Copied from my friend, Midwest Chick… This doctor, an immunologist lays the smackdown on an Indiana School board…

I just wish we had copies of what he provided to the school board!

They actually let him finish, and the crowd gave him a long round of applause!!!


Smackdown… — 8 Comments

  1. It isn’t about medicine.

    It never was, and that is why this doctor may as well be talking to the wall. It’s time to start stretching necks.

  2. I put on my first surgical-type mask in 1971, when I was an attendant in an operating room. It was pretty durn clear that we HAD to wear masks, and the reason was to keep from contaminating the surgical fields, which included the insides of the patients receiving surgery.
    Although our masks covered our noses, as well as our mouths, that wasn’t really essential; one anesthesiologist always wore his mask just covering his mouth. The risk was from particles transferred by air, coming from the mouth, while talking. Anybody coughing or sneezing had to exit the premises, immediately, because the risk of infecting someone was too great: higher velocities, more liquid, demonstrable pathogen.
    Dust masks are different. They DO protect the wearer, by filtering out the big particles of whatever is floating around.
    In the cases where a patient had an infection that might be a risk to caregivers, the setup was RADICALLY different: gloves, masks, eye pro, gowns, caps, wash hands and step in an antiseptic solution before and after contact. I was never around the REALLY dangerous stuff, not Ebola-class stuff, so I can’t speak to that.
    The narrative about masks has been confused since the beginning. I don’t know if any of that was intentional, along the lines of: “Let’s tell them they are benefitting themselves by wearing masks, and they will be more likely to mask and thereby protect others.” If so, it has surely backfired. The info I just stated isn’t secret; anyone can look it up. So, people who were told a mask would protect THEM, and later discovered it wouldn’t because tiny viruses can sneak in past a mask, might not believe anything, after realizing they have been lied to.
    Masking CAN restrict particle spray from your mouth. In a pandemic, that can help keep YOUR bugs from becoming someone else’s bugs.
    I wish we had gotten the straight word from the beginning. In the words of George W. Bush, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice;…; you can’t go on getting fooled.”

  3. You mean my mask made of quilting fabric *hasn’t* been imbued with magical healing properties???

  4. McC- Thanks! Good link!

    Dub- Thanks! I didn’t have that info. Appreciate it!

    Glen- Don’t disagree… dammit…

    Pat- Good points all!

    JMI- Sorry…

  5. Gee, that’s the very thing that real experts and anyone who’s had a decent science/health class since, oh, the 1950’s, knows.

    It’s everything we knew after the Diamond Princess, and after the Carrier/whorehouse incident, and pretty much from the very beginning.

    But, no, the powers-that-be had to get rid of OrangeManBad and install a totalitarian regime that would make Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Ho Chi Mihn, and Mussolini happy.

  6. Facts are irrelevant. Have been for a long time. The criminals in charge….the same ones who DELIBERATELY released this virus for political reasons….KNOW the facts. They simply DO NOT CARE. The facts interfere with their agenda therefore the facts….and anyone speaking them will be silenced and destroyed.