Has .gov sanctioned Big Tech to censor posts? Apparently the answer is yes…

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday the Biden administration is identifying “problematic” posts for Facebook to censor because they contain “misinformation” about COVID-19.

Full article, HERE.

The ‘rationale’, if I parsed the word salad right, is that people are DYING! OMG!!! ELEVENTY!!! Of course they also trotted out a tame doctor who vouched for the requirements for everybody masking, and that those who have been vaccinated or have had the WuFlu just need to ‘suck it up’ and mask up because other people won’t get the vaccine because- MISINFORMATION!!! Ummm, kinda like the whole mess surrounding the origins of the WuFlu??? Sigh…

Interestingly, Fauci didn’t make an appearance this time around, and they seem to be using a different set of doctors and the new Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, is pushing that problematic social posts on COVID-19 are responsible for the issues and spikes.

The question is, how long before the censorship morphs to something else they don’t like? Like pointed out CRT is a scam? Or that Dems pushed for defunding the police? Or that there are actual cases of voter fraud that are now coming out?  Or…

All this is interesting in light of the article, HERE from The TImes UK about which posts were most popular on FB…


Censorship??? — 14 Comments

  1. Or censoring posts that point out the hypocrisy of the Democrat’s policies where Hispanics who are more likely to vote Democratic are welcomed with open arms but Hispanics like Cubans who are historically Republican voters are told they “must stay home”.

  2. North of the 49th the trudeau liberals have submitted a censorship Bill (C-36) that may make C-10 seem like a child’s bedtime story. If this ever becomes law this is the end of any kind of free speech. Speech acceptability/unacceptability may/will be decided by a panel appointed by the liberal government. Complaints may be made anonymously. The complainant may receive a financial payment. Penalties may include financial paid to the complainant and up to one year incarceration. Can you imagine a p!ssed off ex-spouse in divorce proceedings? If Trudeau comes out on top in the next election you may end up with a totally different Canada to your north.

  3. ERJ- Good point!

    Matt- Exactly!!! Grrr…

    David- That is truly scary! I…would say I find it hard to believe, but after what has already happened under Trudeau, all bets are off.

  4. The real question is: How much of this coordinated censorship between Big Gov and Big Tech is already going on, and for how long has it been happening?

    Either way, if Big Tech is acting as a government agent for censorship, it should end their immunity to both civil and criminal action once and for all.

    • “if Big Tech is acting as a government agent for censorship”

      Then there will never be any penalties. It’s good to be the king. The king rewards his faithful servants (media, big tech, etc.), and punishes traitors (that would be us).

      Never forget that we are the carbon they so desperately want to eliminate.

  5. Makes you wonder what they’ve already suppressed via the DNC that we don’t know about yet.

  6. This steps over the 1st Amendment barrier between Government and Private Business. When the Government encourages them and even gives them lists of what is to be censored they are acting in the stead of Government and therefore are unprotected from being sued for violation of the 1st.

    The unfortunate Civil War is growing closer day by day. An early item to be censored will be the results of the ongoing election audits which seem to indicate enough fraud that Republicans and Conservatives should be in control of our Government.

  7. If I may make up a picture, the (P)regressive/Socialists/Communists thought they had a white horse to ride to victory. Instead, they are on a Pro Rodeo bucking bull. They still have the American Media Maggots (h/tBZ) for clowns to save their asses.

  8. I have never been interested in FecesBook. I am (mostly silent) Sam.

  9. Dammit! All I wanted was to be left alone and die quietly in the far distant future.

    Between this and inviting the UN in to look at our “systemic racism” (though why they want the UN to come watch NASCAR and Indy, well, beats me) they really are pushing the larger, more surly cousin of a badger, aren’t they?

  10. I’d REALLY like to know more about the flagging; specifically, what, precisely does that mean; who in the government is doing it; how is Facebook responding to the flagging.
    Any time that any branch of the government interferes with ANY aspect of the Fourth Estate (maybe the question of whether Facebook qualifies as journalism needs to be resolved) it’s awfully hinky; but usually, we can count on the news source to scream bloody murder. If they AREN’T screaming bloody murder, that sort of makes it seem as if they are acting, or willing to act, as an agent of the state.
    I want ALL of us to have the freedom to post our opinions, if any of us do. It the case of Facebook, it’s a near-monopoly, and that makes equal access essential. If they don’t believe the post about COVID is true, then let them write their own post. That seems like the appropriate response to me, not deleting what they object to.
    Why Facebook isn’t screeching that “New York Times Co. v. United States” (the Pentagon Papers ruling) is at risk is beyond me. There IS a mechanism by which the government can block a source from publishing something, but it isn’t by saying “we don’t like that.”
    Maybe I’m confused about the nature of the media.

  11. I quoted this today:
    Wikipedia: In general, fascist governments exercised control over private property, but they did not nationalize it.[7] Scholars also noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Italian Fascist and German fascist governments. Business leaders supported the government’s political and military goals. In exchange, the government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies.[8]

  12. All- Thanks for the comments! Pat- Damn good question… And I don’t see us getting an answer any time soon!

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