It’s alive…

Two of our group have collaborated on a little thing… Taskforce Chiweenie

Click the cover for the Amazon link!

The blurb-

Two extraordinary heroes.
Sure, they may look like adorable chiweenies, but the reality is that only they stand between the world, and…The Poultry Liberation Front

Follow the adventures of Chuy and Mochi through their slightly exasperated flag officer’s voice as he delivers pithy situation reports while the battlefield unfolds on his front yard.

Add your own color, but keep in mind: the language contained in this coloring book is, well, colorful. We cannot recommend this book for children. Strictly for adult amusement, no matter how cute the pups and chickens are!

It is hilarious! Lawdog’s ‘way with words’ and Cedar’s artwork combined for a real ‘work of art’ for adults!!! It is also 8 1/2 by 11, so full sized for your enjoyment!

Coming soon, a completely different take… Cedar is putting together a series of short stories on PTSD, based on some conversations that have been bouncing around.

We both have stories in that one, and each story deals with the issue in different ways. It will be out next month, just in time for Christmas.


It’s alive… — 11 Comments

  1. I put the mug down, fast, before atomized caffeine mist exploded like hypergolic rocket fuel. I have a neighbor with chickens, who also has the component breeds of chiweenies. Think I found a gag gift.

    The short stores – sounds very good, but of a different kind. Home is never the same, in small or large ways; obvious to those who know why, additions to the situation by those who don’t. A neighbor left active duty in the past couple years, and I think he likes having someone who can listen, roll eyes, and snerk at the right part of the stories. Therapeutic for him, in a small way, that someone Gets It.

  2. Bob- They are…different…

    PK- LOL! Re coming home, no, it’s not. And yes, being the ‘sounding board’ as it were is important! Thank you.

  3. I spent 3 summers on my college’s Poultry farm, so I know chickens. One of my wife’s sons has a few chickens, and two daughters. Seems like an opportunity to send this book to them for Christmas. How might I find where I could purchase this book?

    • Click the cover graphic. Amazon, $8.95, Prime. Ordered just for the hell of it (curiosity!).

    • Arrived today. Well, yes, f__k is in there, so it is definitely not for kiddos, unless of course they attend NASCAR or some college football games, in which case they are already attuned.

      And it IS funny. I have no desire to color, but the read is most certainly funny.

  4. I’ll start using the metric system when they come up with a metric clock. 100 miliminutes in a minute. 100 minutes in a hr. 100 centiminutes in a day. 1001.5 centidays in a year. 1015.25 centiyears in a century.
    Some place in there is a parsec.