Soooo, PP and family are going camping, and I ran across these…

Family campers

1910 version…

1918 version…

1924 version… Probably the first ‘motorhome’…


YMMV, and everybody makes their ‘own’ choices… 🙂


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  1. LOL. Great set of comparisons.

    Our popup and kitchen fly combo are a lot closer to the 1910/1918 set, and work fine. Bug spray and nets. More visitors? Another fly, bring tents and your own trailer. Nice thing is we can get a lot more places than with a large rig.

    The really big rigs, like the camper-bus things, take all the fun out of outdoors. May as well be home watching TV.

  2. Pfft. Pikers! I did REAL camping! With tents! And latrines! 😀

    Yeah, I was in the Scouts. Even spent ten days at Philmont trekking up and down those mountains. Good times.

    • I didn’t even have a latrine. I skipped the entire green belly experience, which was a good move on my part.

  3. That last photo, pup is thinking “Of all the RVs in all the world, I hadda walk into this one”….

  4. I still tent camp on my Harley and it’s actually gotten better over the years. Turns out that when you have the money to spend, REI sells stuff that is made for mountain climbing and perfect for motorcycle camping. Compact and high quality.

    I keep thinking about getting some sort of camper (I have a 3/4 ton GMC diesel for my side job so could pull most anything) but the downside to almost everything I’ve looked at is the lack of somewhere to put a Harley. I hate the idea of being in Kentucky (to choose a faraway state at random) and it being a beautiful sunny day and having to sit and watch all the bikes roaring by while mine is 2,500 miles away in my garage. OTOH riding all the way to Kentucky while sleeping on an air mattress in a tent is getting more tiring by the year, plus when you are done you still have to ride all the way home. They do make relatively small “toy haulers” but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet as I can’t decide exactly which direction I want to go.

    That all being said, like many things that Americans do, this seems to be a uniquely American thing. I assume that the size and variety of the United States, and the hospitability of most of the country (is that a word? I mean most of it is livable unlike, for example, Australia which has a large chunk of mostly empty area referred to by the natives as the Never Never), along with the relative wealth of the United States, led to this odd habit of leaving the comfort of home and civilization in order to live, albeit briefly, in semi-nomadic fashion.

  5. Heresolong, can you fit your Harley in the bed of the 3/4 ton? If yes, check out the teardrop campers for something between tent and full camper.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments! Hereso- They do make pull behinds with a ‘garage’ on the back large enough for a Harley!

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  7. They even make teardrop campers for motorcycles, like to pull behind your motorcycle. Weird world.

    Very few things ‘new’ are really new in the world of camping. Lighter, more rip and rot resistant, stuff like that? Yes. But most everything else, been done since, well, gee, the Mongols traveled with yurts and gyrs on wheels back in the days of Ghengis or Chinghis…

  8. You could get a hybrid “Toy Hauler” trailer. That’s a trailer with a fold down tailgate/ramp, and the front half of it is furnished. Lot of small auto racers use them.

  9. Beans- Yep, nothing really ‘new’ per se, but the tech HAS improved things…

    Dr.- That’s the one I was thinking of.

  10. You DO have some of the best pictures and comments of all the blogs I have bookmarked (about 150).