To recap, the left/Antifa/BLM started riots in various cities, LEOs were told/directed/ordered to backoff.

People called for help in various places, like Kenosha. And civilians came, including Rittenhouse. The left/Antifa/BLM thought they could push these ‘civilians’ around, but that didn’t quite work out. For better or worse, Rittenhouse got backed into a corner, took out one criminal and headed to turn himself in. More people tried to jump him, and he fired four more rounds. Two missed, and two connected. He never fired any extra rounds in defending himself.

He was immediately pilloried in the media, by the leftists including Xiden, and at least one congresscritter today that called him a murderer… He was charged within 2 days, with no investigation, and the circus continued in the media for a year…

There was prosecutorial misconduct, suborned perjury, attempts to dox the jurors, etc.

Now, the verdict is in. Rittenhouse was not guilty on all five counts. And the left is melting down, along with the usual suspects and the usual celebrities.

But not according to the wokies…

So now the new ‘buzzwords’ are white vigilantism, white patriarchy, white supremacy, gun owners with a ‘certain’ ideology, etc.

Self defense won out in the actual court, as opposed to the media spin in the court of public opinion. And many who didn’t watch any of the coverage will continue to believe he is guilty.



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  1. Democrats are calling for prosecutors to appeal a “not guilty” verdict and have been threatening nationwide violence if the jury didn’t find an innocent young man guilty of defending himself from murderous rioters. Think that through to its ultimate conclusions, people.

    This used to be America. Plan and organize accordingly.

  2. “Dismissed with prejudice” means something quite the opposite to what the left thinks. The blowback may not be what they expect.

  3. “Didn’t watch the coverage”….
    Hell, all they did was read the headlines of the leftist rags that tell them what to think.

    Some of them believed the shooting “victims” were black (as if that mattered).

  4. I was a juror on a murder trial in another state years ago and thought this trial was a mess. The Judge should of sequestered the jury from day one because of all the media and outside riot hype. The MSM has shown they are no longer reporting news in any manner and their local stations follow most often.

    The Judge did not control the bad actions of the Prosecutor properly and let it ride so the Jury’s verdict let him off on ruling. This was a trial for politics and not law, which should have been over quickly.

  5. “Glad there are so many issues to appeal…that it’s really not over….”

    She doesn’t get it. The prosecution doesn’t get to appeal not guilty verdicts. It’s over and done. They don’t get to take a second whack at the kid.

    • Exactly. I hope she’s not a lawyer!
      If they could, that would be double jeopardy, which is specifically proscribed in the US.
      Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Feds try to go after him.

    • You beat me to it. Now… Someone PLEASE smack some sense into that broad!

      The defendant can appeal if convicted. The prosecution is done if the defendant is acquitted. There’s this beautiful little thing called Double Jeopardy…

    • There are two venues, really three, that persecutors of Mr. Rittenhouse can take.

      State civil court, for a fiscal punishment of Rittenhouse for the lost wages and pain and suffering of all the families affected by blowing away 2.5 major felons who should never have been allowed to walk the streets.

      Federal court, for violation of civil rights or federal prosecution of any gun crime that the BATFE and FBI and Justice Department can pull out of their collective arses.

      And Federal civil court(ish) to do what the state civil court couldn’t do, and sue for monetary pain and suffering.

      It’s not over till State Brother and Big Brother stop attempting to screw Rittenhouse over.

      And there is always the possibility that, 6 months from now or so, some other local or state prosecutor will have a finding over some obscure law and get another indictment from a grand jury and try to prosecute.

      Leftist jackwagons will never be satisfied. Never. Just look at Bezos totally setting the US returning to the Moon back by over a year using lawfare because NASA didn’t select his vaporware and bullscat that was too expensive as presented and was going to climb in costs exponentially.

    • They can appeal a not guilty only if the judge acts like a loon or they find evidence of jury tampering.

      The bar here is seriously high for appeal.

  6. Unless the feds try him for violation of civil rights and any civil trial for damages to the 3 little angels.

  7. The kid did what a lot of us would have done given the same situation. He defended his own life and the low lifes that attacked him got what they deserved. The Hollywood nut cases and the left wing crazy politicians led by their chief politician nut job in the White House all belong in strait jackets and locked up in rubber rooms. If this country is going to survive the likes of Biden, Harris, and Pelosi along with the Communist controlled media must be removed from their positions and replaced with freedom loving Americans that believe in the Constitution and the rule of law and order.

  8. As noted above, Aurelia is an idiot.
    That said, there are two legal tracks forward for Rittenhouse.
    One is that he sues Fn everybody like Sandeman did.
    Other is that the Feds bring baseless denial of civil rights charges for his legally established acts of self-defense.
    I am not sure how that could survive a motion to dismiss, but for the Feds, the process IS the punishment.
    John in Indy

  9. a) formal legal system has some issues with being compromised. These do not immediately disappear.
    b) What part of community policing is not vigilantism? If these morons were not warned about the costs of the policy that they pushed, it was only because of how determined they were to push it without discussion.
    c) This is a country that can have peace only with a certain measure of consensus. Certain activists have been refusing consensus to peace, demanding that their preferences be forced on all others. Whatever formal events occur, the force structure does not exist extract consent from the rest of us. It maybe cannot exist.
    d) Folks saying ‘no justice, no peace’, from their actions, and from the circumstances in which they offer peace, from the only course of action that would result in peace, are asserting that their own deaths would be just.
    e) I have an essay length diatribe of ‘law faculty should shut up about x’. That will wait for another occasion. But, January 12th letter.
    f) The Supreme Court is not the supreme court. It is simply that appeals to the public suck in so many different ways, and are not a desirable way of doing business.

