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On August 19, Deputy DA Lawrence Morrison delivered the opening statement and a week later, the videotape of the beating was shown. The doctors who treated Denny testified, describing his wounds and their efforts to repair them. Next to testify were witnesses of the beating and Denny’s rescuers. The prosecution rested on September 17, 1993. The defense began pleading on September 20, making a case for unpremeditated assault, with Faal challenging the video evidence and portraying Williams as a victim of poverty and racism. In the closing arguments, the defense attorneys claimed that Williams and Watson were being used as scapegoats for the L.A. riots. The prosecution counter-argued that the two had knowingly tried to kill Denny and were not victims.

Williams’ lawyers successfully argued that he had not intended to kill Denny; he was found not guilty of attempted murder, assault, and aggravated mayhem, and convicted of four misdemeanors and simple mayhem, while Watson was convicted of a single misdemeanor assault charge.

Denny got nothing from the city for their negligence and refusal to respond. Had it not been for passers by that knew how to drive his rig, he probably would have died in the street.

Yesterday… Chauvin- Guilty, guilty, guilty based on video evidence… And all they talk about is accountability. And Xiden called the family to ‘congratulate’ them… They also got something in the neighborhood of $14M from a gofundme, and $27M from the city.

In other news, if you are a conservative blogger and on BLOGGER, you might want to make sure you have your blog backed up.

Mr. G, at My Daily Kona was taken down on Monday, and he found out the ‘reason’ was that he was accused of ‘spamming’ with his blog. He’s going to go through the appeals process, but said it may take a couple of weeks.


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  1. Regarding the other news:

    If you host your blog yourself using a raspberry pi and the micronetia builds I have created then you can’t be taken down by big tech. In fact that was 100% why it was created.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. Oddly enough, I’m being spammed from one address starting this morning.

  3. As I keep saying, if you have a Democrat Mayor and a Democrat Governor…it’s way past time to “get out of Dodge.”

  4. Well, so much for justice. Of course, not sequestering the jury was a really bonehead mistake, but the city settling before the trial, and all the jerks screaming about it for a year, kinda poisoned the whole process.

    The defense successfully proved that Chauvin was innocent. The prosecution successfully proved that the truth doesn’t matter.

    And I kind of agree with the people who are saying that if one is a cop and is white, either go sit on one’s hands during patrol or get the heck out of the profession, especially if one is a cop in a Dem area.

    Thankfully I live in Florida, where some sense still exists. But I live in Alachua County where the local university has poisoned the waters, so to speak.

    Bleh. Was hoping for truth, justice and the American way, and got none of the three.

  5. All- Thanks for the comments, and glad I live in Texas! What I find funny is that the AG is now going to look at systemic racism TM, in a blue city in a blue state… LOL

  6. MR G is back up, he posted that about 9 hours ago, and he mentioned your amusement that he now is a Glock owner.


  7. I finally took B’s suggestion and moved off Blogger. It’s going to cost me a couple hundred a year, but it’s harder to shut me down. Backups are off the blog hosting site.

    I need to find an offshore site that hosts WordPress and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  8. Apparently you have to have a “verified” Google/Youtube account to see the video, which shows up as “Age Restricted.”

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