What ever happened…

To herd immunity???

We were ‘told’ we would have herd immunity this year. Now, nobody is mentioning it either from the administration or from the CDC…

It’s enough to make one wonder what is really going on. We were ‘told’ the minimum needed was 70% inoculated/recovered to meet the CDC’s requirement for herd immunity. According to the chart below, we should be there in August…

The 9 May data shown indicates 114,000,000 have been fully immunized so far. So what’s going on???

This is from the Mayo Clinic, concerning herd immunity ‘issues’…

The U.S. is currently making progress toward herd immunity through a combined approach. The number of fully vaccinated adults continues to rise. In addition, more than 31 million people in the U.S. have had confirmed infections with the COVID-19 virus — though, again, it’s not clear how long immunity lasts after infection.

Given the challenges, it’s not clear if or when the U.S. will achieve herd immunity.

However, the FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at protecting against severe illness requiring hospitalization and death due to COVID-19. Even if it isn’t currently possible to stop transmission of the COVID-19 virus, the vaccines are allowing people to better be able to live with the virus.

Full article, HERE.

But all the media can spout is the catastrophe in India, where less than 2 percent of Indians are fully vaccinated and less than 9 percent have received their first shot, thanks to a major COVID-19 vaccine shortage.

Full article, HERE.

And the flip flops from the CDC and administration are doing nothing but confusing us… Texas and Florida are and have been open, yet show much lower infection rates than states that are still locked down. In other places, masking, social distances, etc. seem to change day to day, with no proven results or ‘science’ behind them.

And people are justifiably leery of some or all of the ‘vaccines’ due to the side effects and the CDC’s refusal to say those vaccinated can now move about/interact with others.

There is this from the BBC concerning FB/YT actions…

It said any videos that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities, such as the NHS or World Health Organization, will be removed.

It follows an announcement by Facebook that it would ban ads that discourage people from getting vaccinated.

However, that restriction will not apply to unpaid posts or comments.

YouTube had already banned “medically unsubstantiated” claims relating to coronavirus on its platform.

But it is now explicitly expanding the policy to include content relating to vaccines.

Fake news or??? We’ll never know. Full article, HERE.

OSHA has also come out with new guidance that if the vaccine is ‘required’ by the employer, it is now a fillable report and a workman’s comp claim if a worker has an adverse reaction/death…

Soooo… Companies are melting down, as this will hurt their bottom line if  a bunch of employees have adverse reactions…

And the ‘other’ elephant in the room is how far are they going to push ‘vaccine’ passports? It’s one thing if you’re travelling overseas/to another country, but it’s totally different here at home. NY and some other locations are ‘pushing’ for these passports to attend events, travel, etc.

I don’t have any good answers to any of this, since I’m not a intarwebz/FB ‘expert’. I’m just a grumpy old man that is confused… sigh

Where do YOU think we’re going? And why is this handcart picking up speed???


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  1. If you look at the UK (35 Million vaccinated with at least the first dose) it seems pretty clear that herd immunity has been achieved there. Likewise Israel for that matter.

    The UK numbers seem to say that the combination of vaccination and recovered from infection is now in the 70-80% range and that this has indeed got them to the goal of herd immunity, as a result the government is lifting a lot of restrictions next Monday.

    You can tell this is in fact the case by the fact that the total hospitalization number is something like 1200 and the daily number of deaths is under 10 per day. How long this will last is something we obviously don’t know but for now the UK has clearly beaten the wuflu and so it is opening back up and getting back to work

  2. If 275 million people have compromised immune systems, there is no point in ever again going outside. /sarcasm\

    Seriously, there is a lot of money being passed around in grants and medical research to “prevent” people from getting this overhyped flu bug. Peruse the link with an open mind and an automatically subtracted 25 % for bias. YMMV


  3. They’re also butting right up against HIPAA in this push for ‘passports’. Only a matter of time till someone complains, and then watch the fun.

