Got the WuFlu shot on Wednesday, felt like crap all day yesterday. A little better today.

Problem is I can’t brain for anything, so you get ‘humor’…

Except this one is oh so damn true…

And this graphic is rather ‘interesting’. The sad part is they are bringing their crap politics with them, as we’ve already seen down in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

And anybody want to guess where this ad is from?

The ad is from a Sears catalog in the 1950s. Sears sold rifles, pistols, and shotguns made by a number of manufacturers from 1908 until 1962, under the brand name “J. C. Higgins and Ted Williams.” Most of them were made by either Savage, Marlin, or High Standard.

And then there was this old ‘Sears’ .45…

Which was the ‘basis’ for the cap guns all of us kids wanted… You can read the history of the pistol, HERE. Depending on who you talk to or believe, many think this was the first ‘million dollar’ pistol after all the fees had been paid to the auction house and everybody else.




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  1. When I was a kid (late ’60’s – mid 70’s), the local Sears had a circular spinning gun rack adjacent to a shopping aisle. No counter or attendant – the firearms were available to be picked up and inspected by the public. The platform it was mounted on contained ammunition.

    Different times indeed.

  2. I have a Sears .22 rifle from that era. Semi auto, tube magazine. Once I figured out that it needs to run ‘wet’, it’s been a reliable piece.

  3. Montgomery Wards (RIP) also sold guns and ammo. But you didn’t need to go to the store. You could order guns through the mail and get them shipped to your house without any background check. Back when people respected the Second Amendment. Look at some of the ads in the old Guns Magazines that are in their online archive – amazing prices!
    Hope you feel better!

    • Back when people respected the 2nd Amendment, some.

      The world changed after 1934 thanks to the first big anti-gun and monetary-grabbing law.

      Before 1934, you could mail-order a full auto without having to pay a friggin 1934 version of an arm and a leg. That $200 ‘tax stamp’ was a lot of bucks back then.

      • And Shelia Jackson-Lee wants to reintroduce that level of taxation to own any kind of gun. I understand that H.R.127 has an annual $800 fee (re: tax) for a gun license with additional “taxes” for each gun including inoperable antique weapons.

  4. The Sears ad shows two BB guns and a pellet rifle. Not one of those three is a firearm. I’ve owned two of them, and lusted after the third in my youth.

    • Texas law states that a pellet gun is a “firearm” for the enforcement of certain laws.

      • You can call a tail a leg, but you won’t have a thing to stand on.

        “No mans’s liberty or property are safe as long as the legislature is in session.”

        That being said, there are pellet rifles that you can ethically and effectively hunt hogs with.

      • What section in the Texas code defines a pellet gun as a “firearm”? I’m curious to know.

  5. I have a 16 ga shotgun from JC Higgins that belonged to my father. It had the most complicated action I have ever seen. Bolt action, the new shell lands in a tray and is lifted into the bore. Evidently, the 12 ga models were recalled. Dad used to shoot slugs through it but all I can find today is bird shot.

    • My first shotgun was a used J. C. Higgins 16 ga bolt action. I seem to recall it kicked worse than dad’s 12 ga Remington Model 11. The shell lifting tray broke, and I was able order a replacement part from the local Sears store. This was circa ’66. Sold it after I got a Winchester model 1200 for Christmas one year.

  6. And about the political map…..In the words of Don Henley, “Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye”

    I watched the State of Maine go liberal as retirees from Massachusetts moved up there for the clean environment.

    • And it just keeps getting worse up here. So many NJ, NY, and CT license plates because they’ve decided to move into the summer home for good.

  7. I have an old Ted Williams .30-30. Nothing but a Model 94 Winchester.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments. McC, the reason I posted the ad was that something like that today would send the left/Dems into a spasm of hate/cancel/???

    Posted from my iPhone.

    • Just having only ‘whyte peepole’ in it would raise a cry of ‘raaaaycistsssism’ or something.

