Our American Legion post hosted an IBCA cook yesterday…

Discounting the two plus months of planning, we truly hit the ground running (sometimes literally) Thursday. Sponsors, vendors, cooks, volunteers, and, and, and all had to be coordinated. It was all hands on deck starting Friday morning through the overnight, and most of the day yesterday.

But it came off pretty well, at least in the quick look we had as we were tearing down yesterday afternoon. It never got over 100 degrees, close, but never over. It didn’t rain (skirted us between 0400 and 0600 yesterday morning), and the cooks were able to cook in ‘decent’ weather. We even had mild temps and a nice breeze in the morning.

We had some special guests, including military working dogs (yes, the shepherd on the left is a MONSTER).

Air Evac out of Duncan, OK brought a 206A down, along with one of the Red Cross disaster recovery units in the background.

Me? I was out back fixing hot dogs…

We also served who cooked (starting at 0600 with breakfast burritos), while the ‘real’ cooks were getting their smokers going.

We also had the local FD, PD, Sheriff’s Office and Boy Scouts represented, thanks to them for coming out!

I r tired… I go to bed…ZZZzzzzzz


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  1. What I love about this entry is the same type of description of the event that made reading the “Grey Man” series so enjoyable.
    You start with people who are good at cooking and enjoy pleasant fellowship, and the next thing you know other “good people” of the neighborhood show up, from the Boy Scouts on up, with a common thread of being “These things we do that others may live.”
    Best wishes to you all.

  2. Ed- Once it was done, yes… LOL

    Gerry- I was one of many.

    Matt- See above…LOL

    CP- Point! Try eating a bite of 17 different briskets…burp…

    Guy- Thanks!

  3. BZ, sir!!

    We’re ecstatic that the Larimer County Fair is being held again this year, along with the Rist Canyon Mountain Festival.

    Both have prominent First Responder displays, fund raisers, and demonstrations.

    “Out Here In The Country” (compared to LA/Long Beach) we take our First Responders seriously.

  4. Yep, done enough support grilling and barbecue. You get that “black gang” feeling and sooty buildup, mighty fast. But it’s a good feeling, because there’s never a complaint!

    Definitely sounds like a Grey Man vignette.

  5. “Monster?” Define “monster.” I get the distinct impression he walked around the grounds mooching goodies from every grill and smoker on site.

  6. All- Thanks! Stretch, he out weighed the other dogs by probably 40 pounds at least… He was 110lbs. His ‘favorite’ takedown was to nail somebody running in the center of the back and ride them down…LOL