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Why, all of a sudden, are the massive winter storms NOT being named? Anybody else notice that?

A quick recap of our little snowmageddon up here in North Texas-

8 inches of globull warming over two days. Coldest (so far), -7, now on the 10th day of below freezing temps. Yesterday at least it never got below 0F, but Texas is suffering. Thankfully (knocking on wood), we have had power and water the whole time. I have one or two water lines (of course to the washer) frozen in the house and will be watching them carefully this weekend as it finally gets above freezing.

The wind farms are tits up, frozen solid and apparently leaking oil now (which means they will have to be repaired). The ones that are still working are, according to reports, only providing 8% of the 42% of the power normally generated. Solar is covered by snow, so it’s not working either.

The McMansions down around Dallas and other areas are really hurting since they are all totally electric. I feel for them…

As others have said, Texas by and large builds to withstand a day maybe two days of below freezing weather, not two weeks of it, or the sub zero temperatures. There are going to be a lot of questions asked, and the answers ‘may’ be interesting…




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  1. Interestingly, they seem to be named, but the news isn’t covering the names. At work, our internal comms team tracks and reports on storm events nationally. This one is Winter Storm Uri.

  2. The Dictator biden* spokes tool stated yesterday that it is the fault of gas and coal for ALL of the power outages in Texas.

    Since the theft of the election, they don’t even try to hide their duplicity and self serving lies.

    We are just west of Ft Worth and while we still have power, everyone around us is either without power, or got it back yesterday. This is a rural community with many elderly long term residents.
    Pray for ALL of our neighbors.

    We still have one more very cold morning before Texas kicks out it’s drunk Alaskan friend…

  3. I don’t remember them ever talking about storm names other than hurricanes and such. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

    Apparently AOC claims that problems like Texas’ are caused by a failure to switch to green energy fast enough, although that could be a Babylon Bee headline. Hard to tell the difference these days.

    Favorite picture from the storm, a fossil fueled helicopter, dropping chemicals made from fossil fuels onto the blades of a wind turbine in an effort to de-ice them.

    Solution: build nuclear and natural gas plants. Remove subsidies from all alternative energy generators other, perhaps, than a bit of R&D money, although even there I tend to think that government R&D is not necessarily the way to go. Private industry will look into it if there is a chance it will make money, otherwise it will just become a huge boondoggle.

    • The weather Channel has been naming them for years. I think it is the 2nd Most stupid I have heard about weather the 1st Is this BS so-called climate change.

    • That sounds like AOC. She is an effing IDIOT! She only parrots what her handlers tell her i.e. the Socialist Democrat wing of the Democrat Party.

      The Watermelons “green” energy is not environmentally sound but the MSM will tell us we are stupid for saying so because they have a “scientist” that says it is very environmentally sound. Among the list of things not “green” are the need for petrochemicals to produce the wind turbines and solar cells, the nasty byproducts from the production processes, and that the only disposal method is to bury wind turbine blades and solar cells. These “renewable” energy sources cannot meet the demand that our current society requires. “Green” energy is all a ruse to take away the energy resources and move the West back to a general pre-industrial standard of living to include the starvation and death of a major part of the population.

  4. Keep your frozen spigots open. When the dam starts to break up, it’ll let you know. Our barn pipes used to freeze all the time out in Lubbock. Carrying water is what gave me my shoulders. Leaving the spigot open was a habit back then.

    We had a cold snap in 1977. The snow drifted about 15 feet high on the south side of the house, and we didn’t get above 20 degrees for a week or more. Killed every fruit tree on the place.

    I hope smart people take over. I’m tired of ignorance running policy.

  5. After today’s snow does what mischief it can (6± inches, so not much), tomorrow’s temp should head south of zero again. Sorry our drunk cousin got down to you. Send it back now, hear?

    • Hey! We don’t want it back! Maybe to Canada. Although we are, up here, at least used to such weather. I keep looking forward to March and sustained temps in the thirties. Ahh, warmth!
      Otoh, the next few days are only supposed to be a FEW degrees below zero, so that’s not too bad. Ah well.

  6. The Europeans named every major low pressure system (extratropical hurricane) going back to the 1980s, if I recall correctly. The US just named hurricanes, not winter storms. Then the Weather Channel™ decided to name winter storms, and the Feds started accepting the names. Personally, I’d stick with hurricanes. They are smaller, easier to follow, and limiting the TV hysteria to 6-7 months of the year is fine with me.

  7. Doug- Thanks! I hadn’t seen that mentioned.

    MSG- Yeah, I heard that. Almost threw something at the TV. Hope everyone pulls through.

    Hereso- And the oil leaks on the frozen turbines… Sigh… We need to dump that crap and I think Texas is going to be looking really hard at the options…

    STx- Agreed!

    Gerry- Thanks! Apparently I’m behind the power curve (not unusual)

    Rev- With PLEASURE!!!

  8. We aren’t having it as rough – just in the 20s – but this is the Februarist February we’ve had in years.

    And the greenies need to take note – the windmills are leaking OIL. You know, that petroleum stuff that these green projects free us from.

  9. I’m going to blow another foot of insulation into the attic. Because the idiot who installed the pipes didn’t get them close enough to the ceiling to be in the current insulation so they wouldn’t freeze.

    Seriously, aren’t there supposed to be regulations for plumbers to follow in this state? Cause obviously the idiots haven’t been trained at all on how to do their jobs.

    Also think I’m gonna get that whole house generator I’ve been thinking of this summer (2 grand whole set up). We haven’t had any power issues here (thankfully) and I have a smaller generator that will handle most things (but not heat) but if there’s one thing I’ve learned; ‘hundred year events’ cluster. This will happen several more times before it goes away not to be seen about for a long time.

