidiocracy is being used to attack old people who are considered ‘drains upon national resources.’ (Effectively what both Cuomo and DeBlasio said those over 75 were, before Covid came along…) And the people of the right, Trump’s America First party, also known as the deplorables, are the ‘bad-think people’ that need to be, according to the news media and lots of congress-critters, harrassed, arrested, defunded, fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, rounded up and (shot, re-educated, imprisoned, boxed off in a remote area and left to die, insert any other method of getting rid of an opponent that doesn’t yet involve ovens (no, seriously, they haven’t called for ovens to be used on the bodies… yet. All the other stuff? Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer have all stated these stances..)

    Toss on the anti-semitism of Rancid Tlaib and Icky Omar and AOC and lots of others of the new ruling party, and those stupid non-secular Jews that voted for these dirtbags will be the first to complain that the cattle-cars are uncomfortable.

    Yes. It’s now that bad.

    All I know is if my wife wasn’t around, I’d be dead with quite a few bodies around me.

  14. I’m just wondering when the chinese occupation troops… err I mean the UN Soldiers donated by China, show up to ‘enforce the peace’ and ‘stabilize the government’.
    China is going to want their pound of flesh.

  15. Maybe this overreach is what is needed, a bad fever that soars, then breaks, and health is restored.

    We readers and commentators in this corner of the blog world are, for the most part, old and grey. Where the eruption will come, IMO, is with the youth. They are the ones getting hammered the most. Jobs, low pay if any, as we have seen for decades in the inner city ghettos, will now encompass the country and all ethnic groups. “What do we have to lose?”, will be their motivation.

    • I’m 70 yrs old, and have a broken body. But WSF and Beans have given me courage. As Bob Cantrells sweet little old grandmother used to say, “Fuck ’em, feed ’em fish.”

  16. I did not see much in the way of violence. No fires, no rampant looting, no attacking cars driving by, no firebombs, no concrete chunks being thrown. A protest, sure, but compared to this past years actions, not a violent one.

  17. What WSF said. The difference I see is, we may be out of our prime, but 1. we are experienced. 2. We also have nothing to lose.
    Our trigger fingers still work.
    Who do you think bought all of the ammo? We did.

  18. My crystal ball is on the fritz, so I can’t tell what’s coming, but I feel it’s going to be bad. This is now so balled-up that it’s become a Gordian Knot, and we know that solution.

  19. I hope Trump throws a grenade in the room on his way out the door. Mass pardons, starting with Snowden and Assange. Declassify everything starting with WWII up to the present day. Sow so much havoc that they have to spend the next 4 years doing damage control.

    • Trump’s opportunity to stir the pot is gone. On the 6th after Pence stabbed him in the back he was taken aside in the White House and talked to. He was told in no uncertain terms that THEY HAD WON, HE HAD LOST and he had damn well shut up or else. Has anyone seen Melania or Baron? The left has leverage over him via his family.
      No…Trump CANNOT do a damn thing now. EVERYBODY involved in his administration has turned on him and even if wrote and signed an EO or a pardon it would bet shitcanned and NEVER released. Trump missed his opportunity to act. He needed to do so BEFORE the 6th. He put too much faith in politicians like Pence when he should have been working to invoke the Insurrection Act and round up the traitors. He missed the boat and all of us are going to pay for his misjudgment of how deep and pervasive the swamp is.

  20. Any one out there heard of a person/movement called either “Q”or “QAnon”? From. what I have read in the last few days, Every body will know who it is on the 20th. Apparently there is a group who has had access to ALL the phone calls, messages , social-media comments etc. and they have in hand , over 1900 warrants for the arrest of lots of Senators, Congress critters and many State governors and legislators , all citing Treason as the reason for the warrants! There will be Firing Squads, Public Hangings, ala Benito Mussolini .

    You may recall that Obummer dismantled much of Gitmo, but Trump had it all rebuilt, and reinstated hanging and firing squads in his second year in office. You really think he had no idea this was going to happen? And I think on the 20th of this month, you will probably see a guy by the name of Micheal Flynn be taking the place of Pence as VP, as he is probably in all certainty, on one of those warrants.

