If you can spare a few minutes…

This is well worth watching if you can spare 7 minutes. MSGT Roy Benavidez on our flag and country.

You can read more about MSGT Benavidez HERE at Black Rifle Coffee.

I cannot begin to imagine what he would have to say about the condition of the USA today… But I’m betting he would be turning the air blue…


If you can spare a few minutes… — 19 Comments

  1. Thanks for the video.

    The nation is in distress – of our own making. Whether we can pull out before we plow into the side of a mountain is up for debate.

  2. Not sure why, but when I click on the link it says the video is unavailable.

  3. From where I am, I see and read about the Democrat Party, and do not trust it/them. I spent 8 years in 33 holes in the ground, with access to the keys that could have launched 168 nuclear missiles, but never did. I’m pretty sure the Russians knew exactly where I was, and all those 168 holes in the ground are now just blown up holes in the ground. Well, except for two, that are now museum sites, one big, one small.

    • Yes. None of my guns have wandered out to slay randomly. I haven’t wandered out to slay randomly (though there are days when the wistful thought does appear.) I haven’t looted and burned and randomly attacked people. Yet our current federal administration thinks I am the problem.

      • They must not be scary black plastic guns, then. I’ve been informed by the media that only scary black guns break out of gun-safes and go roaming the streets, randomly shooting at people who are just standing there, minding their own business. Brown guns and silver guns with brown or black trim are less likely to turn feral.

  4. All- Good points.

    Sam- Yep, we never sank a USSR sub, although we could have.

    Beans- Neither have mine.

  5. Superman.
    Read his biography and you’ll wonder where such men come from.
    (He came from Texas. 😉 )

  6. Just in case your didn’t realize it before I’m sure that you did this weekend, that we now have the Most Ridicules, Asinine, Inept, Bunch of Clowns running our Country.
    With the Vice President of the Country Giving A Special Memorial Day Message From Vice President Kamala Harris: that consisted of “Have a Enjoyable Weekend”
    ‘Enjoy the long weekend’:? Kamala Harris was so slammed for her smiling tone giving a Memorial Day message that doesn’t acknowledge our fallen soldiers”?
    Without ONE SINGLE word about our Fallen Soldiers, making the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for our Country and for OUR FREEDOMS, and that’s all Memorial Day is to her? These Men, and Women Gave their Lives for this Country. And they deserve MUCH MORE than “Have an Enjoyable Weekend”.
    This IDIOTIC MONODIC WOMEN definitely doesn’t get it. She is probably worse than the worst, Joe Biden.
    I WONDER IF She enjoyed the “Weekend” of burning down cities and looting businesses while also attacking Jews and Asians?.
    And for the IDIOT in CHIEF standing at the Podium threatening the Leaders of China, and Russia! His He Kidding? Does anyone in the entire world thing that Putin or Xi Jinping The Leader of Communist China is afraid of that Senile Old Delusional Idiot?

  7. LSP- Thanks. I know your former home has its own folks like the MSGT.

    GB- Yep, bootstrapped himself out of El Campo, TX. Half Tejano, half Yanqui Indian.

    Frank- Agreed, but I will not sully the day by mentioning Joe and the Ho…

  8. I’ve known about MSGT Benavidez for years. A Badass among Badasses…..and yet humble. Captain America in the flesh.
    There have been times in my life where I have been really ‘down’, so I re-watch the story about what he went through and suddenly things don’t seem that bad. Truely a great man, and great patriot.