There are days, and then there are DAYS…

This is gonna be one of them. Behind from the git go, and just not making any progress on any front…

So you get humor…


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  1. I’m behind already as well – sigh – that Adult ADHD is working overtime today…

    as for the cartoon, my first thought was, “Oh, for goodness snakes!”

  2. About yesterdays’ snippet. Maybe that vould be a part of a background type book about the people and world through which the Ames books proceed.
    The older Henry rifle and cartridge conversion revolver put the time at about 1875, and depending on what is in the heavy bags from the fireplace, he could hire folk to do something like mavericking for later trail drives.
    Other related tales could touch on how the towns deal with the post war returnees, the Reconstruction / Davis Police, and the immediate post-War action by the Texas Legislature to seat totle and ownership of all Texas lands in individuals or State Universities, to keep those lands from becoming Federal land, as was done in the rest of the South.
    Hope there is more of this story.
    Thanks, John

  3. It’s been one of those weeks so far, and how long the “one of those” lasts will be determined by the knee doctor.

    Protip: Your wife will not appreciate it when she realizes part of the reason for the slip-n-fall-n-sprain was worn out shoes that should have been tossed months ago. I’m not thrilled either,dammitol.

    OTOH, I can catch up on my reading.

  4. Sam- You’re welcome

    John- I’ll file that way for future ‘reference’ if you will.

    RC- Ouch, sorry to hear that. Get well quickly!

    Ed- So do I!

    • Thanks all

      Memo to self; don’t try to step over 16 yr old half-deaf dawg. That knee is *NOT* stable. Brace saved from disaster and ample butt save from more spinal damage.

      • The quadriceps tendon parted company with the kneecap, so it has to be sewn together. Zero stability for the joint. No screwing around, the doctor’s scheduled surgery for Monday. Three months recovery. The TBR stack is going to go way down for a while. Need to check out the Grey Man and Rio’s adventures, not to mention Fargo’s.