If this is true, Milley SHOULD be court martialed and sent to prison…

In a jaw-dropping report, it’s been revealed that Milley pledged to the Chinese military to commit treason in order to undermine Donald Trump. The move to alert the CCP would have taken place via a secret backchannel set up by Milley and not sanctioned by the White House.

Full article, HERE.

Treason? Sure as hell sounds like it to me. How many troops was he willing to sacrifice with his ‘heads up’???

And the other question is, if it’s true, WHY did they set on this story??? Are they complicit???


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  1. I heard that they sat on this until now because there is a book coming out very soon…hoping to pump up book sales??
    My vote–do NOT buy this book and so deprive the authors of the money.
    If ya must read it, go get it out of the library.
    Why “journalists” would sit on a story like this…makes me very cynical.

  2. Not only should Milley be arrested for treason but everyone at the Pentagon who knew about this should be arrested for withholding this information from the President. With the intelligence agencies absolutely listening into all telephone conversations they had to know what was going on and they should also be arrested as co-conspirators. Pelosi who Milley talked to and told her what he had done is also a co-conspirator and should be arrested. This is nothing less than a bloodless coup that occurred against the people of the United States and a special prosecutor with no political ties must be appointed to investigate and be given the power to arrest those involved. If nothing is done then we are done as a nation.

  3. Agree with you IF true, but I don’t believe anything from Bob Woodward – he’s a self promoting hack of the lowest order. But Miller should resign anyway for the debacle in Afghanistan and the military’s decline in readiness and capability. And if the situation vis a vis Li and the Chinese is proven true, then yes, he should be held accountable.

  4. Good thing for Milley that the Logan Act is only ever enforced against Republicans. So much for civilian control of the military, but as long as it’s for a higher cause in favor of the Dems, it’s apparently all good.

  5. The behaviors of some people, all of whom Say that their behavior was right and proper, because of the Crazy of Trump. Really? The ” But he’s just gonna start a nuclear war ” rhetoric was getting a little tired by then, wasn’t it? The president who had not started a war and had been working to get us out of war is suddenly gonna kick China in the nuts? That is not the kind of understanding what kind of person you are looking at that a frikkin General should exhibit. At best he’s a total dumbshit. Then there is treason, or something.
    The character assassination of Trump, the way he has been intentionally mischaracterized is sickening to me.

    • It is all part of Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS clouds the mind. Trump wasn’t crazy but other people were and are.

      If Milley really did this, someone over at Bayou Renaissance Man suggested that he be executed and his body be hung from the side of the Pentagon until the scavengers have carried it all away. Seems fitting. But he is a Democrat and he will probably get a medal for subverting Trump.

  6. I’m reminded of the Alec Guiness character in the movie “Bridge on the River Kwai”. Question is, will Milley finally come to the realization he’s been a tool for the enemy?
    Bet not.

    • Likely not. To the hard Left, historical America IS the enemy, Better to regard them as long term agents of infiltration of a now-dead enemy (the USSR) taken over and being run by another so kicking enemy (China), than as people doing the wrong thing in earnest belief it will help.
      They know damn well that their actions are treasonous to the United States.
      For them to have a River Kwai moment would require their actions to accidentally work in our favor.

  7. Distraction tactics, IMO. The cynical power players keep something out front that stirs up those citizens who give a s**t. As we rant and rave they quietly go about their plan to consolidate their power.

    President Trump has the ability to bring citizens together.Foiled the distraction and conquer plan.

    As to Milley, he is the epitome, perhaps apex, REMF. Got a CIB in the Panama invasion. Probably the last thing he “legitimately” earned.

  8. Here is the statement that renders Milley unfit for the uniform.

    “Milley also allegedly discovered Trump had signed a military order to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by January 15, 2021, and considered it an “end run” around the president’s military advisers.”

    The JCS is not responsible for blocking “end runs.”

    Advisers advise. End of story.

  9. Not sure why anyone would be surprised. Ever since Obama’s Stalinesque purge of the military command structure the ONLY people allowed to hold flag rank have been good commie traitors who hate America. Millet is NOT the only treasonous bastard in the Pentagon…..MOST of them are traitors. The loyal officers has been forced out or reassigned to bumfuck egypt.

  10. I’m waiting a bit for confirmation- I believe Woodward also had an in depth interview with a guy who was in a coma at the time. But conformation won’t surprise me.

    • Forgot that bit: Remember Woodward on Nixon and Trump? Woodward is, in terms of journalism, a very high profile politicized scammer. If Bob Woodward says that the sky is blue, assume it may be some other color, and that he may be knowingly working for someone’s agenda.

