Worried yet???

After Xiden’s word salad announcements yesterday, and the announcement of the EXTREMELY anti-gun former agent David Chipman (who was part of the Branch Davidian scandal) as the new head of the AFT (like I said, word salad he ‘meant’ ATF), He went on to say this among other things…

“Nothing, nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. They’re phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake for what we’re talking about,” he argued.

Then came the key statement: “But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

Full article, HERE.

This is especially troubling in light of their ‘redefining’ the term infrastructure to mean whatever they deem appropriate to their cause (which apparently includes paying people not to work)… and a large percentage of the new ‘Infrastructure’ bill going to everything except what ‘we’ nominally consider infrastructure (like bridges, roads, etc.). Gillibrand (D. NY) had some doozies!!! Paid leave is infrastructure. Child care is infrastructure. Caregiving is infrastructure.

And interestingly there were THREE mass shootings in the last six days, one in Tuscaloosa, AL (apparently outside a bar, black on black, so no coverage), one in South Carolina, and one in Bryan, TX. And then there is the usual in Chicago, HERE.

Almost makes one wonder…



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  1. The Constitution of the United States is the document that sets up the framework for all governmental authority. And, more importantly, the first 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights specifically outlines what government CANNOT do. If, as Joe says, “no amendment is absolute” then that means the Bill of Rights is more like a list of privileges that government can change whenever they feel like it. Sorry, that’s not how this works. And hearing him actually say those words out loud means he has no concept of what the Constitution is for, and he has broken his oath of office “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

    Wow, I needed to get that out of my system. I feel much better now.

  2. I may be a foreigner, but I know it takes more than a stroke of a pen to amend your constitution.

    The man has too much horseradish on his word salad.

  3. Just so we know what we are talking about:
    The Constitution is THE primary source, overruling everything else, including Supreme Court decisions, which it has done in the past.
    To amend the Constitution (including the amendments) takes an AMENDMENT. So, technically, he is correct in stating that no amendment is absolute.
    It has happened ONCE, that an amendment was demonstrated not to be absolute: the 18th Amendment was overturned by the 21st Amendment.

    What is LIKELY to happen, if a president oversteps constitutional grounds with an Executive Action, is that a Federal judge slaps it down. Those of us who are arthritis-eligible will recall the Saturday Night Massacre (October 20, 1973) which was ruled illegal by the US District judge on November 14, and which was the final straw that triggered impeachment proceedings against Nixon.

    I’m not saying it is IMPOSSIBLE that the fix is in, all the way up the line, but it doesn’t seem to me that the Supremes are going to give up their power on a whim. I have well in excess of

    Me? I’m loading 9 mm today. And I just found a formula to make NON-corrosive primers. I still have more than 1000 each of the four standards, but it’s nice to know that if I HAD to, I could make my own.

    Peace be on your household!

    • I’m regretting all the used primer cups I threw away over the years…

      Don’t turn your nose up at the corrosive primer mixes, though. Most of them are cheap, easily made, shelf-stable, and tolerant of temperature changes; virtually ideal, except for having to clean the gun after you shoot.

      Also, if you hydraulically decap Berdan brass, the primer cups are *much* more easily reloaded than Boxer primers; no messing around with anvils is required.

      • Loss of used primer cups: makes me glad I haven’t cleaned out my shed in 20 years. All KINDS of goodies collecting in corners!
        I bought a couple of units of pre-packaged primer reloading components from 22reloader dot com, along with the equipment to reload actual 22LR, but it’s on my “It hit the fan” shelf. Both of those are corrosive, and I never actually ran out during whatever shortage it was that prompted the buy.

        There’s a guy known as Elvis Ammo, who taught me how to powder-coat via his videos, and he is working on garage-chemistry non-corrosive formulas. He also has made nitrocellulose, which DEFINITELY has applications, if not in the real world, at least in the authors’ worlds, in which civilization rebuilds from a primitive tech base.

