What is going to happen…

When all the non-compliant medical personnel are fired for not getting the vaccine?

This is just one of many-

A North Carolina-based hospital system announced Monday that roughly 175 unvaccinated employees were fired for failing to comply with the organization’s mandatory coronavirus vaccination policy, the latest in a series of health-care dismissals over coronavirus immunization.

Full article, HERE.

From New York city…

New York hospitals on Monday began firing or suspending healthcare workers for defying a state order to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and resulting staff shortages prompted some hospitals to postpone elective surgeries or curtail services.

Full article, HERE from Reuters.

From NY state…

Last night, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed an executive order expanding healthcare worker eligibility requirements, an effort to head off potential staffing shortages fueled by the state’s new COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Full article, HERE.

In Houston-

More than 150 employees at a Houston hospital system who refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine have been fired or resigned after a judge dismissed an employee lawsuit over the vaccine requirement.

A spokesperson for Houston Methodist hospital system said 153 employees either resigned in the two-week suspension period or were terminated on Tuesday.

Full article, HERE.

So, some locations are talking about bringing in the National Guard to ‘supplement’ the medical establishment, among other things…

But there are also places that are apparently already putting off  ‘elective’ surgeries again. Which is what killed a shipmate of mine last year… Grrr… Where is this going to end up?

I don’t think anybody actually knows, nor do they know the ‘actual’ impact on the medical system in the US (and if they do have projections, they are sure as hell hiding them well)!

Oh, and Xiden is pushing for ANY military to refuse the vaccines to get a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD), which will impact them FOREVER!

If you REALLY dig, you can find THIS report, from the CDC, about ‘adverse’ events with the vaccines, all three of them.

I believe it is everybody’s right to make their OWN decision about the vaccines. FWIW, I got the Moderna because I’m an old fart and the VA had it for free, but that was ‘my’ decision, not something forced on me.


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  1. When are the politicians going to stop trying to use the military to solve a problem the military didn’t create?
    “bringing in the National Guard to ‘supplement’ the medical establishment”
    If they are talking about bringing in National Guard medical personnel, SOMEONE needs a class in how the National Guard works. Certainly at the professional level (not necessarily so with lower-ranking enlisted personnel), the way these people are spending their time when they aren’t in uniform is by providing civilian medical care. Call up 100 nurses? Sure, do that. You just pulled 100 nurses out of the hospital where my grandson is about to have a toy pulled out of his nose, and on another floor, where somebody else’s grandmother is waiting to have her hip replaced.
    But, it doesn’t HAVE to be medical personnel. Locally, the transportation unit that processed people who were lined up to get tested for COVID did a GREAT job last year, but if you plan on cross-training them as medics, be prepared to spend a LOT of money and a LOT of time.
    Hey, call me up. I got out as a Spec-5 in 1975, with TWO medical MOS (Preventive Medicine – 91S and Medical Corpsman 91B). I’ll need a lower bunk.

  2. If everyone had said no to the masks we wouldn’t be where we are now. Those that succumbed to the pressure are to blame. You are to blame.

  3. This is going to end up with the collapse of the medical care in this country. An increase of deaths among the untreated. The closing of thousands of businesses with the loss of millions of jobs for the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. A shortage of food, gasolene, and medicine as well as other necessities such as water, electricity, and natural gas. In other words these idiotic drug pushers in the government will destroy America as we knew it. Every National Guardsman pulled from his or her career to do a job they are not trained for such as nursing is the dumbest idea going. Do these politicians think that anyone can walk in and be a nurse without the necessary schooling and training? What about the laws in place that demand a license to be a nurse? Suddenly they no longer are needed. I can see a mutitude of law suits coming against these idiotic orders when people are mistreated by the National Guard substitutes. I would advise these Governors and the rest of the politicians to hire a good attorney.

    • 1. Good luck suing the National Guard.

