End run…

Or power play???

It appears the ‘swamp’ is on a rampage to ensure they never lose power again. Xiden is not in charge, honestly I wonder if he even knows what he’s doing half the time…

BUT, he’s ‘signed’ 38 executive orders, 13 presidential memoranda (which are de facto EOs without legal backing), 37 proclamations, and 10 notices.

He came out yesterday with this key statement: “But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” In other words, he believes the Constitution that he swore to protect and defend can be changed at will.

And…the left if working to pack the court, article HERE. Do away with the filibuster in the Senate, and ram through HR-1/SR-1 (Crooked politicians act).

It is my ‘guess’, and I pray I’m wrong, that they are going to do their damndest to dismantle our current (flawed but currently controlled by the Constitution and Bill of Rights) form of government and install themselves as a one party system from 2022 on. They would also effectively take all forms of checks and balances between the three divisions of government away, leaving them to ram through anything they wanted, Constitution and Bill of Rights be damned…

And we’re seeing that play out in real time as the MSM, Big Tech, Universities, and others (BLM, SPLC, PP, etc.) drive what gets in the media or shared on social media. The dumbing down is coming too… Math and now English/writing are deemed to be white supremacy, therefore they must be ‘adjusted’ to allow ‘minority’ success…

Even as they plan to gut the military, force it to do CRT training, and take needed money away from maintenance to fund ‘incentives’ for others.

In their initial budget submission to Congress released Friday, White House officials said the compromise number will provide “resources to defend America and deter adversaries” while still allowing the federal government to better balance defense spending with other domestic priorities.

Full article, HERE.

And lets not forget the ‘crisis’ on the border. 170,000 illegals last month, 19,000 of them ‘children’… $60Million/wk to care for/feed/house them. And no testing, pushing them into the economy, without even a reporting court date (as if they would show up anyway). If HR/SR-1 go through, that’s 151,000 ‘new’ democratic votes a month… That’s another 2,890,000 democratic votes next November…

Somebody please tell me I’m wrong… PLEASE…



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  1. I’d love to tell you that you are wrong, but I can’t. The prima fascia evidence is too overwhelming. Very much like a virus, they will eat the host until there is nothing left and kill themselves in the process.

  2. Cannot disagree with you. It appears that the Communist/Democrats are well on the way to dismantling what was the greatest and most free country the world has ever know. Rest in peace all Americans that have bowed down and taken the poison vaccine pushed by the evil creatures that stole the election.

      • Schlichter said if it comes down to this, “It will be Rwanda times Bosnia”. We’ve fought Afghan hillbillies for 20 years and we didn’t even get a T shirt. How do you think the CRT trained military and law enforcement would do against 40 million armed Americans? Which side would they come down on? I don’t think the */Harris junta has 100 million Hellfire missiles that can be fired from miles away. Interesting times indeed.

  3. You’re not wrong. The Democrats have been announcing their playbook for three decades, if not longer. They haven’t cared one whit for the Constitution in generations (except when the Republicans are in charge, of course).

    Donald Trump was the last Republican President of the United States. Welcome to the USSA, comrade! Papieren, bitte!

  4. In other words, what you are witnessing is the Californication of the United States of America, a government controlled by Central Planners. I predicted this is what would happen.

    Keep in mind a ‘woman of color’ will soon become president. And that woman came in dead last in her home state’s 2020 primary vote and was the first of the Democrat candidates to drop out of the race nationally. And she’ll soon become president by default.
    Totally legit. As legitimate as anything that has happened politically in California over the last 15 years.

  5. I feel a big storm building and when it hits we will see what the left is made of . There is a G-d and He is angry . Hold on ! It’s gonna’ be wild !

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    You are not in error, and they are taking the illegals and dumping most of them in red states to “teach” them a lesson and at the same time hoping to spike the covid numbers and in the future have a ready made pool of democrat voters in place to swing the state blue. And the comment about “No amendment of the Constitution is Absolute” send chills down my back, this is tyranny in the works and spicy times are coming.

  7. You are wrong. If only because there is probably some flavor none of us has noticed, making your 70-90% solution wrong.

    Also, your math seems to work out to 19 months, which would be in 2022. Next November is 2021. Wording may be fixed by the time I finish this.

    Alternate hypothesis one is foreign influence.

    Technically speaking, coincidental madness hasn’t been entirely disproven.

    What I implied earlier about spree killers (who are heavily copycats anyway) may hold with this other stuff. The universities have been having little hints of issues for years. These folks could potentially be panicking from a combination of damage they have done to long march institutions, and from imminent economic disruption to these institutions.

    There’s a blogger who has been looking into the social sciences replication crisis. Has demonstrated that it is severe. I read some of his back posts again yesterday, and a couple of months ago, he came up with an answer to the implications of lay scrutiny of credential specialist experts. His answer was that because layman can’t beat experts for knowing the right things, it is better to discourage scrutiny, and not discuss things like replication issues. I think this answer is provably wrong. He mentioned electrical engineering as an discipline he thought was basically sound, and apparently is not an electrical engineer.

    Certain engineers know that the public will hold PEs responsible for excessive deaths, can tell when deaths are excessive, and that PEs hence tend to give new electrical engineering ideas from Academia a certain amount of informed scrutiny.

    This joker may not be alone in concluding that the answer is to double down, spending the residual trust in experts in support of the ones the public knows are lying incompetent sacks of …

  8. All- Thanks for the comments. We shall see… sigh. Bob- I was looking at 2022 elections, hence the math.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. It was evident in the way the Uniparty rolled to allow the illegal voting to stand that those really in power were yanking all their puppets’ strings HARD.

    And once the steal was made, the Powers that Be have kept their strings taut and their paid pets on a tight leash and are fully working to destroy anything that has ever made America great.

    Well, actually, they did that during the Summer of Hate and the Death of Statues, starting what, in 2015 or before?

    I think the election of President Trump scared the Powers that Be and also scared the puppets of TPTB (scared to lose all that illegal or immoral money and ‘power’) and it amped up.

    Thus the test run of massive election fraud in 2018. That was refined and used wholescale in 2020.

    Thus it is always with tyrants. And socialist leaders (which is another way of saying ‘tyrants.’) Once they are in power they destroy the ability of the system or the people to remove them from power.

    Our military leaders are compromised or are already THEM. Our religious leaders rolled over for special considerations, or just outright removed their masks to show us their devil faces.

    And the spiderweb of puppet strings and other controls was exposed to show non-elected ‘bigwigs’ to be fully in power and controlling everything.

    Xiden et al don’t have to push for a federal vaccine passport. Non-governmental organizations, in the form of businesses and unions, will do that for them.

    And, seriously, I am more and more coming to the conclusion that shooting all the evil bastards is going to be the only way to get any control back.

    And and, yes, at this stage, what 2020 elections? Except maybe an election so full of fraud and one-sidedness that only Jimmy Carter and all the nations that hate us would see as ‘valid.’

  10. As I keep saying, I don’t KNOW if the media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem party, or if it’s the other way round, but it’s OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS.