The things we do…

for friends…

Lawdog going to Narnia…

“I think I just hit Pine trees!”

We were helping a friend with a gun appraisal. The safe was full, and we’d done that, so we thought we were through… But we weren’t… That whole stack to the left of his legs were stacked around the sides of the safe…

But we got it done. 🙂

And in other news, the North Texas Writers, Pilots, and Shooters Association, by voice vote (and with the addition of MOAR people), has changed our name to the North Texas Troublemakers…



The things we do… — 21 Comments

  1. Gun Narnia.
    The door to Gun Narnia probably leads to a room like the one in the first Matrix just after Neo says, “Guns. Lots of guns.” 🙂

  2. Bob- LOL

    Jon- ‘Supposedly’ checked. I personally when through the vehicle. Found some loose rounds (gee, what a surprise)… NOT!

  3. Heh, loose rounds. One of my jobs as a staff ass for a police unit was to clean the vehicles of outgoing cops in prep for incoming cops. Amazing the amount of ammo floating loose in the trunk and under the seats of various under-cover take-home vehicles. And since it was loose ammo it wasn’t ‘allowed’ to be ‘used’ by department personnel for ‘official uses.’ I have no idea what happened to all that ammo.

    Coincidentally, I also have a .40cal pistol…

    As to gun safes. First rule of Gunsafe is always buy the biggest one. And prepare to buy another, as guns tend to interbreed and increase in numbers when not on a strictly controlled budget.

    I have always liked the concept of a gun room – fortified interior room with a safe door. But even some photos of said gun rooms tend to follow the ‘not enough room for all the guns’ rule.

  4. Lol! That seems to fit with my constant complaint that no job I start takes as little time as I estimate.

  5. That had all the hallmarks of a gun appraisal and so it was. Sometimes the guns go missing, making probate so much more easy than it already is. Grrrrr.

  6. Lawdog on encountering Mr. Tumnus: “From you appearnace, sir, it appears I’ve crossed the boundary into realms of fantasy. Therefore, I expect to find, leaning beside yonder tree, a Mark XLI plasma blaster with Puring optical/infrared sights, accompanied by a Mark XII laser pistol. Both should have the appropriate number of replacement energy cartridges. One cannot have too many high-energy side and long arms.”

  7. “Lawdog… Narnia…”

    Love that. My dad’s last words were with Walter Hooper, SCL’s last secretary. Just a thing.

  8. When a friend died after a week in the ICU, I spent time collecting handguns scattered in his room, and stuffing them into his large safe, which was sitting in the garage, up against the vehicle door. Wasn’t locked, in an unlocked garage…
    Looked in his car, didn’t find anything in the cabin, which was puzzling. Trunk had a couple. Finally spun the handle to lock the safe. Forgot where the new “pop-out” drawer was in the cabin. His brother knew where it was, with one of his 1911’s, IIRC.

    Safe was so heavy, it had to be winched onto the trailer.

    Note: If diabetic, get bruises looked at. Two lower leg prosthetics. Fell due to spilled water in the kitchen. Died of septicemia.

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