More specifically, grandkids… Snerk…

Grandson was ‘hiding’ from his sister to do school work, so…

He climbed into the dog’s kennel. And was soon joined by both Labs…

And he went to sleep for over an hour.

Kids… what can you say… sigh



Kids… — 17 Comments

  1. Totally normal. When the urge to sleep hits, follow it. And he’s got two pooches to keep him warm. What could be better?

    Being retired now, I get the same urge to nap quite often. So I just lay down and sleep for an hour or so and I feel much better.

  2. My sister did the same thing. Couldn’t find her anywhere and finally noticed that she was wedged into a crate with one of the dogs.

  3. Cute pic – and there is something very comforting about snuggling to a dog or two – as long as they haven’t been rolling around in something awful to mask their own scent!

  4. I always enjoyed semi-confined spaces to snooze in. Fort in the closet, stuff like that. Safe and out of the way is a good thing.

    Glad to see kids today keeping up with the tradition.

  5. Woke up one morning and could not find my son anywhere, went into brothers room opened the closet and there he was asleep. left him there while the panic subsided with a cup of coffee.

    Kids will do and say the strangest things to make parents age faster.

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