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  1. With all this focus of a bunch of people attacking a building, and that was wrong, the real desecration of the Capitol is ongoing.
    Only the desecration looks so Statesmanlike as it steals our nation.

  2. There used to be common knowledge that people could alter or abolish a gov’t that had become destructive, and start over with a new one, now the knowledge of that Right appears to be limited to those of us with an understanding of history.

    And we are called many names, and ridiculed, for expecting the elected officials to have integrity for their Oath, for expecting them to not abrogate their Responsibility. They failed us, greed and corruption became their priority.

    So, here we are. This new year has been called year zero by some, seems appropriate to me, for the view that either the people who love Liberty and self reliance will put aside their selfishness, all 70 something millions of them, present company excluded, and no longer tolerate the rampant fraud that has been expanding for the last 30 years, or we will be kept divided and isolated, and removed from society as a public menace, for refusing to live on our knees in conformity.

    Good luck, everyone.

  3. The Capitol was invaded by barbarians. They voted to accept Joe Biden as the lawful President.

    The USA is dead. Long live America!

  4. I suppose if this was happening in a vacuum I’d be appalled at it. This is not how you First Amendment, after all.

    But, y’know, after almost a year of watching deranged leftists burn down cities while people make excuses and do nothing?

    I really don’t care.

    Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games.

    • ^^^ this from Toastrider.

      I would be far more appalled if we hadn’t spent the past four years listening to fake Russian collusion stories, fake Ukraine impeachment stories, fake fish feeding stories, fake racism stories, along with the ongoing cheerleading of the left wing Antifa/BLM rioting and looting that resulted in billions in damage and dozens of deaths.

      I am thoroughly appalled that the police, who stood down for the past year, shot a woman in the back and killed her for no apparent reason. Maybe we will find out there was more to the story, but at this point I am doubtful. I have watched the videos.

      • And four years of increasingly violent protests, from the Pink Pussy Hat People to this, that, and the other thing. ‘Racial’ uprisings that were stage managed like a Hollyweird blockbuster…

        I’m appalled that the capital police did nothing in the last 4 years except get fat and bloated and only got off their duff whenever a peaceful group of right-wing protestors showed up.

  5. The “no words”sentiment should be about the commie left successfully committing a coup and stealing an election….openly. NOT about citizens angry over this crime and sbeing angrier about virtually EVERY Federal level politician being complicit in this crime. Those protesters should have BURNED THE BUILDING down. It is now nothing but a den of treason and iniquity

  6. First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Thousands were there, peaceably. Can’t have that, can we?

    • Not to mention the complete loss of ‘One Citizen, One Vote.’ And any other right.

      DC didn’t go full lockdown with hotels, restaurants, transportation, et al getting shut down during the frisky ‘race’ riots earlier this year. No. It only got locked down when right-wingers tried to peacefully assemble.

      Screw it. Nation’s dead. If the whole existing government can turtle up and accept this Steal, openly, and call for Trump’s arrest and impeachment for doing his f-ing JOB? Then we’re done. All those weak-kneed Nellies like Devos, Pence and the rest who are turning on him and resigning and openly calling for him, that flock of Judas and Judettes who are willingly taking the Left’s 30 pieces? Screw them all.

      Trump has been one of the most noble and self-sacrificing presidents since founding times. And he’s being treated like a pariah by his own people.

      That’s the shame. Don’t shame people for storming the Capital. Shame the people in the Capital who didn’t stand up to the corruption and stupidity. Shame the people in the Capital who willingly fed the bloated pigs of various bills that expanded government’s reach, paid trillions to foreign lands (much of which will come right back into the pockets of the bill writers and bill voters) and who bent the American People over the table like a 90lb child molester in prison.

      Seriously. Shame people for being upset? For holding back for 12 damned years while being kicked and pushed and shoved for being white, being educated, believing in the Constitution, believing in ‘We the People?’ And now, congresscritters even before the storming were calling for the defunding, arrest, and even the elimination of Trump supporters and supporters of what America used to be?

      Congresscritters calling for me and you and the other you and our families and friends to be run out of our jobs, out of our houses, out of our lives, to have our money and possessions siezed by the Government as punishment for believing in the dream of what America is supposed to be?