  4. Ray has the right of it. I will only add the founders, in the Bill of Rights, only enumerated or documented these as statements of rights that already existed as natural rights by everyone and infringement by governments and tyrants was illegal and to be resisted. Sorry SloJoe, Rights are unalienable but it is up to each individual to protect and enforce those rights against would be tyrants. Therefore I will not comply.

      • The behavioral change doesn’t just suddenly occur in a vacuum.

        Sure, normal suicide can be a sudden turn of mental health for the worse, in addition to the case of years of problems and attempts.

        The spree killers seem to mostly have had problems for years, and a long time spent gaming the killing out, fantasizing over it.

        See, dysfunction of the brain makes it harder to do things. Long term dysfunction means long term coping mechanisms. Short term dysfunction tends to mean that you don’t have the coping or the plan to carry out a complicated behavior. At most a suicide with only a few murders, or even only one.

        From a conservative perspective, the killers have a pattern of broken homes and drug use, raised in left wing values away from the right wing values that might have helped them redirect themselves along healthier lines.

        From a liberal perspective, these people do not have the strongest interest in appearing to fit the local immediate left consensus. You don’t spend time virtue signalling about compassion or saving the whales when you hate yourself, hate everyone else, and think suicidal spree killing would be an improvement over living. So some of the left really think these are conservatives, because they can not isolate the true behavioral clusters of conservatism from ‘not invested in left behavior’.

        The killers are long term mentally ill, who often think in terms of left ideology for lack of Christ in their lives.

        They’ve mostly being stewing away for a while; the greater frequency now may only be an artifact of having more obvious evidence of left revolution to enrich their murder suicide fantasy.

        If he was a professional athlete, he is probably excessively concerned with the ideological arguments of BLM. He may also have been using drugs and identifying as a thug for years.

        Now, ‘suddenly’, is a very likely time for the crazy behavior to occur, because of how the crazy thinking might work.

  5. Infrastucture? This bill is nothing more than a pork bill. Goes for everything but the infrastucture of the country.

  6. Pushing back on the concept of price gougers, I submit that the high prices are a necessary part of the market. If ammo was the same price it used to be, and knowing what was coming, how much ammo would you buy this weekend? The increased prices, however, signal a shortage and you instead buy what you can afford, leaving more ammunition available on the shelves for others. This is the basic function of pricing mechanisms.

    Personal example: I passed on a 250 round box of 30-06 for $250. It was a decent price by today’s standards but a high price by past standards. I decided that I would rather have the $250 than ammo for a rifle I rarely shoot; and for which I already have about 350 rounds; and which doesn’t shoot them fast anyway since it’s a bolt action; and is only one of multiple firearms for which I have many more rounds.

    • I don’t so much know what factory ammo is doing on the gray and black market, since I’m a reloader.
      But on THAT front, the price gougers continue to buy up all available stocks, and then offer it for resale on eBay and Amazon (these I have personally verified) and maybe other platforms as well, for 3-4 times the MSRP. This is being repeated, small scale, all across the US.
      That’s NOT a regular supply-and-demand operation; that’s a corner-the-market operation. Eventually, it blows up, but in the short term, essential reloading equipment is not available, except for vastly inflated prices.
      It might be happening with factory ammo as well, but since I don’t hang out on sites where live ammo is sold, I don’t know. I only see that the shelves are empty. That an simply be due to stockpiling.

  7. Those … people understand what The Constitution is, or rather was meant to be. They don’t care. More to the point, they aren’t merely interested in power, they want to HUMILIATE normal people, to mock and destroy the things we hold sacred. “You venerate The Constitution? Well, we’re going to publicly wipe our asses with it!”

    Humiliation is also why the 24/7 freak show. It’s not enough that you keep your mouth shut about, say Dr Rachel Levine, you have to get up on your hind legs and bray out platitudes about how stunning and brave SHE is. If you don’t do that, you’re all kinds of -ist and -phobe and anti-. No serious person on the Left thinks SHE is best for her job, SHE was put into high office to rub our noses in it.

