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Looks like the prosecution in the Rittenhouse case knew all along who ‘Jump Kick Man’ was…

The mysterious “Jump Kick Man” talked about during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the man that was labeled as the one that stomped Rittenhouse’s head when he fell to the ground, has been identified as a Kenosha man with an extensive criminal history spanning decades.

So, if he’d been nailed it would have been four for four on criminals the DA is calling ‘Heroes’ for protesting…

Full story HERE.

And St. Paul, MN has just signed it’s own death… Rent control…

The city just approved a rent control measure that will limit landlords’ ability to increase rents on its 65,000+ rental properties. They will not be able to increase prices by more than 3 percent each year under the new law. Controversially, the initiative does not account for inflation and applies to new construction, not just existing properties. This makes the St. Paul rent control measure one of the strictest in the US—if not the world.

Full article, HERE. And apparently less than 24 hours later, developers were already pulling plans for building housing… Yeah, THAT is going to end well!!!

And yet ANOTHER recall on WuFlu tests for false positives…

(KRON) — Ellume is recalling its at-home COVID-19 test over the potential of false positive results, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

The FDA classified the recall as a Class I recall – the most serious type – and said the use of these tests could cause serious health consequences or death.

The Ellume product is an antigen test that detects proteins from the SARS-CoV-2 virus from a nasal sample. The test is available without a prescription for use by people with or without COVID-19 symptoms.

Full article, HERE.

The ‘coverage’ of our current administration is nothing like what the MSM here is pushing… From the Aussie media!

I’ll end with Mr. Ramirez latest…


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  1. Ok, I understand that the prosecutors are democrats and that they have been tasked to be persecutors. I can’t for the life of me understand characterizing low-life criminal arsonists and incendiaries as heroes.

    Why don’t the prosecutors light a fire in the courtroom to show how it’s done?

    • Criminal scum are the Democrats’ natural clientele and voting base.
      They can’t save the country from disasters that they don’t control.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Ramirez is the best. I have soo many opinions for the Kyle Rittonhouse and I don’t want to rant all over your comment page, Just say the ILOH did a good job of it.

  3. I wish we knew the makeup of the Jury.
    I can’t help thinking the Mothers there gotta be looking at his Mother sitting there crying, and think “There but for the Grace of God…”
    He’s guilty, of course… of being a stupid 17 yr. old kid.

  4. It seems that a high percentage of “peaceful protesters”in Kenosha are convicted violent felons. All four that Mr. Rittenhouse shot or attempted to shoot were convicted of domestic abuse and other felonies. Not sure what’s in the water in Kenosha that attracts these folks to turn a “protest” into a riot. Full discloser I actually lived in Kenosha for about a half year for a job assignment; haven’t noticed any tendency to beat up innocent folks, but I’m now on my guard.

    Yes I know none of these folks’ criminal history is relevant to the trial, except for the surviving witness who actually testified under oath that he had an illegally possessed firearm.

    P.S. How does a convicted domestic abuser get a CCW permit in Wisconsin? And why isn’t he facing federal charges?

    • Rules for thee but not for me.
      Laws are for suckers and peasants.
      Courts exist to punish political enemies and keep the peasants in line.

      There is no law, only Zuul.

  5. A little something slightly off topic, but still pertaining to the trial and specifically the prosecution team. I noticed that the rifle that the prosecutor was mishandling in court is NOT the same rifle as the one pictured with Rittenhouse the night he shot his attackers. In court, the AR-15 being displayed is conspicuously missing the red dot sight that was shown on Kyle’s rifle. Either the prosecution altered the weapon while in custody or it is a completely different rifle being used to represent the AR-15 that Kyle carried. If it is Kyle’s rifle and the prosecution removed the sight, wouldn’t that be evidence tampering?

  6. In reference to the Australian video. They have their own issues with government leadership but all of us here know our countries top elected leadership is composed of either idiots or dementia ridden idiots. The real power lies in the swamp of the unelected bureaucracies. We are so Fecked.

  7. It was obvious from the ‘low resolution video’ by the FBI that they (the FBI) knew who everyone on the street was, pretty much.

    The prosecutors across America knew who fired ‘warning shots’ into the air. The prosecutors knew who torched businesses. They knew who looted businesses. They knew who attacked and injured police. They knew who were calling the shots via cell phone evidence and call logs. They knew who were receiving the calls. They knew who attacked and injured normal people, who killed normal people.

    But the Spider Soros and his evil cabal of evil-doers have bought all those prosecutors, directly or indirectly. Have bought senior law enforcement personnel. Have bought city councils.

    If a 10th of the attention the FBI paid on discovering who was at the Jan 6th Coup de Insurrection de Civil War de OrangeManBad Rally, the jails and prisons would be full of antifa and blm (both varieties – the social club and people who work at Bureau of Land Management) along with police and city commissions and mayors and prosecutors who allowed the lawlessness and destruction to occur.

    You can’t tell me that the FBI and Homeland Security can’t identify even one of the thousands of violent peaceful protestors, but can tell if your mom was driving anywhere near the Capital and because she doesn’t have a Biden/Harris bumper sticker visible from surveillance drones or satellites, she’s now going to be charged.

    GAHHH!!! Want a real Coup/Insurrection/Civil War? This… This is how you get a real C/I/CW! Grrrrrr. Cold dead hands. I will pry my freedom from their cold dead hands.

  8. And The Geller Report is showing Pfizer lied about the numbers of deaths, and other data, that occurred during the “vaccine” testing. Yeah. Go figure.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments. Ray- IT is the same rifle, with the optic removed, so yes, technically evidence tampering.

  10. Rent control is what destroyed affordable housing in New York City.

  11. I’m going to have a stroke if I here one more idiotic quote from the prosecution. Among other things, a quick Google search shows that, yes, being hit with a skateboard can seriously injure and kill. And at no time will I ever just accept a beating. The one person who ever raised a hand to me as an adult suddenly found themselves on their butt on the ground.

    And r.e. the Wuflu – It appears to be percolating that Pfizer may have lied about its testing of the vaccine and that more people died from the vaccine than they reported during testing and it was more than died of Covid in the control group.