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The Army National Guard is actively recruiting for a job position called “Internment/Resettlement Specialist.” People as young as seventeen years old are eligible for the gig, which includes “Search/Restraint” as “Some of the Skills You’ll Learn,” according to an Army National Guard job posting with a job location listed as Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, military documents show that the military can detain civilians here in America, including U.S. citizens. A leaked U.S. Headquarters of the Army document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” describes an official category of detained person called “civilian internee.” A Department of Defense Directive published below discussed “civilian internees” and made it clear that military detainees can be U.S. citizens.

Full article, HERE.

HERE is the actual announcement…

And there really IS an Army manual on Internment… Issued in 2010… Note the distribution!

It’s stuff like this that just makes you wonder about the ‘real’ intentions of the left…


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  1. Son, if you are still wondering about “the ‘real’ intentions of the left”, you have definitely not been paying attention…

  2. Internment and Resettlement Specialists (Army MOS 31E, formerly Corrections and Detention Specialist) were spun off from the MPs 15 years ago. For the same reasons why “HUMINT collector” was spun off from counterintelligence and interrogator. And for the same reason why “prison guard” is a separate job from “police officer”.

    31E Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility.

    * Supervision of confinement and detention operations
    * External security to facilities
    * Counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program
    * Records of prisoners/internees and their programs

  3. If they really are recruiting heavily now, they may think they know their time table.

  4. Is There Really A Question About This Miscarriage of Justice? These things happen when we let one party get control of both the House of congress, and the White House! . But this is waht we can expect from a American hating President.
    Open your eyes people. You may not like what you see there, you may not like why or how we got there, and you may not like some of the things that these Socialists are doing while we are there…but one thing is certain…if it wasn’t for people like us, no one else would stand up and fight for your sorry asses…including you people who just sit around and complain.
    If you are so sympathetic to the treatment of the Democratic party why don’t you join them. And stop bitching and moarning everytime that they pass another one of their Bills that is aimed to Bankrupt this country, and bail out the lazy Bums who hang around the corner selling their crap that is going to kill us. . I am guessing it is because you are too busy driving your Electric Telsa, and drinking your double mocha latte, expressing your opinions regardless of their consequence

    It is time for all of us,Republicans, us Veterans, us Police officers, us Store owners, Gym owners, Restaurant Owners, Salon owner who have been shut down long enough to RISE UP and be counted. to stand up not only for our fallen brothers & sisters; we need stand beside & behind those that are severing today.
    What a miscarriage of justice. These Police Officers should be given a pat on the back, a medal, and a 3 day leave. I wish the Police brass would have the balls to stand up for what is right instead of being paralyzed by political correctness.

  5. McChuck is correct. These are PW camp guards. Previously an Army Reserve function (a brigade formerly headquartered in suburban Detroit) they were involved in security when of the results of Jimmy Carter s cuban boatlift. I knew some folks in college that were in that unit.Yes, the name change is machevellian to say the least.

    Not that that doesn’t mean some in DC don’t fantasize about this ..

  6. Hi – former MP here, back when the MOS was 95B. This is not the bad thing that people think it is. It’s the manual for the cage-kickers; the people who have to deal with prisoners, refugees and various other people that we deal with in combat. Lots of criminals to deal with in a war zone, and we can’t just let them go or cut them loose, so we lock them up. Since we lock them up, we have to have people to deal with them while they’re locked up. Refugee settlement, dealing with who knows how many people that get displaced, how to figure out of someone is really a refugee or someone trying to do bad shit while claiming to be a refugee, etc.
    That’s what this is. There’s nothing nefarious about the FM. Now, the people currently in charge? Yeah, they’d probably like to use this against us. But the FM is just the FM for dealing with refugees or prisoners in a jail in a combat zone.

      • Ed,
        Dave’s comment inspired the below. It might be a supporting argument. But there are many more caveats than the ones I explicitly stated.

  7. If it looks communist, talks like a commy, acts like a commy, it’s prolly a commy. Absent comms or leadership structure, find something communist and…well, you know the rest. Black bloc is the new brownshirts.

  8. I’ve found a slightly more optimistic analysis for the fact pattern.

    Yes, the word choice feels malicious to me, and anything to do with Obama is suspect.

    It is good to have staffwork in place for contingencies, and you would especially want to have a procedure nailed down for martial law if you expected to be heading into a civil war. Having the bureaucracy sign off on the procedure you plan to use insulates you from war crimes trials after the war. Giving your opponents a sound procedure to work from makes it more likely that you and them will be able to negotiate a lasting peace.

    I do not think I can over-empathize how much of an amateur I am, how bad a situation it would be if you found yourself with only something I cooked up to work from for guidance.

    There are tools that can only be used for wicked ends. Detainment seems to me to be a tool that could be used for good ends or bad ends.

    I would direct your attention again to volume four of the complete works of Lincoln. One of Lincoln’s stated justifications for waging the ACW was that the situation was so bad, that the normal process of the courts was not enough to resolve things. Hypothetically, is the BLM criminal conspiracy such that ordinary operation of the courts is resulting in criminals being prevented from carrying out further crimes?

    Consider Tom Cotton’s famously condemned proposal. Which services would be best to implement that, and according to what doctrine?

    I’m seeing more than one bad application of detainment, and I’m not seeing any good ones as likely to be ordered by the current regime. DC seems likely that this is the criminal conspiracy, frightened of being brought to justice, trying to secure themselves in DC. Which isn’t a war winning strategy for them, because politicians need enough contact with their constituencies to be sure of frauding themselves back in. Another bad application in DC would be forcibly removing all of the residents, the people who are supposedly not represented unless DC becomes a state.

    There is a fundamental challenge to a bureaucratic implementation of tyranny proving to be a real game changer. There may actually be very few scumbags in America.

    One, you have to recruit people from somewhere. Two, once you arm and equipment people, they are available for use, and they are never as under control as they seem when someone on a college campus is talking about this or that act of bureaucratic violence. Three, BLM and Antifa seem to be relying on a small number of extremely vile people for fighting power. Four, there’s a certain amount of paperwork associated with national guardsmen, and hence there is a capacity for traceability, and documenting bad behavior in public areas.

    So, they recruit people for those spots. How many politically reliable federal LEOs do they have to do the background checks? Even if they had sufficient, should we ever expect that the process is effective enough to truly ensure political reliability? Okay, yeah, they could just put anti-fa and BLM in uniform. However, would sending out a bunch of people behaving like UN peacekeepers from West Africa be a strategy for winning the boog? Again, once sent out in uniform, the executive could not effectively deny responsibility. Or, is it a situation where people who can behave themselves in public, and get the job done, might possibly be politically unreliable enough to be coming to their own conclusions about various matters?

    I am not an expert. I am an internet rando. If I say something true, you should only trust it if you can work it out independently. It is better for you to default to the assumption that I’ve missed sleep, and am raving. I /have/ missed sleep, and inside, it feels a little like I am raving.

    I definitely think it is correct to expect the worst. Too many trusts have been broken for trust to be offered on demand. Never ‘trust the plan’.

  9. Biden’s Surrender in Afghanistan Causes Another Humongous Wave of Misery For The Afghanistan People With Thousands of Innocent People Killed, As Well As Trillions Of Our Money Wasted.
    Yes. the complete waste of American LIVES AND LIMBS of OUR American Soldiers who fought for freedom!
    This has been a Very sad day for millions of Afghanis and the Americans who fought with them and died or were so seriously injured.

    Make no mistake about it Joe Biden is responsible for the worst, and shameful show of weakness suffered for American foreign policy since we did the same exact thing in Vietnam! And the worse thing about is what is yet to come from Biden’s failure to lead. One wonders if this Delusional President actually understands what is going on, and what is actually happening while this Moronic so called “President” is hiding in Camp David with no one in charge of what the HELL is going on.

    Where is Biden NOW? Why isn’t he speaking to the American people who gave so much to keep those people free from the oppression, and the suffering they will be facing now?

    While the Taliban running a muck over their showing off the Trillions of Dollars worh of Equipment, Weapons, Vehicles, and Electronics Parading in the Streets and Throwing Innocent Afghans out of OUR Helicopters, tens of thousands of innocent people have already lost their lives. Afghans have been seen, and photographed plunging to their deaths after trying to cling to US military plane taking off from Kabul while they hang from the aircrafts taking off.
    Video show people climbing onto United States Air Force planes as they take off while continuing to hang on…
    Biden is doing the same thing that was done in Vietnam . The consequences of this Presidents incompetence is measured in the blood of the people being left behind. !

    Make no mistake about it, this is ALL on Biden’s hands, Biden was around as a Senator during the fall of Saigon. We can put that in the Biden Library He was proud to serve us for 55 years. He helped to oversee our decline as the greatest nation in history, with his incompetence, and his Incoherent babbling .

    Yes, I’d agree that most of the American people agreed it was time to vacate Afghanistan. But NOT to leave in such a DISORDERLY fashion! We could have waited a short while and left with Dignity and Honor….Not sneak out like a thief in the middle of the night, and leaving without ALL of our Equipment, and Weapons, and Vehicles, and leaving the people without any defense at all. ,

    Maybe the Afghanis are better off without us. Sorry folks. It’s not about winning any longer. Our Men, and women sacrificed MORE than ENOUGH of their time and efforts, LIVES AND LIMBS in the past two decades. Some folks do appreciate your efforts.
    Yet somehow our fearless leader Joey Bi-Dung said that America would back up those people and people can depend on the US again after the Big Bad Orange Man left. At least people knew where we/they stood with Trump. Our military sneaking away in the Dark of night is disgraceful. The methods that Bi-Dung and the Democrats used to leave left much to be desired. Especially when he announced we were leaving l 4 months ago.

    Biden SCREWED UP the withdrawal. No one should be surprised that he and his grossly incompetent team did that..
    Biden was, and is a disaster, he all but GAVE AWAY the very Important Bagram Air Base before evacuating all American citizens who aided the United States and who will be tortured and executed if they were captured by the Taliban. Biden was Lying to us all right up to the end, when he told the press that “Nothing Bad Was Going To Happen”

  10. The real intentions of the left? 100 million dead last century alone in various death camps and murder fields, hundreds of million more in famines, billions kept in poverty. Corruption on a grand scale for those connected. It’s now the anglo countries tern to enjoy the benefit’s of the left. Malice, stupidity and pure evil. I’m usually optimistic but those in power now are only applying the law when it fits the agenda so I think we are headed for a re-enactment of last century.

  11. The Fed Gov has had plans to treat ALL OF US like “the enemy” in place for DECADES. They tweak them occasionally, change the name of the program, trot them out and play practice from time to time, and on rare occasions (i.e. Katrina) actually show us they WILL USE THEM.
    But make no mistake about it. The Fed Gov is NOT OUR FRIEND and hasn’t been for a very very very long time.