    I would not be surprised if there were a few Military Tribunals taking place with a swift resolution of any actions they may impose on all these bad actors; who have tried to turn our Constitutional Republic into a communist entity!

    • Qanon was reputed to be involved with Pres Trump, as an “outside source” for information to be released, as a general overview. It/they have been active for over three years, on 4 chan or 8 chan, no gender neutral intended.

      Tribunals? after the last three plus years of fraud and treason, fronm your words to G_D’s ears, even though He already knows.

    • Uh huh.

      And he’s also going to give you the winning Powerball numbers, world peace, and the cell phone number of the Playmate of the Year.

      And a pony.

  21. Pandora’s Box?

    Exactly, the toothpaste’s outta the tube.

    Good work, Dems, in your brazen lust for power.

    • AM or PM??
      I’ll go with AM – ‘he went quietly in his sleep’ never mind that pillow over his face

      • I’ll take PM. Tripped over his dog … at the top of the stairway. At least it will be quick.

  22. My thoughts are that I do not like these thoughts but I believe you are exactly right. I am preparing for the worst and being very careful.

    • Ed – ‘might’ not be enough but at least a good start. I ain’t saying what I may or may not have acquired 😉

  23. I’m with Aesop.

    “I believe the cities will melt down first, when EBT cards, etc. get hacked and stop working.”

    It won’t be just the EBT cards that stop working..

    • Heath – big cities with dense inner cores/enclaves will go first – very little infrastructure in those spots and what there is WILL get hit first and they will have no resupply. Look at what happened in almost all of the areas that had the burning looting and murdering going on. It don’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out where the hot spots WILL be. And lest I get called ray cyst – ethnicity will have little to do with it.

  24. Seems each time there is a global conflict – its armageddon, people freeze up waiting for the Lord to come save them. Yes things are beyond strange but we must continue living fruitful lives. We men need to step up, the militia have done little thus far. The only time positive visible action was taken – the Bundys were taking on the fed’s, They had organized militia – good guys. We’ve needed militia numerous times since that day but if you scan the news articles it’s us – small business owners, single mom’s, hungry families. We are the ones standing up, We are the ones taking action in the streets, taking heat in the courts, paying heavy fines and penalties. Muzzled, isolated waiting to be vaxxed – sterilized or euthanized. Trump put out a call – come to dc, big things happening. So the people put the last of the money into a journey to the capitol, with hope of T-man imparting wisdom leadership and direction, a way out of this nightmare.

    He was suppose to have had a plan, instead it was empty,..a farce. After spending the last of the discretionary money and traveling for days sleeping in the truck, the multitude were told “go home now”?!? Thousands of families were used to stage a false overrun of the capitol. americans died there. What is everyone suppose to do now? Be happy with 600.00?! Go home, wait for dotgov to determine who is “essential”, who is allowed to feed their family, to keep their home or business. Where are the militia?! What does it take to get you on the field. You bad boys can critique and criticize us all day but at least WE are doing something. You don’t like what we are doing? Step up and give some leadership, organization. There is an army of starving, unemployed misfits waiting to be cobbled together. GA 5:1 for my Brothers. American families need help today. Today – Today – Today

  25. Dear Patriots,
    What has been done cannot be undone in the current system. Hypothetically, lets say T throws a last minute hail mary pass and the ‘republic’ is saved… Thats well and good but so what! Why would you want to go back to the old system? Income & property taxes, gun laws, endless wars on ‘terror’, drugs, poverty, racism ect, quotas over merit, foreign aid, inter generational welfare, rigged elections, corrupt courts, off-shoring, federal reserve – on and on and on. Unending evil. Why go back, WHY? What, are you going to reform a corpse? Are you going to vote harder next time? lol. Even if all was lollipops and rainbows in our current nation – you will never ever be represented in a polity of 300 million souls!
    I’ll tell you what the answer is and what the goal should be:
    A small nation(s) of like minded folks. Think many Switzerlands.
    Don’t get too into the weeds about details or borders and what if’s. That will all come… as long as smart, patriotic folks have a goal to work towards. A goal that offers a just and free future for your children and generations yet unborn.

  26. I say Joe Pee Pads Biden will not finish 100 days before Kalama Knee Pads Harris makes her move to oust him via the 25th Amendment