Signed, sealed, and delivered!!!

Gov. Greg Abbott appeared Wednesday on the grounds of the Alamo to sign seven pieces of legislation loosening firearms restrictions in the state.

The most controversial of those, Senate Bill 1927, allows Texans to carry handguns without a license or training starting on September 1. That so-called constitutional carry proposal was passed over the objections of gun safety advocates and some law enforcement groups.

Full list, HERE.

The one that is really going to be interesting is the suppressor bill…

House Bill 957 (Oliverson/Springer) repeals the criminal offense of possessing, manufacturing, transporting, or repairing a firearm silencer. It also ensures that any firearm suppressor manufactured in Texas, and that remains in Texas, will not be subject to federal law or federal regulation. 

But I won’t be running out and buying one just yet… I KNOW that one is going to be challenged left, right, and sideways…

Of course the left is melting down, and I’m just waiting for the ‘blood in the streets’ wailing to start. Dunno if anyone else has noticed, but those other states that have passed Constitutional Carry haven’t had any blood in the streets…


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  1. I had a hard time digging up the info on those bills. My search-fu must be shorting out. That is excellent news. It’s interesting to me that some states are beginning to act like states in the historical sense: pre-“war of secession”. Like Florida is sending law enforcement to help on the border. Or western states and now Texas talking about interstate mfg/ownership of parts. It’s a tiny bright spot to me. I hope that we keep on track.

  2. I’d also be interested in a suppressor, but am not planning on spending resources on that one. Standard velocity ammunition shot in a long barrel so far keeps me happy on that front and doesn’t tinker with any laws.

    At least not yet.

  3. The only blood in the streets will be in liberal shit holes like chicago, where this has been happening for over 3 decades anyway, as you mentioned, NFO

  4. I am wondering what they will use as the “Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain” distraction this time. So far they have used fake insurrection in the capital and a pandemic. What’s next?

  5. I remember Lynn Ashby, a not proud Texan (He could been great writing for the disgusting Texas [by way of Harvard] Monthly), columnist for the Houston Chronicle; predicting bubbas making the streets run with blood after the passing of the HCL bill. With the usual Al Gore accuracy. At last, another repeal of the Occupation laws of the late 1800’s!

  6. “Some law enforcement groups” meaning various political organizations having little to do with real law enforcement.

  7. I thought there was a state that said they would not enforce federal firearms laws on guns manufactured in that state not too long ago.
    I wonder what happened to that.

  8. What is truly sad is one of the groups most whining and bitching about ‘free carry without a license’ is… the firearms training people.

    You know, the ones that charge for a CCW course? And usually the CCW course is at about Drivers’ Reeducation (like you take in lieu of getting points on your license for a ticket) and so actually really does very little to no good at all.

    Now, if only in the Great State of Florida we could get anything past the damned RINOs in South Florida, most who are imports from Yankeeland (damned carpetbaggers) but a few with Cuban roots (damned… whatever) and all who are feckless idiots and are the reason Broward and Dade counties are the way they are…

    Grrr… I don’t want to have to pay the State or FedGov for a God-Given right that is supposed to be above the state or fedgov.


    • The LTC class I took was useful. Common sense stuff, laws and “watch out for . . . “ details on where to find all the exceptions and oddities, and scenarios to think about. Granted, I’d been in the gun culture for a while, so some was review, but I thought it was worth the time and dollars.

  9. Ed- That was Montana

    Beans- You are correct. Sigh…

    TXRed- Yes it is. Especially when you move from another state.

  10. I just read that list. Excellent!

    I’ll bet no one can get an appointment with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or mental health councilor anywhere in Austin.

  11. Interesting the language in the article… “carry handguns without a license or training” and “so-called constitutional carry” Typical doubt-inducing framing, and then “passed over the objections of gun safety advocates and some law enforcement groups.” is if these people were more authoritative and it was a mistake to not do what they say.

  12. MJ- Probably not…

    Gerry- You can bet on it!

    Paul- Exactly… The left lost BIG time on this one!

  13. Ah… I applaud this but don’t know if I’ll use it, maybe. Here in Hillsboro everyone(ish) has a a ccw, but hardly anyone open carries, it’s just not cool. Maybe that’s gonna change as ROL breaks down. Hmmmm.