Nailed it…

Victor Davis Hanson nails the California ‘experience’ in this article!

California once was run by conservatives and mostly centrist Democrats.

True paleo-liberal governors like Pat Brown greatly expanded the welfare state. But they also believed in pushing integration and building freeways, dams, aqueducts and power plants, while preventing forest fires, directing the mentally ill into state hospitals, and ensuring that the state enhanced the housing, timber, oil and gas, nuclear and agricultural industries.

Full article, HERE.

I know that I saw a lot of changes during the times I was stationed there in the early 70s, late 70s, and late 80s… And NONE of them were for the good (well, maybe cleaning up Haight Ashbury was good)…

But to see Larry Elder get attacked by a white woman in a gorilla mask, all of that caught on video, and yet that didn’t make ANY papers in California? Definitely shows which side the MSM is on out there, but we already knew that…

Hanson among many other leading lights including Thomas Sowell are members of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Frankly, I’m surprised the institution is still AT Stanford, considering how far left that school has gone!


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  1. The faculty at Stanford have tried to get rid of Hanson from the Hoover Institution on several occasions by accusing him of all sorts of things.

  2. Short of divine intervention, California seems to be a lost cause. We pray that Mr. Elder can get elected, but it’s unclear whether he could do enough to turn the ship of state away from its oncoming date with destiny.

  3. Our very own American President Joey Biden has the unmerited gall as he targets millions Americans because of their personal health choices. No matter that he nas NO authority to do so Yes, our very own American Tyrant reverses his previous vaccine mandate position to announce he is, NOW in fact, using federal MANDATE coercion, his use of power to impose HIS will to force Private Employers and your Personal belief to his will.
    He is trying to save Americans ,after he abandoned them in Afghanistan.. He has no credibility on this topic given how he abandoned Americans to the Savage Taliban

  4. OldNFO, have you read “Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath” ?

    My view Of the former POTUS changed after reading his magnum opus. Mr. Hoover may not have been a good POTUS but as a documentarian, historian and writer he is magnificent.

    The book is lengthy but it is worth the read. A sad read but a necessary one. If you like to read history, you will be familiar with some of the topics and get more details.

    Would be nice for the Hoover Institute to move out of Stanford but, can it and to where?

  5. Hereso- Him and Sowell both!

    Rev- Yeah, if he DOES get in it will be him against the dems in power… sigh

    Frank- And did you note who is NOT required to be vaxxed? The illegals coming across the border.

    Jamie- Yes, but I haven’t read it in years. I think I still have a copy, and probably should go back and reread it again.

  6. As to the illegals, since they are being paid by, housed by, fed by, released by, the FedGov, shouldn’t that make them considered ‘fed-gov employees?’

    Just waiting for the next EO, saying that all on Social Security or Veteran’s Benefits have to get the series of jabs. And the following saying that anyone getting a tax return has to get the jab before monies are returned. Then the one after that saying that anyone getting any federal service has to get the jabs.

    You know it’s coming. You can hear the Beast huffing and shuffling as it moves closer and closer.

    The blatantly unconstitutional attack on the Constitution is really pissing me off.

    All I wanted to do was be left alone…

  7. The silence by the MSM is regards to the assault on Elder tells you all you need to know about the Brownshirts and their complicit press.

  8. No matter who is elected Governor, the Democratic Party will continue to hold veto proof majorities in both House and Senate. If the residents of CA want to see any real changes take place, they’ll have to change the control of the legislators to a different party.

  9. MJ True but Elder is a good communicator. He knows how to get his ideas out. If he can do what Reagan did in the 80s and bypass the media by taking his message straight to the people, he can get them riled up enough that the legislature will have to do at least some compromising. When positive results start to roll in, he can maybe influence some voting results.

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