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  1. Ah! I thought something else went there:
    “… every well-bred petty crook knows that the small, concealable weapons always go to the far left of the place setting”

  2. You have ketchup ? Dang, thanks for throwing that in our faces !! :^)

    Our meal will be meager but is by choice. Grandma’s full family kitchen of 30+ is down to my brother, wife and son and myself. To hell with football and other ‘woke’ sports. Maybe a hunt if I can swing it – looking for a feral hog for the freezer this year.

    Happy Thanksgiving y’all !

    • Hayes Carll has a song called Grateful for Christmas about the shrinking of the traditional family Christmas as people die and move away. Pretty moving.

      I am down to a buddy and myself at Thanksgiving, both of us single and with no kids. Half the family lives in Canada so it’s not Thanksgiving there, half in California so not worth the travel for a long weekend.

      We still enjoy ourselves but it definitely isn’t the family tradition that one might expect.

      As far as the phone at the table, I strongly discourage to the point where I will say something. I hate the damn things even while recognizing that they have become indispensable and a part of life.

      • Down to me and the missus because we can’t travel. Which is nice because we don’t have to deal with travel stress, or family stress, or my sis-in-law’s strict adhesion to Island Time (which makes ‘Inshallah’ seem positively timely. Love her, but if I could fix one thing…)

  3. At our dinner table, phones are elsewhere. Here is our Thanksgiving feel good story.

    Our daughter and SIL are both LEO’s (neighboring municipalities). On days that their shifts overlap, we babysit our nine month old grandson. Her shift begins as 0600, so she drops him off at 0530.

    She recently responded to a call that involved a four month old baby, a meth-head mother, and CPS. Meth head split for Chicago. Baby was released in the care of grandfather who was totally unprepared. Our daughter spoke to the grandfather by phone, then spent close to $100 on baby supplies and had them delivered to his door.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all.

  4. It’ll be a quiet Thanksgiving – no phone at the table! Sib and Sib-in-Law both work until this afternoon (Wed), and Sib has to be back at work on Friday, so no one’s traveling.

    I’m going to do a “Black Powder [Residue] Friday” and go to the range again on Friday. Supporting a local small business and all that. 😉

  5. All- Concur on no phone at the table!!! EVER!!! And yes, RHT, you done good with that one! Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are doing an ‘orphan’s Thanksgiving’ on Saturday, so we will have a crowd over. The side dishes ‘may’ be interesting! 🙂

    We started doing the OT as we call it back in the 80s, for those of us who had the duty/couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving. I’ve been on both sides of the table, if you will, and it’s just a way to give back a little. But I will admit Jerked Chicken was kinda interesting once…

    • ONFO: BZ on the OT! You sure you were a Brown Shoe? Seriously, I’m a little choked up thinking about it.

      As for me, this will be my first year without family or relatives around to invite me. It’s OK; I’ll be at work serving T-Day stuff to two disabled clients. And, if I make puppy dog eyes, they’ll let me eat, too. 🙂 Oddly, I won’t miss the usual familial chaos.

  6. Dad was a liaison officer back in the day, so I used to know a lot of that table setting stuff. Now? Eh, one fork, one spoon, precut the big chunks in the kitchen. Heck, I even drink out of a soda bottle and don’t eat at a table either so I can put my damned elbows anywhere I want.

    Back in the day, my mom, the wife of said liaison officer, would sit at high table with a BBQ fork, and use it to jab the elbows of visiting officers and dignitaries who put their elbows on the table. And, yes, us kids kept score. 2 Bishops, a handful of flag officers, a ton of lesser officers and some congresscritters, fully blooded. I swear she’d put hashmarks on the fork to keep score. She made ‘Ace’ in one sitting, was quite a bloodbath.

    • Hah! During my high school years, I lived with my uncle’s family. My Aunt was also a real stickler (heh) for proper table manners. No dignitaries in the score, which was pretty low as my three cousins and I learned fast. Occasionally we would snap to when she was just picking up her fork to eat.

      While I was there, they built a new house on their ranch, above and behind the old house. After we moved in, a Flicker (a woodpecker) decided to start drilling a hole in the new house. My Aunt was Italian. HER new house. One of my fondest memories is seeing her through the front plate glass window in the early morning, padding across the front lawn in her fuzzy slippers, bathrobe, hair in curlers, and her trusty Winchester 20 GA pump.

      • Funny grumpy men with stars on their shoulders? JAB.

        Bishop who survived torture by the Japanese? JAB.

        Sleazy congresscritter? JAB.

        Knuckleheaded kids? Jab. At least we learned.

        She took it upon herself to make sure everyone kept their table manners up as it was a post that most didn’t drag their wives to during TDY episodes.

        And she still scares me. Some of the field hockey moves she showed me back in the day are patently illegal in most formal martial arts. And she wielded a mean nipple-twister. Very effective against tall children who wore surf shorts most of the time.

  7. CP- Good point! I HAVE eaten in a Waffle House on T-giving… sigh

    Beans- Ouch!!! 🙂 And THAT is why we go through ‘Knife and Fork’ school in P’cola as officers… sigh

    RHT- ROTF, I can just see that…

    • Well, it was an army base in the middle of the Pacific (Kwajalein) and most of the people coming to our table were various detached duty or TDY or in for a visit without significant others, so, well, she did.

  8. We smoked ours prior to the festivities, as it’s easier to deal with a bird that’s already been rendered down into manageable slabs of tasty tasty meat 🙂

    My dog invariably comes to the kitchen door and just STARES at us as we disassemble and bag the turkey. But… she does get a little. I’m not cruel 🙂

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