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Cedar has the new anthology out, and a couple of us are in it! Can’t go Home Again

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The blurb-

Men and women who lay their life on the line never escape unscathed, and when the time comes to return home, they find a wall between them, and loved ones. These tales follow those who gather the hope to begin healing, and tearing down the walls that have sprung up between them, and their loved ones. No one ever said it would be easy…

PTSD is real, and impacts are wider than many know… These stories tell some of those impacts and their effects, and the healing that CAN take place.


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  1. Yes PTSD is real and it never really goes away. The experiences of a 19 year old kid in Nam is with me forever. Buried in the subconcious but pushes to the surface every now and then. Keep on trying to overcome it and forget it.

    • Yep. 21 to 76 and still there, thankfully laying low most times. Be well, John. Be well. And welcome home.

  2. 46 years of cop work have given me plenty of memories I’d rather not have. That wall we build and the boxes we put things in are real, but they leak sometimes. No one who takes up arms in defense of the country or loved ones comes out unscathed.

  3. I saw a great video about this book on YouTube this evening.