Coming out of the WuFlu, I wonder how many of us can get a bingo…

Busy writing, go read the folks on the sidebar! They’re better at this than I am.


Sigh… — 7 Comments

  1. Sad state of affairs that that bingo makes sense.

    Even sadder is that you’ve been ‘sigh’ing at the stupidity and chicanery of the outside world so much.

    Just want to be left alone… And they aren’t leaving us alone, are they?

  2. I’m DOWN with “error 404, motivation not found”!

    I have this vague (Vera Vague was an actress back in the ’40s) reccolection of having some motivation…when I was much younger. Now, where did I put it???

  3. If you’ve been over the China virus for a while, but you still don’t feel like you’re over it, get down to the feed store and get some ivermectin horse wormer. Folks are saying it helps you recover from the aftermath as well as from the disease.

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