How we spent Sunday nights… 60 years ago!

The Ed Sullivan Show! LONG before MTV, VH-1, or any of those copycats…

For most of us, it was the first time we’d actually ‘seen’ any of the bands actually sing, unless one was lucky enough to be in a big enough city to see them on tour.


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  1. Funny you should post this now. MeTv has started running the shows on Sunday evenings. Still enjoyable after all this time

  2. I remember being sick, and mom making something for me to eat. I was on our old green couch with the sandpaper cloth, watching The Man Himself, Ed Sullivan. On a black and white Zenith console TV… That’s about as far distant as covered wagons are from Alan Shephard. Wow….

  3. We didn’t have a TV til I was 12 (1977), that I remember. Even then we probably wouldn’t have been allowed to watch rock and roll being played. Can’t say I blame them when I look at what my friends let their children watch.

  4. Ed- Yep… His accent was odd, no question.

    High- Yes they are, brings back a LOT of memories.

    STx- Probably chicken soup…LOL That’s what I got. And we had one of those couches too…sigh

    Hereso- Wow, that’s ‘late’ I think we had a black and white one in 58 or 59… 12 or 14 inch if memory serves. And agree, some of the stuff today is NOT fit for young kids.

  5. We’ve been a bit stunned by what some of our daughter’s (13 year old) classmates watch on the regular.

  6. Boy howdy, this one sure takes me back.

    On summer nights I’d often go down to my grandparents house and watch TV with them. The nights were quiet, and we got a nice cross breeze through the huge living room. My grandmother’s calico cat, Honey-Bee, would sit in her lap while she read the paper. My grandfather would watch Ed Sullivan or Lawrence Welk, and I learned to appreciate the quiet, and the easy listening music.

    How I loved those summer nights!

  7. Ed Sullivan show comes on reruns in METV on Sunday evenings here. When we remember we try to watch it, again. Pretty cool that every act was live with no lip syncing.

  8. I likely did see the shew, er, show, but have no memory of it directly. I recall hearing references to it. And learning of the quirk(s) (e.g. ‘shew’) but that showed that Mr. Sullivan was in the Right Place at the Right Time and managed to be/provide a platform for others, without making an overly big deal of himself. (Contrast Arthur Godfrey, esp. regarding Julius La Rosa – something I know about more from a Ruth Wallis tune than anything!)

  9. I wonder how many people know that Petula Clarke wore a colostomy bag for her entire career? She later became a supporter for those who’d had a colostomy and visited them in hospital. That’s how my sister-in-law met her.

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