      Having no ‘alternative lifestyle’ people in it would also generate a cry of hatred for the company.

      And then there’s the wording on the bottom of the ad, which doesn’t contain 4,000 paragraphs of strong warnings and other legal bullscat because some idiot in California might see the ad and then the State thereof would sue your company, the magazine company, the paper manufacturer, the ink manufacturer, your parents, your grand-parents’ cemetery and so on and so forth.

      Not to mention the environmentalists that would freak out over the ammo, the clothing, the whole concept of Christmas and gift-giving…

      How times have changed, not for the better.

    • Oh, I know it would. We should help them with that. If they’re exposed to the real world more, they’ll eventually get used to and and perhaps come to accept it.

  9. I had a J.C. Higgins 12 gauge auto-loader, given to me by my grandfather. It had a grenade launcher on the barrel (manual choke) which was a distraction. Still, it worked pretty well so long as you ran red-hot loads through it.

    So you got the shot, huh?

    I got my first shot on 2/24/21, and I felt like a worn piece of carpet for three days. You know that feeling you get the next day, when you were out the night before and didn’t get hammered, but you stayed out too late, and you get up the next morning and feel run down and kind of crappy all day? Like that for about three days.

    My second shot is scheduled for next week – 3/9/21. I’m told it’s worse.

    • My first was just a mildly sore arm; the second was very symptomatic. On day three I felt fine. Remember: if you don’t feel like crap, your shot didn’t do jack.(heh, I just now made that up)

    • Do you know WHICH version you got?

      My relatives who’ve had the Moderna said it was just a bit of injection site soreness for them and nothing more, but that was Dose 1. Dose 2 will perhaps be more telling.

      $Workplace is at least hinting everyone there should at least consider it, but isn’t listing what it is, what limits there might be, and what version (other than I Rather Doubt it is the J&J as that’s just too new for this area).

  10. ALL of the new arrivals need to be constantly reminded that they are refugees NOT missionaries.

  11. Meh.

    47 other states sent their douchebags and ne’er-do-wells to CA for 50 years at least, so I figure it’s about time you had ’em all back home, with interest. 😉

    Bonus for states whose worthless Congressweasels keep trying to pass amnesty, and can’t fund a wall (I’m looking at you, Lindsay Grahamnesty and Marco Screwyoubio): your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk will be bringing Juan and Maria and their nine kids with them when they get back, to clean their house and mow the lawns.

    Hope y’all enjoy them all there as much as we have here.
    Just stop referring to them as “Californians”.
    They weren’t that when they plopped here, and they still won’t be when they crap all over the next nest they land in either. Nor the one after that.

    And for a goodly number around Austin, note that they’re your own spawn, dutifully indoctrinated at university. Now kindly see how many of the professors you hired to instruct them there hail from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc., and how many teachers at your local K-12 schools are from other states’ teaching programs, and see if you can connect the dots.

    Just saying.

    The time to fix a problem is always years ago.

    • We pumped our sewage downhill for decades. Now that the septic tank is full, we don’t want it back. That’s what the septic tank is for.

      • Let me know how that plan works out for you when they migrate back. Water always finds its own level. 🙂

  12. We had a rifle club in high school, no casualties.

  13. Dad got his Stevens .22 via mail from the Sears catalog when he was 16, in 1947 without an ID and government intrusion. I have it now and it still shoots straight despite having an inch or two cut off the end of the barrel after a squib. The rear sight is held on with a glob of solder. Jams if you try to shoot LR in semi-auto mode. Great gun. I still miss him.

  14. Grocery bag opening trick: slide a big block eraser along one side to shear the layers apart.

  15. Air guns were classified as “firearms” up until a couple of years ago. Last R(ino) governor actually got that changed so they are no longer considered such. Just under the wire as the brain dead then elected Queen Gretchen Whitmer, I am sure she is scheming on how to make all toy guns classified as “firearms”.