    Unless of course we really are heading into another ice age… (how far south did it come last time?)

    • S. Osbourne a few years back did a series of guest posts at ATH covering developments in the dual dynamo solar model.

      Takeaway was that we would have some cold years, but it wouldn’t technically become an actual ice age.

  10. I’m in lower Washington a couple miles from the MIGHTY COLUMBIA RIVER. We had 2-2.5″ of snow, and the power went out. Smart us, we had a gas fireplace installed, and a gas oven/stove when we built the house. Power came back about 48 hours later. Tuesday we went into town, and the first mile out there were trees (cut-up), down, branches and limbs down, blocking one side or the other with brush piles, and limbs and branches down all the 30-some miles. A guy who writes a blog on the east side of the state told me he got 14″ of snow. Didn’t lose power there.

    • I used to live on the other side of that river. Had a catalytic wood stove in the house (and it could heat the whole house, surprisingly). So I always had a cord of wood handy – because losing power for up to a week at a time, whenever there was bad weather in the winter, was a guarantee. I don’t think a winter went by that we didn’t lose it at least twice, for a minimum of two days each time.
      Of course I was told by people when I moved to Texas that ‘we don’t get that kind of weather here’.

    • Sam L – were you there for the winter of ’96: I was – In case you weren’t and for others on here – it was like this: nearly 2 feet of snow followed by sub zero temps for 10 days straight. Then rain via a Chinook (VERY warm) wind and temps into the 50s. Since the ground was so frozen all that rain water had no where to go but up. One quick example of – the seawall in downtown Portland was under water from the Willamette River overflow. My pipes froze (thawed without any issues) but never lost power so stayed warm enough and could shower at work. Anyone want to know how much snow it takes to flush a toilet?
      Power has been intermittent here in SA – minor break in incoming water line that will be fixed tomorrow. Not complaining by any means but it has gotten the virus death tolls off the news…………….

      • I lost power for 2 weeks on that one! And no power, means no water (way out in the sticks). Was cooking on a camping stove and using the showers at work to get clean.
        I remember that flood too! I also remember that all those panels they made to protect downtown from flooding all ‘disappeared’ – someone working for he city scrapped ’em all and pocketed the money. Million dollars lost (but then Portland’s incredibly corrupt).

  11. Why aren’t the storm names mentioned? Because when you name them, it gives them the power of responsibility for all the damage.

    Don’t name them and the damage is the fault of all the ignorant hicks who are suffering.

    Name them and like some mythological creature all the damage suddenly is out of the ignorant hicks’ hands…


    And… If you start mentioning names, then the ignorant hicks can connect that what hit Texas et al was at least 2 storms with a third coming your way. Unnamed storms just seem like a continuation of what is already going on.

    I’ve also not heard the newscasters screaming about how FEMA isn’t responding, how the FedGov is sitting on it’s collective hands, how great what response the affected areas are handling by themselves.

    What the newsies are reporing is ‘Death, Doom, Destruction and it’s the HICKS’ Fault.’

    This is the newsies punishing Flyover Country for daring to not listen to them and vote the way the newsies wanted everyone to vote.

    I’ve seen it with hurricane response, too.

    And even funnier, we here in Florida had, when the front hit us, tornadic activity and huge amounts of rain with really high wind. And not once did the Fed Emergency Alert System sound off on imminent danger approaching. Yet two hours after the storm passed, the EAS sounded off for a monthly check. Dropping the ball, because Florida bucks the dominant paradigm?

    Yeah, there’s something ‘farky-farky’ going on. The newsies are even more deranged than normal.

  12. The wind farms are tits up, frozen solid and apparently leaking oil now (which means they will have to be repaired).


    Just the thought of those moonbats who screamed and insisted the U.S. build windmills and pave the world with solar panels, and who are now refusing to look at a badly leaking windmill make me laugh like the hound that I am.

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble, Old NFO. I wouldn’t wish this on you or any of the people of Texas. The idiots who built the windfarms should be forced to personally pay for these repairs – knowing that the windmills will break again.

    Having been through the loss of power with a barn full of thirsty animals, I can relate. Believe me, there’s nothing like having to work at hard labor in sub-zero cold to toughen you up a bit.

    Then after the weather warms up, there are frozen pipes to deal with. The fun just never ends.

    • The NG is too busy protecting our betters in the Capitol to bother helping us …
      Not really, but made me feel better to say that!

      • Tom – the thousand or so contingent from Texas were brought back already. Where and how they ca be used now is still in the works.

    • Some of the military folks here in SA have volunteered to assist local city/county folks in seeking out those in need – none have come by here yet so I guess I ain’t ‘needy’ enough ;
      Since most of them are zoomies they will likely get medals……………..

  13. I have purposely avoided reading anything about what the Scum/ liberals/Progressives are saying about Rush Limbaugh. I figured it would be hateful, gloating even, that his voice is now gone. The hate of people is something that really gets me stressed and anxious, so I just can’t go there

  14. Down here in Seguin, we’re out of the rolling blackouts (for now) that the brains who run the utility companies cause for not winterizing their equipment for the predicted severe weather.

    Our well froze because of those rolling blackouts and we got about 3″ of that white crap.
    Yesterday it got warm enough to that and I had to replace a fitting on the pressure tank.

    I hope when Abbot gets his investigation done- the utilities will tell the hippies to piss up a rope and allow another nuke plant down in Three Rivers that they got killed about eight years ago.

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