      And when we express outrage, what do we get? A shot in the neck. A masked gunman shooting us point blank. We get the police, who we’ve supported through thick and thin, who have for the last 12 years ignored leftist violence and rioting and looting and murdering, pepper-spraying a bunch of ladies peacefully protesting, as was their right in Free America.




      These Union of Socialist States of America. That’s what we are. We’ve gone full National Socialist. Just like Germany in the 30’s. Just like Italy under Mussonlini. Or Spain under Franco. Or… Cuba under Castro.

      We’re not allowed to go to church. We’re not allowed to see family. We’re not allowed to travel. We’re not allowed to have jobs. We’re not allowed to have businesses. We’re not allowed to read any book we want. We’re not allowed to express an alternate opinion. We’re not allowed to dress a certain way. We’re not allowed to have certain things. We’re not allowed to defend ourselves against either hoodlums or the State.

      Mein Gott. We have become Cambodia, North Korea, Communist Russia, Communist China.

      All while being told, “Be nice, sit on your hands, trust us.” While being told “You aren’t allowed to protest.”

  7. Andy Ngo has identified at least one known antifa activist in the mob.
    So how many were really supporters of President Trump/opponents of President Asterisk, and how many were agents provacateur?
    We’ll probably never know, if we’re to rely on the media to report on The Swamps investigation.

  8. It is an outrage.

    How dare Ramirez be unhappy at a few of us (and more of them) who did the Capital bum-rush. After all we’ve been through since the beginning of November?

    Real Uncle Sam would be breaking out the guns and handing them to us.

    Real Uncle Sam would be rolling up his sleeves and wading in like SuperMan into all the leftwing violence and amongst the cowardly politicians.

    But to stand there, like an unhapply parent, tapping his toes and counting to 10 to send us to our bedroom?

    Sorry, Ramirez is now on the active-traitor list for me. He has caved like so many of Trump’s administration.


  9. a) The accusations of Russophilia combined with not a hint of an accusation of Sinophilia combine to be evidence of Sinophilia. The natural pattern of desperate people throwing all the crap at the wall is that they throw all the crap. All the crap with a few clear exceptions is a pattern.
    b) You can’t possibly convince me that there just happened to not be solid barriers with locks, and that the timing of the entry isn’t suspicious as hell. It seems very likely that Pelosi intended for the access to occur, and put the scaffolding in place for reasons directed at Vichy Mitchy. This was stage managed.
    c) Holding the employees to account is in fact correct.
    d) Lincoln would be appalled. Lincoln would never have agreed to an orderly transition to a Davis Presidency. However, Lincoln would not be sitting by passively, hiding his eyes.
    e) It is not surprising that media ‘conservative’ figures would be tut tutting. A surprising number of them have backgrounds that you would expect to make them blind to the relevant types of change that have occurred, that drastically shift the logic of sound tactics and policy.
    f) Trump was planning to use the crowds peacefully, to stiffen the resolve of GOPe having no reason to support him, but Pelosi outplayed him.
    g) Much of the cycle’s obvious irregularities were justified before hand with covid lockdown assertions. Yet, Pelosi violated the covid lockdown for the recent Speakership vote. You can’t say that House meeting is exempted because of the significance of the poltical outcome without raising the question of whether this also applies to Nov. 3. If it was correct for us to concede procedure and hence possibly results because death plague, it would also be so correct for her to do so. She never thought that the death plague was more than a common cold, she seized the opportunity to help China and to obviously fraud the election. That is war against the American people, treason, and a common law capital felony. The protesters would probably have been justified in hanging many of the persons involved. Not doing so was perhaps their real mistake.

  10. My chief takeaway on all this is simple: a riot (however defined) is fine if it supports the cause you like, and treasonous if it doesn’t.

    Which is, on the face of it, just wrong. Both are equally damnable (and I use that word very deliberately) and should be treated harshly. If you support one, and not the other, you yourself are a damned hypocrite (and again, I use the words deliberately).

  11. Looking at those cartoons, I wonder of what use is conservative political media?

    Maybe it’s true that it’s all just a country club/Ivy League play pen.

  12. When in the Course of human events….

    Times up. It’s just left to find out what stupid shit the totally legit new administration will do to push us over the cliff.