Random things…

As a Neanderthal-American, I’m perfectly happy to be living in Texas… Just sayin’

And Toyota just keeps teasing us…

If they ever sold the Hilux here, they would fly out the door!

And for those who are ‘victims’ of Lucas wiring… The elusive bottle of blinker fluid is now available again!!!

And if you believe that, I’ve got this bridge…


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  1. Hilux = Tacoma, especially without the pollution control stuff. And where’s the goat for the bed?

    Just sayin’.

  2. That’s deplorable Neanderthal-American to you…….still clinging bitterly to my religion and guns and antipathetic towards those who aren’t like me as well as anti-immigrant and anti-trade. C’mon man! Get it right!

  3. I’ve always considered you to be a deplorable American. Now, a Neanderthal. If the shoe fits.

    The outrages-o-the-day just keep coming, don’t they.

    Stand-to before dawn because if they’re going to hit you, that’s likely when it will come.

  4. I know this is a funny hoax, but for realz, you can’t find a service station that will change the air in your tires each season.

    • Or the old joke: Why do the English drink warm beer?
      A: Because Lucas makes their refrigerators.
      An retires automotive QA guy once told me about how while owned by Ford, JLR (Jaguar / Land Rover) switched to Bosch electricals and all the collectors whined about how the increased reliability wrecked the “authentic Jaguar owner experience” of constantly fiddling with things on weekends and marking the changing of the seasons by which intermittent conductivity problems would come and go… JLR is supposedly owned by Tata (India) now…

  5. PK- Apparently the goat was lunch…

    B- Oh yeah… sigh

    Nylon- Agreed!

    LL- Thank you! 🙂

    CP- Sigh… AND charge you for it…

    Bob- Oh yeah.

    WSF- Maybe…

  6. Bob beat me to it; usta own an Austen-Healy Bug-Eye Sprite. Fun car to drive- just not at night.

    What’s mounted on the lower right vehicle? Phased laser in 40W range or multi-rocket launcher?

    • Mulit-rocket launcher like found on Soviet/Russian Hind helicopter.

      When I first saw it, looked like a Coca-Cola bottle, which sprang the thought of an anti-White weapon of some sort.

      But, no, it’s Russkie stuffs.

      The alternator for the 40W Phased Laser is an option only sold in Japan.

      • Beans: Thank you.

        “The alternator for the 40W Phased Laser is an option only sold in Japan.”
        Dammit! I picked up an enduro motorcycle and a Yamaha RD-400D (w a red tank, not sold in the US of A)but totally forgot to get spares for my laser. Sigh.

  7. Re: Blinker Fluid
    As a young man who traded labor in an aircraft shop for flying lessons, I have been sent to obtain a gallon of Prop Wash and 100′ of Flight Line. I also experienced a personal demonstration of the output power of a spark plug tester. Funny now… embarrassing then.

    • My first job out of engineering school was at a (diesel) truck plant, and the newbies would be told to grab an assembly line foreman and ask him to point out where or who was in charge of installing the spark plugs…

    • We would send TNG to look for a Fallopian Tube Amplifier or a 3 1/2 inch red and white short circuit, not the inferior green one, mind you, had to be the quality red ‘n white. Good times.

  8. I’m just sitting here in my secret underground bunker, waxing and polishing my missiles… Been there, got the patches…
    Pale man, not rising…

  9. Working oil field well servicing, I was once sent to look for a sky jook.
    I went behind another well andvwentbto sleep for an hour. A friend had warned me about some of those.
    I did get caught out being sent to the tool shed for a “horse cock bit”, which is an actual thing, used to break up debris in a well.

  10. Didn’t they sell the Hilux here back when Jack Benny and I were only 39?
    And, is it pronounced Hee-lux, or High-lux?

  11. I believe the Hilux chassis (alas not the double cab version) was sold in the US with Tacoma suck-bang-blow bits as the T-100.