So apparently the ‘new’ mantra with Xiden is that he wants America to be liked…

He never said anything about America being respected!


To like is to find a person or thing agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory.
To respect is to hold feelings of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

The problem, if you will, is that being ‘liked’ means that you must be agreeable to all those around you… I don’t know if anyone listened to Xiden’s rambling address/press conference yesterday morning, but it was a horror story.

He couldn’t remember WHO he talked to, much less when/where. One thing he said, that scared the hell out of me, was that the Chinese ‘envoy’ wanted the US to lessen its ties to India, Australia, and Japan. This would impact SEATO, ANZUSMCAS, all critical to the defense of Southeast Asia and our forward deployed assets and bases.

For those who are not familiar with it, WESTPAC is ‘known’ for the ‘tyranny of distance’… And there are a TOTAL of 26 ships and submarines based in either Guam or Japan… 26… to cover 47,876,667 square miles!

A little more ‘scale’ for you…

2 1/4 USAs by 3 USAs… 6300 miles by 8400 miles. One quick example, by being ‘forward deployed’, the ships are 17 steaming days closer to the action/requirements…

Sooooo, under the ‘last’ administration, there was no ‘lessening’ of support for our allies, nor was there any kowtowing to China. China’s stated ‘goals’ of owning out to the second island chain and bringing Taiwan back into their ‘sphere’ were stymied.

Now??? I’m afraid of what Xiden is going to agree to… and whether or not he will even remember it. If China controls to the second island chain, which by the way is all the way out to Guam, they will effectively control ALL shipping in the Pacific ocean. ALL OF IT! What would be the global impact?

Think about it…

Your thoughts?


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  1. 2018 election, I saw some of the signs of this mess developing.

    After, I started working on a project in 2024 Japan, a very alternate Japan, about political crises in Tokyo following the election of an openly PRC candidate in that US election. Basically, some type of thriller involving a scheme to suppress Japan’s defenses before the PRC invasion.

    If the scheme didn’t work, the PRC was SOL, because they only had a four year window of opportunity.

    I’ve basically not been able to work on it this year. Combination of work, RL being crazy, /and/ now the idea is a bit too close to home.

    Only thing from that that is useful is as follows: Institutions will break your heart. Some of your individual relationships are worth trust and investment.

  2. Nothing wrong with being liked as long as you’re respected as well. I don’t see Joe being either.

  3. We’ll never be liked by the other nations.

    So, well, F them.

    The rest of the world understands strength, and power. That’s how you get people to respect you. Be strong and powerful. You don’t have to force it into their faces, just having strength and power to shove into their faces when needed is enough.

    Once again, Team Xiden has screwed the US totally.


    Stole an election and called it fair but hid behind 25K troops and a Wall.
    Cancelled oil and gas field projects.
    Killed the Keystone Pipeline permanently.
    Invited foreign invasion and then wonders why people took them up on it.
    Orders to keep insulin, epipens and other drugs low-cost have been eliminated, with insulin expected to shoot up next month.
    The destruction of the Abraham Accords, and the overthrowing of the Netanyahu government in Israel.
    Implicated in an attempt to overthrow Guatamala’s government.
    Laughing stock in Central and South America.
    And so much more.

    And that’s in, what, not even 6 months time?

    Dammit, I want Mean Tweet Man back.

  4. Yep, the Biden Administration’s undoing of America as a world power is not going to be pretty.

  5. What do I think of the Chinese dragon rampant? I used to care. I don’t any more.

    What China does while our nation tears itself apart is nothing the USA can credibly influence short of nuclear war. Which, at this point, I’m all for.

    “Please, br’er Dragon, don’t incinerate our enemy-dominated major cities!”

  6. All- Thanks, I wasn’t sure I was correct in my thinking, but looks like I’m not the only one that is looking ‘askance’ at the whole mess.

  7. Interesting the focus on being liked vs. being respected. Biden’s approach to Trump voters is not at all about being liked. On the contrary.

    This just shows where he thinks the enemy is.

  8. Borepatch – this may sound like a coincidence, but I feel precisely the way toward Slow Joe’s regime that they feel toward me.

  9. Now Kerry is involved in China talks and you know it won’t be just about Climate.

  10. The Chinese will take Taiwan and will move to control ALL shipping in the Pacific. Xiden will do nothing but hail the Communist moves as a peaceful return of Taiwan and peaceful intentions to allow free sailing in the Pacific region which will be just another lie by the fool in the White House.

  11. If I lived in Taiwan I’d be looking for an exit strategy.

    Meanwhile, at the rate Sleepy Joe and Heels-Up Harris are going, they are on track to displace James Buchanan in the slot for ‘worst president’.

  12. This reminds me of the Obummer era. Figure out the best thing for the USA and then do the opposite.

  13. “Likes us?” Who the f*** cares? I much prefer that other nations realize we are not to be f***ed with. Both would be great, but if I can only have one…

  14. Now look, all of you. Yes, China’s making a bid to control the Pacific Ocean and the World. The only thing that stands in the way is the US, and they think us bought and for, therefore ineffective and useless. But not so fast, we have a secret weapon.

    Yes, the Trans Navy. When the ChiCom menace sees it it’ll die laughing. Game over. Sorry, so-called “Xi.” Readjust your pronouns.

    And that’s why the pivot to diversity. It equals “lethality.”

    Kyrie Eleison.

  15. Upon consultation with my magic 8 ball, I got the following response, Outlook not so good. Hope that helps.

  16. Reminds me of my childhood when my mother taught be to do anything just to be liked…

  17. Back engineering, one of the core purposes of the USA is to tell the rest of the world to leave and go fuck themselves. Them liking us is fundamentally of little to no importance in comparison.

  18. In the event the USA decides to sit this one out, a possible way for Taiwan and Japan to stymie the Chinese would be to let them know that all they will get is ruins. “We know that you will kill or enslave our populations, so what you will get are burning ruins and salted earth.” And very visibly prepare to do just that. China gets to spend a lot of blood (not that they’d necessarily miss it) and treasure to get nothing.

    Or perhaps talk to India about buying a few nukes. China invades, they get used-on China. I believe both countries have the necessary technology to deliver them. Operation Sampson with an Asian flair, so to speak.

  19. Was there ever a First Fleet? If there was where did it go?