I don’t normally put up videos, but this lady IS a throwback… And bless her for being one! She takes on the Carmel NY school board and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Kudos to her!

And Loudoun County, VA school board got slapped down by the courts, they have to give physical education teacher Byron Tanner Cross, who was suspended days after telling the school board he would not refer to transgender students by their preferred pronouns because of his religious beliefs, his job back… LOL

Full article, HERE.


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  1. The trick I pull on pronoun-bullies and their ilk is first:
    Describe a situation where a couple of people are speaking to themselves in a non-English language in a public area and then a bullying stranger intrudes on them saying “This is America, speak English!” You can get them to agree that not only is it rude but it’s also an infringement on their 1A freedom of speech rights.
    Get the pronoun-bully to agree that speaking one’s native language is a natural right, primordial and pre-existing the founding of governments. (You might lose them a little with the bit about government being restrained when it collides with natural rights.)
    Then the spike: Now proclaim that in your own native language (mine is “20th century American Standard English”) the speaker’s selection of grammatical gender communicates that speakers good-faith inference or belief about whether or not the 2nd or 3rd party has or lacks Y chromosomes.
    That’s how my native language works and I have a right to use my native grammar and express my beliefs. Anyone else announcing what words may or may not come out of my mouth will get some unexpected words coming out of my mouth. (Wait till they hear how I avoid using ‘they’ as a singular.)

  2. Thanks for posting this one. I stole it, but I gave you credit. Besides, I didn’t think you’d mind, and if you do I’ll buy you a drink next time I’m in town.

    I absolutely loved the speech. I think Tatiyana Ibrahim has had training. She’s speaking without a teleprompter or notes. Watch her. She never glances down once. She has a clear voice, right in the alto range, and she enunciates clearly. She had those sanctimonious SOBs on the ropes in the first thirty seconds, then beat ’em all like a government mule. Lord bless her, we need people like her in this world.

    Parents are often forbidden to monitor their children’s school classes. The teachers won’t allow it, nor will the BOE. Parents never really know what’s being taught in school, and they should. Parents and teachers should be meeting about once a month, if for no other reason than to say that little Master Curtis is doing fine scholastically, but can be a bit disruptive (firecracker in the wastebasket…).

    Anyway, great post.

    And you included the good news about Byron Cross, which I am glad to hear.

  3. Daaaaaaaaaaammmnnn!

    At least the School Board stayed in the room and didn’t call the cops to remove her.

    • Bravo and kudos to this lady! The pushback is beginning. But to the Leftist pushback is WHITENESS! And Whiteness in Leftist terminology is White Supremacism, Individualism, Personal Responsibility, Hard Working, Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, etc. etc. (I can’t remember every thing they lump under the term) and in all reality just an empty term. For the Leftist non-Whiteness is submission to their every whim.

  4. She is really magnificent! And conducted herself as a Lady the whole time.

  5. I admire when she didn’t bend to “We don’t mention names”4

    That may be the policy for the Board Members (and for good reason). But that policy does not apply to people giving testimony to the Board.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Board implemented a Two-Minute maximum rule in the future.

  6. wow, we need people like her everywhere. I’m gonna borrow this