The memes keep rolling along…

And apparently you WILL draw a ban on FB for even mentioning Ocasio-Smollett…

And the Intarwebz is forever… As are the comments people make, sometimes in jest, sometimes not. Some of us just didn’t realize how true they were…


The memes keep rolling along… — 7 Comments

  1. That girl child congress critter appears to have stepped in it. MSM will memory hole it quickly (remember the ‘door noose’ incident – can’t even remember his name ) but this will leave a mark, especially when re-electionx are back.

  2. Well then…. I’ve never been banned on FB. Guess I need to try that before I delete it.

  3. Unfortunately, we have a long history, especially within the last 30 years, of ‘Stolen Valor’ congresscritters, all who never pay any price for their lying.

    Lurch is one of the biggest ones, but there are many others.

    And now we have AOC. And the sad thing is, the one who’s getting hammered by the media and other politicians is the lady who is two doors down (great potential band name, by the way) and called her on it.

    Sick, fallen world we live in.

  4. I would think that the Progs would love the Smollett/AOC meld. It’s penultimate in progressivism.