      2. Suing the (private) hospitals that take NatGuard personnel to “help out in the crisis” are holding 100% of the liability. When they are sued into bankruptcy the State will “step in” to take over. Instant “Single Payer” healthcare.

      None of this is happening by accident, or because the Powers That Be are incompetent.

  4. Supposedly (according to Intrepid Reporter), the SEAL teams have already said ‘nah brah’ to the vaccine.

    Yeah, go ahead and throw dishonorable/bad conduct discharges at those guys. Do that. I’ll watch from a safe distance.

  5. Yup, I got the same shot (I think) and it wasn’t because I thought it would ‘save my life’, I just figured sooner or later, there would be consequences forced on non compliance.

    I take my chances leaving my house to go work – taking the shot (to me) doesn’t really add to my risks. I’m soon to be 59, already have an artificial heart valve (born with bad valve and replaced it) and a few other health issues. I’ve already reconciled that I’m not going to live forever and am okay with that – I’ve enjoyed my life.

    Forcing someone to take this though is wrong. MY BODY – MY CHOICE goes for everybody, not just abortion rights. Maybe the shot will help – maybe it won’t. Spin the Wheel – Take the Deal.

  6. As anyone with ears, and eyes can see the Leftist of this Country has been RUINING that they touch, they have ruined Children’s Books, the Hollywood Movies that we see, our favorite TV shows, by bringing in stories about Race, and Politics, our Breakfast Foods, such as Pancake Syrup.
    And now they have completely RUINED ALL of OUR SPORTS first by taking a knee during the playing of OUR Nation Anthem, then by BANNING Kate Smith singing “God Bless America, and now by having them Play the Never Before Heard of “Black National Anthem” The have been all but the pissing on our flag and our National Anthem, at these games, and now they brought in their own Anthem!

    Sports has now been completely ruined by politics, namely the Left, in various ways, ranging from some kneeling at our Flag, and Anthem and some who are not. And PLEASE don’t anyone dare to tell me that this RIDICULOUS thing is being done because of Police Brutality, or even because that these super Rich athletics are Oppressed.
    .So I say shut them ALL down, give the Owners, and their players what they so desire and let them go out and find REAL JOBS. And let these Spoiled Idiots, and Morons find out how it is in the Real World.
    People are fed up with their Political Crap and their support for the radical Black Lives Matter, that We see painted allover the stadiums, on their uniforms, on their helmets etc. . Sports used to be where people went to be entertained, to forget about the every day grind and their problems. But since all these radical leftists, and dumbasses decided that it was a good idea to Crap on our flag and National Anthem and shove that in everyone’s face every time before their events… well… they can all go pound sand now. Now they’re being ignored and tuned out, and it won’t be long and they’ll be sorry, broke, and done… and they did it to themselves.
    So, by all means, don’t watch these idiots make fools out of us, Don’t go to games, don’t buy any of their merchandise, and don’t watch them on TV.
    The last time I looked, sports teams were ALL about making money.Now it’s all about THEIR kind of SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES!
    I’m Not having a retards like Lebron James defend the Communist China because of money deals, and for mistreating protesters in Hong Kong I for one are not going to bend to these Millionaires and Billionaires, who Hate America.
    And I won’t pay those INSANE prices to be lectured by these America Haters that breezed through school because they can dribble a ball between their legs, or throw a ball threw a hoop…..no sir….I will not be treated like a bad person by the likes of those greedy punks, and thugs….let them go to China and take the NFL, NBA, and the MLB with them

    • I got the Moderna shots in January and February, and my wife in March and April. We’re doing quite well.

      And don’t forget that Major League Baseball is going into Red China…. Doncha just love it when these fools shoot their feet? Puts a big smile on my face…

  7. Well I have always been a rebel so no sense changing now. I am 73 been through the TET offensive and survived that along with being sprayed with agent orange and working for 38 years with cancer causing chemicals every day. Survived the covid, pneumonia,and a stroke. No shots for me. If what I have been exposed to hasn’t killed me I am not going to let Xiden and his mandates do it to me.By the way more power to you for making the choice you have. We are all free to decide for ourselves.