    • universities are requiring the vax. who’s going to pay my unemployment? “cases” in va. are down to 300 a day, no or statistically no hospitalizations, ten deaths blamed on covid a day. this thing has been running since October 2019, herd immunity happened months ago and would have been much sooner w/o the lockdowns/masks. india “horror story” is just that. 200k is .00014 of the population. more are dying from dysentery or malnutrition daily than that.

  4. It’s a bugger, innit?
    Those figures you quoted for fully vaccinated people could only imply herd immunity if the population was homogenous. It isn’t.
    Consider two towns of equal size. One has 99% safe and the other only 33%. On average they are both immune, but in fact ….

  5. The ruling class doesn’t easily give up power. I think that’s all you need to know. Everything else is bullshit.

    I live in a state where the governor just decided that three counties had to be downgraded in their ability to live (we have these arbitrary “levels”). Then two weeks later when one of them looked like coming out of the lower level and the county with many of his supporters looked like going in, he “froze” movement because “flexibility” was the order of the day. It’s dictatorial horse manure and the fact that there was an election in November, right at the height of the government and media caused panic, means that we are stuck with the dictators for at least two, more probably four years. I wonder if the election were held today whether the results, national or state, would be significantly different.

  6. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum that meets in Davos, Switzerland has made the statement that everyone that has received the vaccine must now be given a chip in order to go about their business normally. The Bible states that under the Anti-Christ rule unless one give total loyalty and worship to the Anti-Christ and receives a mark in their hand or forehead they cannot buy or sell. Without the mark you are an outcast from that society and many will be killed because of it. I choose no vaccine and put my faith in Christ Jesus and no one else. We have a choice to make and as Jesus said there is no middle ground. Jesus said, “He who is not for me is against me.” Choose now who you will serve.

    • Even if you set aside the Biblical angle, that sort of thing just screams, ‘It’s hacking time!’ to me.

      They try to push that, in six months — no, in six WEEKS the hacker subculture is going to make them cry.

  7. “In the problem lies the power.” Power is what this is about, period.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    There is so much confusion on the vaccine, but I do know that I don’t trust the vaccine and since I have already had the Covid, I will take a pass, and my employer don’t require me to get it as a condition of employment. My step mom is convinced that the 2nd shot killed my Dad, after the 2nd shot, 3 weeks later his heart stopped and he was doing great until the 2nd shot then after the 2nd shot, it was a gradual decline until the end. She didn’t want him to get the 2nd shot but he felt pressured to get it so he did. I’m gonna pass.

  9. I don’t think this has anything to do with the Chinese Virus or with vaccinations.

    The Chinese Virus isn’t nearly as bad as they claimed. It’s slightly worse than a bad flu, no more than that.

    Because it’s not that bad, the Vaccine and Herd immunity are really not that important of a consideration.

    Tell me, why do you think that they’re trying so hard to downplay the states that have relaxed the government restrictions on life (or never instituted them in the first place)? Those states haven’t seen increases of infection or death rates, in fact, most of them are in better shape than most of the states still locked down.

    Why are the CDC and HHS ignoring those data points?

    Why are they encouraging separating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated at crowded events? That makes no sense from a medical sense whatsoever if the Vaccine actually works. All you’re doing is grouping together the most vulnerable and increasing the chances of a “superspreader” event.


    Because this isn’t about the virus, or the vaccine, this is about control. The left has demonstrated their ability to play the long game. They’re not insisting on universal “vaccine passports” right now, but they’re getting them instituted in certain places and industries. The idea being, make the lives of anyone who doesn’t get one miserable so that the holdouts eventually acquiesce.

    At it’s root it’s not about convincing people to get the vaccine. It’s about convincing people to get the PASSPORT (and, as an added bonus, just like mask mandates that make no sense medically speaking, it’s about getting us inured to following their edicts).

    What is the passport going to be? A worldwide, universal ID. Everyone in a database, their travel history, their business patronage, their entertainment choices, everything they do recorded into a giant database. One step closer to world government.

    If we allow this to happen (and I’m pretty sure it’s a done deal at this point) do you think it’s ever going to go away? Even if the Kung Flu dies out completely, it will be kept in place as a “precaution” in the event of another pandemic in the future.

