The left always seems to have been obsessed with Europe. The constant song coming from that side of the aisle and their willing accomplices in the media is that we should be more like our continental neighbors.

Draconian climate mandates. Secularism galore. Massive international cooperation that dilutes national interest and identity. Democratic socialism. That’s what the left wants us to emulate.

Now that we’re dealing with inflation, rising prices, and supply shortages, the left is playing the same “be like Europe” tune in a different key.

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I don’t want to be forced to shop EVERY day for food in an open market, praying they have decent product available because my fridge is the size of a dorm fridge, nor buy propane on a monthly basis, or pay $9/gal for gas for my car.

I don’t want to live in a society where I’m not allowed to defend myself, or even own a gun.

I don’t want to live in a country where there is not medical care available outside of a nationalized system that ‘prioritizes’ health care based on your ‘station’ in life and ability to pay for drugs (if available), or wait months for an MRI or CT scan.

I don’t want to live in a society where certain groups and locations are hands off to the police, and those people are free to do as they wish, without regard for the laws of the country.

The ‘solution’ is NOT to live like Europeans, but to actually take back control of the US from the politicians and elites that are running it in the ground and remind them that they work for US, not the reverse.

Edit- And a friend sent this… Comparison between various ‘measurement’ systems…

I’ll stick with OUR system… So far, we’re the only ones to put a man on the moon…


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  1. If we wanted to be more like Europe, we wouldn’t have kicked out the British.

  2. If you look at history, Europe was dominated by being kings and serfs, had a brief flirtation with freedom, before plunging into fascism, and finally a socialist malaise where individuals really don’t have a chance to better themselves like in the US.

    At their core, a European does not know what freedom is. They always had the king, the dictator, or the nanny to hold their hand, wipe their nose, or dispose of their life. They have never been free.

    • The majority of people living in the USA now have little memory of liberty, are ambivalent about the ideal, or are actively opposed to the concept.

  3. “I don’t want to live in a society where certain groups and locations are hands off to the police, and those people are free to do as they wish, without regard for the laws of the country.”

    Portland. Seattle. San Francisco. Detroit. Newark. Minneapolis. Kenosha. Chicago.

    • As well as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Memphis, Atlanta, and Saint Louis.

  4. Quite simply?
    The Democrats destroy everything they touch.

  5. And in order to scrape the dung off America and chisel the hard parts back to the designed shape we will be accused of trying to Overthrow the Government. That has already happened.

  6. Perhaps the “elites” know something we don’t. It’s like they’re throwing one last “party” for us before something really bad happens globally. Or maybe it’s my faulty doom and gloom meter spiking…Probably a good idea to steer clear of major population centers me thinks.

  7. I keep getting involved in arguments with Euro-weenies and Euro-idiots and Euro-weenie idiots on various blogs about the American Car Culture. (Same argument usually involves supposedly-American city folk that think electric cars that one rents or leases as needed is a good thing, and the same pack of dufuses that insist that nobody needs anything larger than a smart car.)

    Several things always come up. First, we in the US of A live in places that are broken up into states that are as large as a Euro-pseudo-nation. Like Florida, where it’s 15 hours or more from tip to tip if one’s bladder is strong and the morons on the interstates are few.

    Second, we in the US of A have never had the US of A or anyone else rebuild our whole nation since the bad days of Reconstruction, and that was longtime before the car came around. Any building or rebuilding we’ve had to do it ourselves, usually while rebuilding Europe and other places.

    Third, we in the US of A are (supposedly) citizens, with each citizen (supposedly) equal (supposedly) to any other citizen, which makes us better than any other person in the world, especially illegal aliens and Euro-weenies and other examples of Euro-trash (which is why nobody here should give a flying copulation about some hollyweird split-tail who married some ginger moron of a brit) (supposedly.)

    And, fourth and final reason is BFYTW.

    So, needless to say, I get kind of irate when the power-elite scumbags purposely set about to destroy what makes and made these United States of America so great, and when the same pack of scumbags purposely set about to recreate feudalism here in the land of the (supposedly) free and the home of the brave.


    Heads on pikes… Bodies hanging from the Capital Building… Grrrrr….

      • What about Drawing and Quartering, the Catherine’s Wheel, pulled apart by monster trucks, drowned in sewage, hot lead/silver/gold poured down their throats, a celebration banquet served on wooden floor put down over their bodies, sewn into a wet rawhide skin and put outside in the sun…

        No… I’ve never studied any of these techniques, not me, nooooo….

    • So I’ll partially swim against the tide here..
      She’s correct that as a nation we’re poor savers and tend to buy the cheapest items we can.
      After that? She’s probably a young urban hipster who thinks her lifestyle living in a cramped New York City apartment is what we should all be doing.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    When I lived in Europe, the only good thing was the small towns where you knew your neighbor, and you had to get out every day to buy your groceries, that part I did enjoy but it was voluntary, not forced like they are trying to do now. “Our Betters” are trying to force a stratification of society, a feudalization of society where they can rule us like the feudal lords of old where we know our station in life and bow and scrape to the “Lord and Lady” as they walk by. Screw that noise, we are Americans, we don’t do that crap. Same with the cars, the cars are a symbol of freedom..that is why they have to take them away from up, with a car we can go where we want, but if we have an electrical car, we are limited on travel or worse, if we have to use public transportation, then we are on someones else’s schedule and trapped otherwise. I read somethere that the supply restrictions will force us to “be like Europe” and consume like them. Damm elitist.

    • That describes where Canada is going under Trudeau right now. There is talk about limiting the milage allowed to drive to reduce an alleged personal carbon foot print….may work in the center of the universe otherwise known as Toronto but not here on the prairies where driving 50-100 miles one way to visit a friend is not uncommon.

  9. Jet- Point!

    Bob- I would say you’re mostly right. But if you lived and died by the flight schedule, you could easily go two days without ever being able to shop when things were actually open… sigh

    David- Thanks, I was not aware of that.

  10. What Bob said. The “Hunger Games” was a warning, not a cute story.

  11. The thing about the metric system is that it makes people stupid. It’s so easy, just add or remove a zero and that’s it.
    For imperial, you HAVE to think. You have to engage your brain, you have to do some calculating on the fly.
    That’s why you see a lot more stuff coming out of folks raised on that, then out of the metric countries.

  12. Then there was the time the gifted intellects of the Continent backed their bums into a door hinge and caught it there and needed oh, I don’t know, someone else to help unjam them. Oh, wait, twice. Oh, wait, just recently.

  13. Don’t forget you put people on the moon because metric guys helped you out 😛

    But yeah, Europe right now is in no way shape or form a shining example.

    Then again – so is the USA.

    Well, we’re doomed.

  14. I’ve seen Europe. Fascinating history, stunning architecture, a dazzling array of food, and a myriad of cultures. It serves as evidence that “people are people everywhere you go.” And…no. I don’t want the US to become a second Europe.

  15. I’ll start using the metric system when they come up with a metric clock. 100 miliminutes in a minute. 100 minutes in a hr. 100 centiminutes in a day. 1001.5 centidays in a year. 1015.25 centiyears in a century.
    Some place in there is a parsec.

    Want to have some fun. Tell an engineer that metric is a lazy man way to think.
    Put this in the wrong place the first time. oops