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Gah, out of pocket and of course the post didn’t go…

AND he’s now been found guilty. The question is, will there be rioting tonight???


It appears that Maxine Waters may have stuck her foot down her throat again… The jury in the Chauvin trial is apparently NOT sequestered, so they are seeing the news reports.

“And now that we have [a] U.S. representative … threatening acts of violence in relation to this specific case, it’s it’s mind boggling…,” Attorney Eric Nelson said, as he attempted to argue that the jury may have been unduly influenced by external factors.

Full article, HERE.

Another article

On Saturday night, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters surfaced in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. She told a crowd of demonstrators “we’ve got to stay in the streets” and urged the crowd—which had already turned violent on multiple nights last week—to “get more active, more confrontational.”

And video of her HERE.  Of course Granny Boxwine shays… “Iz all good, hic… She didn’t do…hic…nuffin”


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  1. And Biden was praying for a guilty verdict rather than fpr a just verdict.

    I have no loyalty to Chauvin or Floyd. My loyalty lies with the process.

    For now, Chauvin is guilty. I did not see all of the evidence nor did anybody rioting on the streets. And, until the process is shown to be tainted, Chauvin is guilt of those three counts.

    Too bad Waters and Biden offered the defense low-hanging fruit. With great power comes great responsibility. Sometimes that means keeping your mouth shut.

  2. I was sure he would be found guilty simply because the jurors want to live. And I expect the city to burn anyway.

    They will appeal but Chauvin’s life is over no matter what.

  3. I read some of the stuff over at Legal Insurrection. According to the lawyer that they had on scene the prosecution and the judge messed up enough that an appeals court could, if they have spine, easily overturn the verdict. One such thing, which is apparently a no-no, was the prosecution calling the defense liars during the summation because the defense presented facts that opposed the prosecutions narrative.

    If this is the way that “justice” will be dispensed then we are truly in tyrannical style show trial days.

  4. ERJ- Point!

    PH- Yep, they were local and pictures were taken… sigh

    Bill- I saw that. When you add in ‘command’ influence, e.g. congresscritter and POTUS, that’s enough to overturn and force a retrial!

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