You’ve got to be really old to remember these…

My grandmother used both of them when I was little…

And then there is the absurdity captured in this modern picture…

Sigh… how far we’ve fallen…


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  1. Toast rack. Ice cube tray.
    I halfway expected you to have a picture of a washtub and wringer.

  2. The no experience, but my paternal Grandparents had ice trays like that even up to the 1990s. Grandma didn’t have the strength to twist the plastic ice trays to free them – the lever was sufficient to get the done.

    Ye Olde School Ways. Thanks for the pictures of them.

  3. I remember those ice trays, but not the toaster. I’ve seen them around though. Grandpa made ‘flapjacks’ when we were there. They had wheat germ in them. I haven’t had good tasty flapjacks since 1976…

  4. We had those ice cube trays at least through the 80s so not sure why that is included on a “things people used to do list”. Or are the 80s really that far back now? How old am I again? I don’t feel old!

  5. Used the ice cube tray. Have a dim, possibly incorrect, memory of the toaster. That electric car needs a hand-cranked on-board APU.

  6. Haven’t seen a toaster like that in years. Ice cube trays in less time. You can still get those from Amazon for about $25 for a pair.

  7. I remember those ice cube trays from when I was little, up through the late 70s or early 80s. They moved to newer fridges because they worked, and didn’t crack like the plastic flexers.

  8. Yup, have used them both. Though we had the 4 sided toaster that sat atop the stove burner. Used that for years as a kid before we got one of those newfangled electric toasters.

  9. The van is diesel powered. The “generator” mobile power bank for electric cars”, is made of lithium battery packs that can provide electricity for an electric vehicle for about 12 kilometers (or about 7.5 miles).

  10. Know of both items, used neither in those forms. The toaster.. not at all. The metal descendants of that ice cube tray, yes. And for those sans built-in ice makers… oh how grateful they ought be for modern plastics!

  11. All- Thanks for the comments! Yes, I had them in the 80s too… That was 40 years ago…sigh

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  12. Toaster was part of the family camping kitchen into the ’60s. My folks used the aluminum trays past when I moved out in mid-70s.

  13. Yep! My grandparents had that toaster, and my pa My parents had the ice-cube trays. I’m ollllddddd.

  14. I see those toasters at yard sales from time to time; never used one though. I have used the 4-slice stovetop toasters.

    The ice trays; I don’t have any right now, but have used them off and on throughout my life.

  15. My parents had the ice cube trays, us and grand ma had electric toaster. I now live off grid in Alaska and use one of those clam shell like racks intended for grilling on on the wood cook stove to make toast.

  16. I had the ice cube trays. I vaguely remember my father identifying that toaster as dangerous, but I can’t remember the circumstances.

    I thought the ice cube trays were fun, and my father would always give me a piece of ice to eat. I was pretty young then.

  17. Had those ice trays and the lever tool for same back in the 50’s
    It was a challenge to get maybe 1/2 the cubes out in actual cubes, the rest would fracture in weird shapes, spraying ice shards all over the kitchen counter. Great fun for a kid.

    Have seen the toaster in certain homes, we had a modern shiny chrome plated toastmaster, the one you had to poke with a knife when the bread jammed on popping up. Mind it was a 220V country I lived in at the time, amazing I did not electrocute myself.

  18. All- Great comments, and yes, the old toasters were a fire hazard, they were either on or off. You didn’t watch them, you got charcoal briquets out… sigh

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  19. I just remember the toaster from somewhere in England and the ice trays lived on in my parent’s house for quite a while, into the ’80s, perhaps.

    Then there’s modern stupid, which I thought couldn’t get any stupider but does on a daily basis.

  20. yeah, the older version of the toaster didn’t have the electric coils. You put the bread in it and then put the unit over a burner on your stove(wood, coal, gas or maybe electric) and watched it real carefully so it didn’t burn.
    I still use ice trays – although they are getting harder to find and they’re all plastic now.

  21. LSP- True… sigh

    Mrs.C- So did mine, and so did I!

    emdfl- Yes, I remember my grandmother talking about how much ‘better’ that version was than the old one.

  22. How stupid is the future? Some places ban the use of outdoor clotheslines. We have to be considerate of our neighbor’s delicate sensitivities, don’t you know. Better to use electric and gas heat to dry your clothes instead of the sun so the townsfolk don’t have to look at your skivvies drying.

    And while I’m drying clothes, a picture of an old wooden clothes rack that folds up and scissors open would be a nice addition to the toaster and ice cube tray above. I’ve dried many a load of clothes next to the wood stove in the wintertime on one of those racks.