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And in one more ‘instance’ of globull warming, it’s in the 50s the last two days, raining, and lousy weather… In MAY in TEXAS… FFS…

According to Valentina Zharkova, the Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling. Her research has been on the money with predictions over the last few years, and looking at her paper from last August, I think she’s onto something… Link in first comment.
When you look at the attached chart, you can see the cyclic temperature changes over time, and the lack of solar flares is definitely a player in the global warming cycles. As Zharkova has predicted, we are in a low flare cycle, possibly the least flares in 400 years!
May be an image of text that says '1366.8 Solar irradiance reconstructed 1366.4 1366.2 1365.6 1365. 1365.0 1364.8 1364.6 1366 1366 1366. 1364.0 1365 1363.4 1363.0 1364.8 1364. 1364. GBPPAGESWorid Data Center for Paleoclimatology 11 1363 1363 1363. Maunder Dalton 10 Tasene 1880- 1915 1945- 1977 1660 1680 1700 1720 1740 17601780 1800 1820 1840 1860 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2020 YEAR'
Her full research paper is HERE.  And Stephanie Osborn, our own NASA scientist has a book out that is rather ‘interesting’ on the effects of the sun on our atmosphere/temperature…  Click the cover for the link.
Trust me, this globull warming (cooling) is NOT the result of ‘Anthropogenic climate disruption’, which is the latest ‘buzzword’…


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  1. Yep. The variables that affect climate are many. The best meteorologists in the biz can’t tell you where that tropical “disturbance” may end up or what strength with any certainty more than a couple days out. A storm chaser, using the best tools available, can’t tell just when, where, or if, a storm will drop a twister or not. That shows just how tricky weather can be.

  2. I hope it doesn’t cool too much. The return of vineyards to England had resulted in some decent sparkling wine. 😊

  3. What no one wants to admit?
    The problem is TOO MANY PEOPLE in places they should not be.
    Sam Kinison had a hilarious, SAD comedy routine about why so many Ethiopians died, and it’s still true.
    Thousands of immigrants flocking to L.A., Vegas, and Phx. It’s unsustainable:

    • Cali needs to dump $$$ into desalination. But they’d rather have a bullet train apparently.

      • Funny, Florida has had high speed rail, privately funded, for years and is expanding from Miami to Cocoa and then from Cocoa to Tampa via Orlando.

        And we are lightyears ahead of California.

  4. A year or so back a scientist from an Ottawa university made a presentation to the Canadian Senate that global warming/cooling was tied into the sun’s activity….and it was promptly ignored…..the liberal government had recently introduced its first “carbon tax”. Recently they announced increases coming of 400+% over then next few years and come 2022 the liberals are introducing a 2nd carbon tax on top of the first. Plus they charge Canadians a federal sales tax on the carbon tax – I sh!t you not. So I guess the moral here is don’t let the facts interfere with anything especially when it comes to creating new taxes.

  5. I have a button that plays on a (once?) common bit of linguistic shenanigans…

    “Anthropogenic Global Warming is a Theory…
    …like aether and phlogiston.”

    The reactions to it are quite… revealing.

    • Orvan: Playing Devil’s Advocate here… Gravity is “just a theory”.
      My HS chemistry teacher (a wonderful woman despite being a Nun, dog bless her) said, IIRC, that combining lead oxide with charcoal(?) restored the lead’s phlogiston. So there! 🙂 And Lavoisier was obviously a quack.

  6. So fucking what!?. Since before the formation of Earth, weather has existed. What it still does now, still exists, and ever will do, and will continue to do, until the Earth ceases to exist.

    • JOIN THE RESISTANCE: Reminds me of a little ditty I learned in my physics class (LO! those many, Many, MANY years ago): “Ohm, ohm; give me MHO!

      Garfath, where was that “weather” before the earth was formed? As I keep saying, the Climate has been changing ever since the earth has had an atmosphere.

    • Stuart: (pedant on) Don’t confuse “weather” and “climate”. (pedant off). In either case, I’m usually too effin’ hot, dammit!

  7. The sad thing is… Global Warming and High CO2 levels is… A GREAT THING!

    What? Heresay, you may say (but all of you won’t, because you’re not idiots…)

    Warm temps mean a longer growing season, and higher CO2 levels mean more CO2 for plants to cycle into O2 and carbon-based foods.

    Cooler temps? Geez, cooler temps sparked the 30 years War, the English Civil War, the French Revolution (all because wheat was scarce and the government tried to impose price fixing – no, really, all of that bloody garbage was over wheat prices and who ‘owned’ the grain – the farmers or the government…) and other bloody histories.

    Funny, track bloody wars and sickly seasons to temperatures dropping and, first, academia and the ignorant left (oftentimes the same thing) will attack and kill you for heresay, and second, you will see the truth.

    Cool temps kill. Warm temps make things grow.

    Viva La Global Warming!

    • And, yes, a great simplification of a complex subject, but as a synopsis, it’s pretty much on the spot.

    • “Funny, track bloody wars and sickly seasons to temperatures dropping and, first, academia and the ignorant left (oftentimes the same thing) will attack and kill you for heresay, and second, you will see the truth.” “Heresay”, or “heresy”?
      Academia and the Left abhor heresy. And questions.

  8. I’m wondering if the Russian ‘disinformation’ executive order has anything to do with it becoming very clear that Zharkova is correct.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes Mead is just ONE of the water sources drying up because of California (LA, etc).

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. The Join the Resistance meme made me laugh out loud.

    I think any prudent person needs to think in terms of “portfolios”.

    I enjoy eating. I enjoy growing food. I have fruit trees that can take Memphis heat and I have fruit trees that grow in Manitoba. Ditto for food animals. Herefords, for instance, do well from Arizona to Alberta.

    Zhit happens. Robust systems can accommodate a raft of it and still produce.