    All this is the revenge of the spiteful mutants. Take normal human resentment, then amp it up an order of magnitude through victimhood narratives (hell, build it into your civic and/or religious ceremonies), and you’ve really weaponized self-loathing into something that destroys civilizations.

    • Laughing? Or (at least insofar as Communist China goes), are they quietly smirking and building up to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity our idiots-in-charge are giving them?

  8. All- Excellent points, and yes, the SC incident is very sad, but the left will use it to drum up ‘concern’ for their agenda… spit…

    Posted from my iPhone.

    • As they have been doing for well over 30 years, where firearms are concerned, the difference now is they have no hesitation for pushing harder, with the fibbies and the other 3 letter offices in their corner, as you and everyone here already knows.

    • Pat- in my 31+ years federal (plus 5+ state) as an enlisted puke I NEVER got issued a hatchet, much less a tomahawk. I did get issued a few survival knives and multi tools and maybe a bayonet so I guess that sorta made up for that lack.
      I will neither confirm nor deny that I now own any purchased out of pocket 😉
      And yes I saw the article you referred to. My thought was what a loon……………..

  9. Note, the demands to allow continued fraud are partly ‘justified’ on the basis of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

    Amendments not being absolute would also cut against those.

    Also, direct election of senators, women’s suffrage, permitting women to serve in positions of public trust and responsibility…

    I do not consider talking of the formal courts to be very productive.

    Since these people do not speak for women or for ethnic minorities, it would not be just to reprise against those groups for the actions of these people.

    Supporters of tolerating gun control are a few misguided or mentally ill extremists. Of the mentally ill ones, some are not mentally competent enough to pose a danger to others. The dangerous among the extremists can simply be killed, and then there is no longer a problem.

    The folks who say that we cannot simply kill them adhere to a philosophy that would have denied that victories against each of the Axis powers were not possible. We killed enough Italian fascists that the Italians went over to our side. We killed our way through the Germans until they surrendered. We even managed to kill enough Japanese in such a way that they were willing to surrender unconditionally.

    Possibly we could negotiate a peace short of true victory, but that might well be a mistake on par with peace in Europe after recovering France, or letting Japan keep China after we got the Philippines back.

  10. Let me put it this way: when you have a Police Intelligence Analyst (who came aboard with the PD after retiring from the Army, with last assignment as 1stSgt of an Intel Company attached to an SF Group)… When that Intel Analyst looks at you, without a trace of apparent irony, and suggests that you should immediately buy body armor, with rifle plates, to supplement whatever weapons, ammunition, rations, and equipment you may already have on-hand…

    … You just might be in for a rough time in the years ahead…

    Just sayin’

    • It still might simply be ‘ordinary’ wackjobs excited because they like what Biden is doing.

  11. Pat- No hatchet here… I ‘might’ have a tomahawk or two laying around…

    Re the amendments, if they want them ignored, how about the 16th and we stop paying federal taxes for starters???

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. The criminal commie left stole the election last fall and seized almost complete control of the Fed Gov. They already OWN the media, academia, Big Tech and the Judiciary. They are now intent on completely fulfilling their plans to DESTROY America as it existed so they can replace it with their “socialist workers paradise”. (Anyone not understanding what that will leave us need only look at modern Venezuela to see what is in store for ALL of us)

    The Constitution and “rule of law” mean NOTHING to them. They only have ONE RULE…..WIN. And now that they have won they intend to
    RULE US and do so with an iron hand. They are going to disarm us.
    They are going to strip us of ALL our wealth then they are going to enslave those of us they allow to live. Millions will of us will be eradicated. The commie left is EVIL INCARNATE. And if “we the people” don’t get off our collective ass and start KILLING THEM IN WHOLESALE NUMBERS…and SOON there won’t be ANYTHING left of this country worth a damn.