      Possibly the release came from someone so old that they legitimately would have trouble thinking of a higher profile, more appropriate conduit.

      If someone is under the age of forty, and pays close attention to information warfare, one will know that some of these journalists are scammers who will only help if it serves their political/social agenda, and one will know that some of the higher profile journalists are actually more suspicious. It is not like someone is likely to have had access to this material if they were sixteen years old, so the choice of Woodward seems puzzling if this isn’t a Democrat op, or a Chinese op. Okay, the theory that this is Russian disinformation amuses, and seems like it would be a fun way to annoy some people, but feels like a distant third or fifth possibility compared to Democrats and China.

      I suppose Hunter Biden could have known, and might have had the judgement to conclude that Bob Woodward was the most legitimate venue for legitimate whistleblowing.

    • Yup, he “interviewed” the comatose William Casey. As an FPO I new some of the personnel on Casey’s security detail. At no time was Mr. Casey conscious after his stroke in his office. Nor was he ever alone; always in the company of DCI security, family members, and medical staff. Most of what Woodward writes is “highly questionable.”

      • Milley has come out and admitted he is Woodwards source. A complete public confession. The reasoning he gave is weak and not a defense for violating the UCMJ. Consorting with an avowed enemy of the Uited States is treason. Also he attempted a coup against the country and the people by hi-jacking the nuclear football and nuclear codes from the President. No excuses, hemust face a court martial and if found guilty of treason, a firing squad.

  11. “Capitol siege…” That’s RICH! It looked more like “class trip meets frat party.” Given the only people with GUNS, the only people who USED their guns, the only people who KILLED SOMEONE with those guns… or anything else for that matter… were the “Capitol Police,” I’d hardly call what happened on 1/6 a “siege!” I think “STAGE” is a more appropriate term here…

    As for Milley… firing squad…

  12. Looking at the article on various places (Gateway Pundit and Zero Hedge), Milley pretty well admitted he made the calls, in front of 15 other orificers. (Spelling quite deliberate–they kept their silence until they got outed.)

    I’d love to see a really long gallows…

  13. a) timing of the release now, and cause
    b) ask yourself if the regime released this in order to purge Milley
    c) pattern of behavior with Obama, and Biden carries Obama’s fingerprints.
    d) ‘if it is too good to be true, it probably is’.
    e) even if true, may be a way to deflect full blame from Afghanistan to Milley, who certainly deserves part of the blame.
    f) may have been released by the Chinese. There’s a flavor of PRC culture sadist who doesn’t feel right if he isn’t grinding his victim’s face in the dirt after he has tricked them. Otherwise, the victim may ‘make the mistake’ of thinking themselves a person, and doing something that the sadist doesn’t account for. So, if current events are a result of PRC suborning American officials, Americans or American officials may be behaving with too much confidence for PRC taste. Or, perhaps PRC simply needed the news for reasons of internal stability.
    g) I dunno
    h) Basically, I am a raving paranoid. I have no idea what is going on. I am at the stage where I have a bunch of ideas to explain who is trying to play any given information release. I think the overall situation is one likely to need some executions, but ATM I’m too concerned about being played somehow to want to state the obvious here.
    i) We’ve had a strong inference that the PRC had suborned a bunch of people in the US. Milley would have been a good target for them, because access to research results, and being able to redirect funding from the programs potentially most harmful to the US.
    j) Part of the inference was the lack of accusations of Trump colluding with China. So, CNN finally breaking the pattern of silence might be a falsification of the theory, or it might be an early domino in the house of cards collapsing. If such a house of cards does collapse, we can expect a lot of noise, and a lot of stuff that is hard to keep track of, and hard to get meaningful analysis from.
    k) I’m far enough from this to have zero in the way of action items from it. Ignoring this until I am rested enough to pass for sane by my standards might be the correct call for me.

  14. Treason.. That’s a hell of an accusation.

    When you’ve lost Peter Grant, you’re fucked.

    Luckily for Gen Milley, There’s zero chance of that ever officially catching up with him.

    Private sector? lol.

  15. Milley has already come out and admitted that he is the source for Woodwards book and the information is true. Even though he tries to fluff it off as normal communication between military heads of countries the Secretary of Defense at the time refuted that claim. That also does not answer the removal of the nuclear codes and football from the President. That is the actions of a military takeover, ala coup, by Milley. No there is no excuse for Milleys actions and he should be arrested under the UCMJ and tried before a military tribunal. If found guilty of treason the penalty must be death. Will this happen? I have my doubts, but this is just another sign of the decline of America under Democrat/Communist rule of America. The One World Government afficianadoes are not far from achieving their goal of world domination with China at the head of the table and with their plot to reduce the world population by mandating the jab on everyone.

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