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Haven’t done one in a while, so off we go!

First up is Cedar Sanderson with a new witch tale- The East Witch

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The blurb-

Anna’s rescue training kicked in when she tripped over the injured elf. Getting him home? No problem. Getting herself home again? That’s going to be a little more complicated.

Trapped Underhill, in the land of the fae, Anna has to remember everything she knows about fairy tales. Not the sweet happy ones: the stories where Baba Yaga boils you alive and giants grind your bones for bread. Her skills as a hunter and her good manners might be all that keep her alive. At least, if she can keep the Wild Hunt at bay!

Next up is Eaton Rapids Joe with the second book in his post apocalyptic series- The Shrewd King

The blurb-

Continuing the characters and events in the first book in this series, Seven Cows, we find the small communities beset by raiders and ongoing social disintegration. Powerful individuals take advantage of the circumstances. Merely surviving becomes more difficult — and creative means to restore order are tried, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. What is a Shrewd King to do, in times like these?

And last but not least, a new novel by William Joseph Roberts and Christopher Woods entry in the Salvage Universe world- Smuggler’s Run

The blurb-

Rippleton Torn has a couple of problems—he loves the ladies and he loves to gamble. Unfortunately, while he’s pretty good with the ladies, he’s not a great gambler, and he’s just lost his ship in a card game. That’s a problem because—somehow—he still needs to deliver a cargo he has contracted. On the plus side, he won a night of unbridled passion with a Davini. When he finds that Davini women aren’t built like humans and what that night would entail, well, Ripp needs a ship…fast.

Vann Hagar, captain of the Eagle, needs a cargo after his last job went south. He thinks he’s struck gold when Ripp contracts him to deliver a shipment of guns. Then the Davini and her bodyguards show up and everything begins to spiral out of control.

Thus begins the tale of two smugglers who are just trying to make that perfect score so they can live out their dream lives. That is, if they can stay out of trouble. What are the odds?

If the past is any indication…not good.

Three completely different takes on writing in three different genres, but I know all the authors, so you ‘should’ be able to find something you like!!! 🙂


Book promo… — 2 Comments

  1. I’m making the second pass through “The East Witch” now. The first time through I intended to savor the wonderful experience but the story took hold of me and I had to grab the reins and just hold on. (wonderfully mixed metaphor!)
    If you haven’t read Cedar’s Pixie Noir series, get busy.

    I bought ERJ’s novel and it should be on the Kindle when next I open it.

    And the electrons of “Smuggler’s Run” are also wending their way through the ether.

    Thank you!