Hiring today…

Lots of truth here…

Sadly this is more the norm lately than the exception…


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  1. Funny, but all too often, true. Luckily my millennial daughter, born 1991, has a good work ethic and is nothing like the kid in the video, and her husband, also millennial, has expressed nothing but distain for those like her. there may hope yet, at least in some circles.

  2. How can he fire somebody who never worked for him? Hiring somebody presumes they actually showed up for work on-the-clock at least once.

    I have to hand it to the actress. What a great sense of timing and facial expressions.

  3. Ian- I’m SO glad I no longer have to worry about that!

    Jim- That’s great news!

    Sam- :-0

    ERJ/Jet- Yep, she’s good. And Jet…watch it! 😉

  4. The guy I was gonna train for two days for the PM shift showed up 90 minutes late the first day. 30 minutes late the second day. His second evening on his own he was two hours late. I’ve been late three times in eighteen years. Yeah, he’s a young ‘un. I’m not.

  5. But, ONFO, he does genuinely seem like a nice guy. His face lit up after I demonstrated my command of Arabic with the four words I know… His English comprehension is abysmal after two years in the states… Sigh.

  6. Hahahahahaha. I always love that interview and what an excellent EYEBROW actress! Talent.

    Speaking of 8 am starts, my old boss in London (the Guv’nor) used to tell us, “I don’t want you bast*rds turning up before 10 and wrecking my morning.” So we didn’t, which was congenial.

    Mind you, we’d work into the early hours if that’s what it took. So.

  7. I once made the mistake of hiring a millenial – ONCE.

    He quit after spending an hour literally crying in the corner during a design review meeting where the discussion became a little forceful – not heated, not aggressive, just forceful, as options were discussed, dissected, and discarded.

    He resigned by sending me a text message as all the other meeting attendees were having a jovial lunch together, saying that the workplace was a toxic mess of white male aggression.

    I thought that was a little strange as the head of the design team was a woman, two of the five customer reps were Indonesian women (one a muslim), and the database guy was ethnically Chinese.

  8. Well, they aren’t all that bad. My grandson age 21 was hired to do janitorial work by thee local native corporation for the medical offices, food bank etc. if he is on early shift he leaves here at 4AM for an hours commute. When the supervisor had to be off after less than a month of employment he covered for the supervisor and worked twelve hour shifts!

  9. I worked very hard to be sure Daughter (b. 1992) and Son (b. 1995) were not like the typical Millennial. I worked them harder. It seems to have paid off. Judging by employment histories and salary numbers plus marriage and homeownership stats, they’re a lot more like me than the stereotype the young actress portrays. Except Son is far wiser about money at his age than I was at the same age.

    I have had Millennials work for me. Because of that, I have decided that that is a mistake I won’t be making again, given the opportunity.

  10. Hmm. I may be a Millennial.

    I kind of wish I had something to say in defense of myself as a employee, but I don’t exactly have a lot evidence for supporting such an argument.

    I’m pretty that is my own situation, and not anything to do with my age cohort.

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