Apparently YouTube is playing games again… This time with the wrong people…

Right after Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger began his closing statement in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, YouTube cut off channels that were beating legacy media channels. Coincidence?

The Rekieta Law channel, which features multiple lawyers doing real-time analysis of the trial, often beat the number of people watching the PBS stream. The PBS stream is one of the more reliable ones available to YouTube users and was being used by several outlets.

Full article, HERE.

As soon as the lawyers got hold of YouTube, it ‘suddenly’ was back up… Funny that…

And the state lawyer apparently pointed the AR at the jury with his finger on the trigger, WITHOUT safety checking the weapon! WTF???

Note that the bolt is forward, even though there is no magazine, we ALL know the rules… HERE.


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  1. We need Kyle free and armed for the coming riot in Kenosha… Free Kyle!

  2. I’m not real smart about this sort of thing, but do you think it possible that ADA Binger DELIBERATELY pointed the AR at the crowd, finger on the trigger, bolt forward, so as to emotionally influence the jurors?

  3. One picture I saw seemed to indicate that he actually pulled the trigger. If it had been loaded, he would have capped someone.

    • Yes, he pulled the trigger, several times. While pointing at people. He almost pulled an Alex Baldwin.

      I wonder if the bloggers who say an actor is too stupid to follow THE RULES are as dumb as attorneys, and thus will excuse this action by said attorneys. Actors… Attorneys… both start with ‘a’… Hmmmm….

  4. Yowza! The judge would have grounds for the bailiff remove and arrest that ADA on the spot, and dump him in central holding to await arraignment. Breaking this-many laws and all Four Rules at once.

  5. Jeff Cooper is spinning in his grave over the Rittenhouse defensive shooting and the DUMBASS Prosecutor’s actions in violating the 4 rules of gun safety. Well the police officer checked the rifle before he handed it to the prosecutor HMMM sounds very similar to the Baldwin shooting. you NEVER trust anyone (Police Officers are well known as gun safety experts) who hands you a gun without verifying YOURSELF that it is unloaded

  6. I see you posted this under “a little humor.” – Can you start a new tag, “stupid people beyond their paygrade?”

  7. ADA Binger should be arrested for multiple counts of aggravated assault – pointing a gun at someone, even in jest, is a crime – at least here in NC – and there is not an exception for ADA’s trying to influence a jury.
    I’m praying the jury does the right thing and acquits the defendant…

  8. A good judge would see that as a form of jury harassment, and have all they need to declare a mistrial, if the verdict doesn’t match what the evidence presented.

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    Everyone has already said what has needed to be said, the Judge should have smacked down that idiot ADA. I surmised that he is just tired of dealing with with him and is waiting to smack him down at the Jury Verdict.

  10. Interesting to note, Kyle’s AR had a sling and optic. The ADA’s firearm did not. Was it even the same firearm?

    • Sadly, it could have been. While the actual gun is relatively safe in police custody, often the accessories are not. Down to expensive trigger groups and other neat internal modifications.

      It’s why when someone gets their guns back from the cops, they often don’t get the ammo, the sights, the slings, lasers, flashlights, bayonets and other accessories.

      • If you are REALLY unlucky, your gun assembly gets stored in a barrel of salt water, like New Orleans did after the Katrina fiasco. As far as was reported, none of the very few guns actually returned to owners were functional by any stretch of the imagination. Some were so rusted that the serial numbers couldn’t be seen to even determine who they belonged to.

  11. I loved the bit where the lawyers whose YouTube feeds were shut down pointed out online that the courtroom stream is public property, not subject to copyright, and therefore YouTube had just multiple lawyers’ constitutional rights. Which is why the streams were turned back on with a quickness.

    And, yes, Binger is an idiot.

  12. There are some “nice” safety “flags” that block the chamber of a semi-automatic firearm while holding the bolt out of battery, but then, the entire prosecution of Rittenhouse was a threat to others not to resist the Democratic Storm Troopers so maybe ADA Binger added some extra special “threat” to the performance.

    Interesting that Kenosha was leaning Democrat until both the city and county swung to President Trump. So perhaps, the riots and the prosecution were seen as “punishment” for “Whites” who must have been responsible.

  13. All- Thanks for the comments. According to ‘sources’, the sights, etc. were removed from Rittenhouse’s rifle to ‘stick it in a box’… So, tampering with evidence right there.