    Folks, this has nothing to do with a virus that is barely more serious than the flu. This is the left refusing to let a crisis go to waste. Damn I’m glad I’m old and am not going to live to see the end-game of where this is going. It’s not going to be pretty…well…unless you’re one of the “elites” running things from the top down.

    • Why? Because Impeachement Part Deux failed miserably. And then the Uniparty had to do something to get rid of Trump.

      And then, once they forced Trump out, they have had to keep up the lie as they became fond of all the new-found control and power they have to use, the power over the new peasants and serfs.

      It sounds like conspiracy theory, but it isn’t.

  10. CDC isn’t using ‘recovered’ in their calculations for herd immunity. They say it’s because there’s no data on how long natural immunity lasts. But then they haven’t done any research on it either….

    In India, they were going great until the government decided to shift from daily ivermectin use to injections. Then it went to hell in a handbasket.

    • The CDC purposely didn’t track the number of people who have had positive tests, only the number of positive tests. So everyone who’s tested positive who had a test to see if it was still active, well, every test was ‘a new case.’

      The CDCs haven’t covered themselves with glory at all over this incident. They have done more for the anti-vaccine crowd than any idiot or moron on the internet. Way to go, CDCs and NIH!!!

  11. Yeah, with a virus that was known to only reap the extremely ill with multiple issues. Known from ‘Day 1’ of the spread into the Western world, based on data from the Flu Cruise and other isolation cases.

    But someone had to push ‘The New Spanish Flu Plague Pandemic’ for whatever reasons (cough… politics… cough, cough) and now we have a failing country…

    At least Governor DeSantis has had the juevos to say that Lockdown and Isolation were very bad mistakes made by everyone, including his office.

    And, at it’s worst, the Covid was far less dangerous than cholera or diptheria or even measles and mumps and rubella (individually or combined.) Things that immunizations work well against.

    I suspect there are going to be a lot less people getting their winter seasonal flu shots in the coming years.

  12. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo oooo.

    I carry my Covid shot record in my shirt pocket, so that I can take it out, put it in my left hand to hold it out, while I raise my right arm up at 45 degrees, und zay “Hier ist mein papier, Herr/Frau Oberst!” Haven’t had the opportunity to do that, yet…

  13. All- Good points raised by everyone. Sam- LOL, I’d love to see the reaction when you do that!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  14. No one should be forced to take an experimental vaccine, no matter the circumstances. If an entity, be it government or private, forces this, then the entity should be fully liable for the consequences.

    I was asked yesterday if I was going to get the jab. I told them nope, as I had no urge to take part in the largest vaccine field trial in history. I have tried to find what I feel are reliable numbers on the side effects of various vaccines and failed. In my age group, the best data I can find shows a 99.7% survival rate. I figure to take my chances for a goodly while longer. Obviously, if the situation changes dramatically, I may change my position.

    Of the 3 people I know who have had the jab, 2 have had side effects. These were of the “sore arm, felt crappy for 1-3 days” side. The school system where my wife teaches “encouraged” their employees to get it. She is one of the 2 who had problems that I know personally. One teacher has had unspecified but apparently serious neurological problems that started the day she got the first shot. She has missed two “will be back to work by” dates.

    We have been sold a bill of goods on the Wuflu, apparently nearly from the start. A lot of people feel this way and more are doing so as the foolishness of lockdowns continue to multiply. Let the unemployment money, eviction moratoriums and the like end and a lot more people will get educated, though few will learn.

  15. “I’m just a grumpy old man that is confused”
    Screw the shots I take hydroxychlorquine. Similar to the malaria pill I took in Nam with no side effect except diarrhea if I skipped breakfast when taking it. I’ll watch the rest of my family… their second jab was last Friday.

  16. Free- Understood and agreed.

    DW- I got mine free through the VA. Six for a few days off the first one, NO reaction to the second one.

  17. What an utter, total, bizarre to the point of madness scam. And everyone’s lapped it up.

    I’m aghast.