  8. Hopefully many of those fired health care workers will go set up their own private clinics which don’t accept insurance and therefore don’t have to deal with all the paperwork and federal mandates that go along with accepting that money. Would love to see a revolution in health care, back to small and local.

    Example: https://www.docshoppe.net/

    And no, I’m not affiliated and don’t live anywhere near there so am not getting paid to promote.

  9. I work remotely for a Houston hospital. They mandated the “notavax” and rejected my religious exemption. They would not even consider my work status of remote, no contact with other co-workers or patients. I rode it out as long as I could. I have worked for this hospital for 21 years. This mandate from them just proves to me they do not honor their mission statement. I have a vote of no confidence for my employer now.

    I took the J&J because it was and adenovirus, one time jab. I had to hunt around for it. I told my wife if this thing kills me you find the best lawyer you can and make sure the hospital gives you enough money to live comfortably the rest of your life.

    One of my co-workers, also exemption rejected, got the Pfizer from the hospital. Had an anaphylactic reaction at the scene. I hope this co-worker never have to work again and get all they can from the hospital.

    I am still pissed and in the words of “Mal Reynolds” of “Serenity”, “I aim to misbehave”

    Going to ride the clock, delay work etc. just to get the paycheck. I used to be proud to work for this institution. They have done irreparable damage to our employee employer relationship.

  10. This, Spartacus, was published on “Ace of Spades HQ” yesterday, September 29, 2021, in “The Morning Report”. I read the whole thing and while some of it is a lot deeper than my medical knowledge goes it passed my BS-O-Meter test of being credible. It pulls together a lot of threads that have been discussed here and elsewhere regarding Covid-19 and the ongoing BS that is being created around it plus the dangers of the Jab. The pdf has disappeared from docdroid but I did save a copy from the above website.

    • I just finished reading the Sparticus informational letter and he knows what he is talking about. The info should be aired all over the internet and e-mailed to everyone. This is a world-wide takeover and the reduction and enslavement of the human race. Do not think this is about the destruction of any particular race, it is about the killing of people regardless of race. Those that do survive will be used as robotic slaves after their brains have been rewired by the particles in the vaccine. The evil forces behind this takeover know that the vaccine will kill about 70% of humans and they will need the surviving 30% to do all the work to supply these elites with whatever they desire. This is why the big push for those in th 60 plus age groups were the first to be given the vaccine. This group is past their working years and less productive, and drain money from the system through Social Security, Medicare, and pensions.

      • You sound like you are throwing sh!t around, Sherlock, to see if you can make it stick to other things.

  11. Are we in some kind of weird non shooting civil war? The (P)regressives were knocked back by President Trump and counter attacked by stealing the election. They rushed forward with their agendas and encountered more passive resistance than they anticipated. Now they are selecting what they see as vulnerable targets to keep their momentum going. Desperation? Look at the age of their front line, Xiden, Pelosi and Schumer. How soon will Satan personally welcome them? For the (P)regressives, this is do or die time, IMO.

    • It’s hard to tell, because the Dems and establishment themselves are ALSO in a civil war.

      Milley just revealed that Pelosi was trying to get access to the ‘football’ — the nuclear codes.

      Link: https://www.dailywire.com/news/gen-milley-nancy-pelosi-tried-to-undermine-nuclear-launch-chain-of-command

      This is interesting. Someone pointed out that it actually makes Milley’s call to China less treasonous and more ‘trying to keep someone from doing something stupid’. And ironically, the someone in question isn’t Trump, but rabid Dems.

      Still not happy about Milley being buddy-buddy with China, but if Pelosi was about to do something really stupid…

  12. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes Pat, they pull those Guard people in, what do THEIR bosses do to fill those slots. The Spartacus letter is interesting, detailed, and I’m sure it will never make it out of the slush pile because the MSM will kill it.