  10. I’m surprised at all of the people who have zero idea on how the law works.
    Then again, neither does the FBI anymore, so maybe we should expect the DOJ to appeal the ruling or try to retry him?

    It’s like they’ve never read the constitution in their lives.
    Or maybe they’re doing this intentionally to destroy it.

    After all, we now have political prisoners and show trials, so why shouldn’t they?

  11. I’m sorry Kyle has to live with the threats of legal action and of some unknown person attacking him as an act of revenge.
    I’m sorry he is having to process taking another life, even though it WAS in self defense. I was glad to hear he is receiving therapy for that, though.
    I’m sorry he was there in the first place.
    I’m sorry the rioters were there, too. I’m sorry they thought that acting the way they did was okay.
    I don’t think this blessed anybody, anywhere along the line.
    I’m sorry some people are using this as a means to get attention.
    Some of us remember the poster from the 1960s:
    “What if the gave a war, and nobody came?”
    I’d like for this one to become even more popular than that one:
    “What if they gave a riot, and nobody came?”
    That’s where my heart is, even while my head tells me it’s unrealistic.
    Peace be on your household.

  12. The only way to stop all of this is for Rittenhouse to immediately start civil lawsuits against any and all who tried to screw him over. Media. The surviving moron, Mr One Bicep himself (pain and suffering goes both ways, buddy.) The various groups who protested against Rittenhouse (BLM is very flush with money, maybe Kyle will get 3-4 of the group’s leader’s houses.) The FBI for failure to disclose evidence. The prosecutor who failed to disclose evidence (and who also should be facing disbarment and criminal penalties both locally and federally for violating Rittenhouse’s civil rights.) And any and all else who were involved and attacked him. The couple who shot a pistol in the air. Skateboard Dude.

    Pull the world down seeking justice. And pull the bastards down seeking monetary penalties that will crush the news networks, the hags on The View, Lebron James (oh, that crying intact female dog of breeding age needs to have one of those Boston Dynamic robot dogs follow him around and randomly kick him in the nads,) all the politicians who spoke out of turn before, during and after the trial (Nadler could use going broke and having to starvation diet, and the rest of them, too.)

    Seriously, Rittenhouse should be able, if there is justice in the world, retire a billionaire after all the court cases are finished.

    Bankrupt everyone, from the media to SloJo and the Ho and all the other politicians who opened their fat traps and let the stupid flow.

    Sue the city politicians who didn’t stop the riots in the first place. Sue George Floyd (well, his family) for St. George of Fentanyl self-slabbing and starting this whole thing. Sue the race-baiting race-pimps who inflamed a small, unnewsworthy incident of some drug dealer and drug user and felony domestic batterer dying by his own hand into a national nightmare.

  13. Just to lighten up, here, I was reading a magazine yesterday, and one story was titled “Moon Unit”, which reminded me that Moon Unit was the name of Frank Zappa’s first daughter. Yes, I AM that old.

  14. I am still VERY impressed that at his age, under those circumstances, had the self control to not empty the mag. I think there are an awful lot of full growns out there who would have done so and looked to the spare.

    • Agreed. He was very sparing in his shots. And he showed great discretion, as well.

  15. It seems Kyle’s defense team have a sufficient war chest to go on the attack with civil suits against all those who mouthed off about him. Go For It!
    I like the meme about Kyle’s yacht will be bigger than Sandman’s after he’s done.

  16. It is worth remembering that the entire Rittenhouse prosecution was a warning to any who might resist thye attack of the Democratis/Progressive Storm Troopers. Rittenhouse had outside legal help, you probably will not, so the prolonged prosecution by a Democratic Prosecutor will mean financial ruin. That threat is coming to a courthouse near you. The Soros Prosecutors do not prosecute the Democratic thugs and will not prosecute those Democratic/Progressive Storm Troopers who burn and loot, but as with Rittenhouse, they will come after anyone who defends him/her self againt the Democratic attack. The Democratic Media is now the Democratic Propaganda outlet dumping mindless babble to their devoted, mindless supporters who couldn’t comprehend the details of the actual events. They don’t expect fanatical support from rational discussion.

  17. Morons…..there are NO APPEALS when a jury renders an acquittal. It’s OVER. That’s how the system works. But these brain donors sat out civics class and don’t grasp how the law works.

  18. I hope the kid can cash in on the slander and defamation. And get whatever therapy he might need.

    • I keep thinking of him as a kid, he’s got that baby face going on. But he is a young man. Sigh.

  19. If you’ll pardon me, the fucking bitch is a canuck.

    She needs to STFU and go take care of blacks and indigenous people who are treated like shit in Canada.
    More Progressive sanctimonious hypocrisy from our righteous neighbors.

  20. I was amazed at the verdict. Apparently there’s still some justice left. Let’s see how this thing plays out.

    Well done that boy.

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