Watched Xiden’s presser on ‘epidemic’ gun violence that ‘started during the Covid lockdown’…

His out of the gate… background checks, assault weapons ban, ‘community’ policing all worked, don’t today because the ‘funding’ got cut.

Role of gun dealers in ‘illegal’ sales. 90% of guns found at crime scenes sold by 5% of dealers. So, zero tolerance for illegal sales.

Second amendment ‘limited’ the types of guns a person could own. (interesting statement).

And there was this little gem- “Those who say the blood of Patriots, you know, and all the stuff about how we’re gonna have to move against the government. If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” Really??? Shades of Swalwell…

blather, blather, blather- guns coming from ‘other’ jurisdictions is why gun violence is spiking in Chiraq, Bawl’more, Philly, NYC. (yeah, right)… How about the cities NOT enforcing the laws in their own cities!

All folded into the ‘American Jobs Program’… repealing the liability protection against gun manufacturers. Close the ‘stalking loophole’ with bad boyfriends.

Pushed Chipman for director of ATF.

Smart gun technology should be pushed to the top of the list.

Not one word about gangs, proactive policing, illegal drug trade (and ancillary guns), going into the cities, and actually ENFORCING the existing laws, much less arresting, trying, and sending to prison the criminals.

Also, never said a word about defunding push across many blue cities, the no bail/bail reform situations, releasing criminals back to the streets in as little as four hours, and not prosecuting gun crimes… Zip, nada, crickets…


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  1. and he failed to mention where (and by whom) this gun violence occurs…

    It ain’t mostly white people in the ‘burbs or in rural areas.
    It is mostly people of african descent in cities.

    And until we point the finger, we won’t be able to fix it either.

    • If you point the finger, no matter the statistics, you are a RAAAACCCIISSST! Feelings over truth and facts and the truth is not something unsupported by facts.

  2. The criminals, gangss and invaders are their tools. We’re their enemies.
    Maybe post a link to Corrieas’ fisk of the gun control / confiscation idiots.
    Somehow, I can’t seem to post links here.
    John in Indy

  3. He speaks just how a petty wannabe tyrant speaks. Who the hell does he think he is to tell me what I need and don’t need. He doesn’t have the right to tell me if I can have one or ten or more AR 15s. None, absolutely ZERO of the things he proposes will make a dent in crime. He has been an absolute failure in his whole political career. He has done absolutely nothing worthwhile in his life. If he pushes this too far he will find out if his LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ army can handle 4th gen warfare in a balkanized states of amerika. FAFO.

  4. “90% of guns found at crime scenes sold by 5% of dealers”

    Weren’t they making the identical claim with identical numbers in the Clinton Administration, which then led to a massive and successful push to reduce the number of dealers in order to weed out the bad actors? Yet apparently it has either a) made no difference or b) he is still using numbers from 25 years ago. Meanwhile, being an FFL is a PITA. I know several small dealers who struggle constantly to meet all the requirements and some who have given up.

  5. Does not disprove the senile pedophile hypothesis for Biden’s behavior.

    Biden is like Obama, someone who in a more just world would have been killed by ‘community policing’ aka vigilantism before acquiring political power.

    The regime is a Gu jar of vicious idiots. They have an academic understanding of what they are trying to do, based in the incorrect communist theory of revolution.

    They do not understand the reality of civil war phenomena, and additionally profoundly misunderstand the United States of America, American culture, and the individuals they are trying to scam and murder.

    It is definitely murder conspiracy at this point. The fact pattern has no plausible innocent explanation. It also looks like much of the formal legal system may have been in on the criminal conspiracy for some years.

    Joe Biden, Doctor Jill Biden, and Kam Harris, are functioning at the mental level of children, and are saying stuff by rote, without real understanding of implementing follow through.

    Their malicious evil is real, but things will not play out as they expect.

  6. Guns and ammo literally flying off the shelves. MOAR GUN CONTROL! Yeah, that’ll work. Keep it up–convincing more folks than we ever could. BTW, the second amendment was not passed, it was ratified.

  7. Membership in domestic terror organizations like the ATF and FBI should earn people a term in state prison.

  8. Considering his remarks regarding F35s and nuclear weapons….

    If the citizens rise up it will not be against the government proper…..It will be against the corrupt politicians who manipulate our government into doing things it should not.

    These individuals DO NOT CONTROL F35s and Nuclear weapons…..

    Consider as well, a huge number of patriots who are getting sick of the corruption are ex military and are well versed in the tactics of organized units……

    You are forewarned….

  9. It makes me feel safe and snuggly to know that the idiot in the White Horse wants to use nukes and planes against me for owning a few guns.


    F. It. Alright, intact female dog of breeding age, bring it on. Dare you to break ‘pussy communists’ and use the military against US citizens on US soil. Double dog dare you.

    Hope all your family members are safely behind protective walls, as the minute one mushroom cloud or strafing pass shows up, it’s balls-to-the-walls for everyone killing their favorite socialists.

    (Yes, I put two movie references in my above statement…)

    And on a side note, did you see the photos of the Veep, Kneepads herself, at a Juneteenth celebration dinner? Did you notice who and what ‘racial’ makeup was at the table, and what ‘racial’ makeup was standing around waiting hand and foot on the people at the table? No. Not making that up. A buncha entitled whyte-peepoo being served by black servants. Geeze, can’t the dems ever get rid of their slave-owning mentality? It’s almost like Juneteenth isn’t about a White General from the North going to the back-beyond of Texas to tell the local Dems, who lost, and their still-slaves that the still-slaves aren’t slave no more. Yeesh.

  10. I am now using a standard response to all gun grabbers.

    “The 2nd Amendment give us the right to bear arms. Don’t like it, hate guns? Grow some balls and repeal the 2nd Amendment”.

    When they start whining like a SP5 at a Viet Cong reville, I point out we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, and the Constitution protects minorities from the tyranny of the majority.

    Does it change any minds? Most likely not.

    • Yup. 2A means arms, all arms and armament, all of it. Not just semi-auto pew-pews…

  11. Beans- No surprise, and no comments in the MSM on that… sigh

    WSF- Good one, I need to remember that!

  12. Biden is a leftist – what would you expect him to say about guns. They want tyranny and thus also want to disarm the citizenry at all costs.

  13. I have a couple of pistols. But in my earlier days, I had access to the launch keys (34 of them) in 33 missile launch control centers) and (sob) never got to launch one (or more). The 34 was because I was first a Deputy Crew Commander and then Crew Commander. Oh, those years under the desert, and then under the midwest. All of those I was in are gone, blown in to rubble, except for two, which are museum items now. There are a few more up north.

  14. Glenn- Point…

    Sam- That has to be sad to watch your ‘history’ go up in smoke. But thankfully, like us, you never had to push the button!

  15. I, too, suffered to watch my former home destroyed, as USS RENTZ was sunk in a SINKEX off Guam. It’s on YouTube!