  13. And the governor of New York also is denying unemployment benefits to those fired for not getting jabbed.

    Finally, something may have finally pushed the leftist New Yorkers too far. (The rightist NY staters already have pushed back for years, ignoring gun-control laws and such.)

    The Leftists are going way too far over this. I fear for the coming storm.

    • If they want to keep the power they’ve grabbed, they have to keep preaching the fear.

  14. You recall suburbanbanshee talking about how Michelle used to have a beautiful smile, before she met Barack Obama?

    Something about him probably took the joy out of her life.

    I recall that Michelle was a medical executive before she was First Lady.

    When you look at Obama’s absurd issues with leadership and management, one of the things that sticks out is that he bothers to get stuff done that involves healthcare, or maybe it is when he is working through schools. In particular, the abortion/euthanasia stuff for graduating med school.

    Another issue with Obama, he identifies as smart, and doesn’t believe that smart people actually do stuff, or get deeply engaged in what they are doing.

    I think Barack saw medicine as a way to have power over the lives of people. (IIRC, his mom died of cancer.) I think he had Michelle working as an executive, because he had a sick interest in what can be done via the excuse of medicine, and objected to getting his hands dirty personally. In the dirt sense as much as or more than the blood sense.

    So, I am inclined to suspect willful malice, and that this has Obama’s fingerprints on it.

  15. The only Guardsmen qualified to replace these professionals will already have jobs ELSEWHERE doing the exact same thing. This classic robbing Peter to pay Paul. The only upside for those in charge is while “on duty” they would likely draw Guard level pay….which is a pittance compared to what they earn as civilians. That truck driver called up to work in a hospital as a Guardsmen will be CLUELESS when asked to start an IV or run that CAT scanner.

  16. I think that the government will import healthcare workers from the Philippines and will export Americans to fill those vacancies in the P. I. The concept is beyond woke.

  17. Bob said: “Michelle was a medical executive”

    Wikipedia says: “vice president for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center

    If you wanted to call it “medical executive” I suppose you could.

    The only good thing about Watson’s “plot to kill 70% of all humans” is that they won’t be able to blame white supremacy, since blacks are still vaccine skeptics from the government experiments that were run on them. They are running way behind whites in vaccination, and not because they can’t get them if they want them. They are rightfully distrustful of the government medical experiments. We could learn much.

  18. @LL
    They may try, but most of the P.I. nurses are probably still working under contracts in other countries – mostly in the Mid-east. At least that was the way it was when I was over there.
    And JW
    The whole point is to destroy the medical service in the country as it currently exists. That way it can be replaced with the one-payer system the commie-crats want so badly.
    Of course our betters will never have to deal with THAT system. Kind of like how they are all exempt from the mandatory shot shit now.

  19. The simple fact that no one in the government or medical establishment is willing to accept publicly that probably 100 million U.S. residents are already immune and have antibodies which offer better protection by far than the various prophylactic injections (they are NOT vaccines by classical definition), tells me that this is all a financial scam/setup to funnel billions of taxpayer $$ to big pharma with the resulting kickbacks to the politicians. Naural herd immunity is what has kept the human race alive all these eons, and continues to do so.

    Like yourself, even though I very likely have antibodies from 40 years of working in 57 countries including 7 going all over the PRC (had some rather strange symptoms back in March of 2020 which subsided within a week), I chose to take the J&J version in March 2021. Checked my red blood cells using a school level video microscope, the cells look normal & local doc concurs that the photos seem to be within the normal range.

    Will NOT be taking any further jabs and I will not share status with any entity or official that asks. Might be driving a lot more to get places and no more international travel until the madness subsides.

  20. Taking all of the comments above this is the introduction socialism. We’ve been in it since January 20 2021. I don’t like any better than you do.

  21. Sooooo ……
    NY will use the National Guard to staff hospitals ?

    And from where do these workers magically appear ? They’re already at their civilian jobs – WORKING IN HOSPITALS !

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