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Why am I in this handbasket? And where are we going???


Pushing to finish the next Rimworld- Diplomatic Immunity, turned in three short stories, one already out- It came from the Trailer Park.

Published one novella A Rifle A Pistol and A Good Horse (thank you very much for the reviews)!!!

Beta read for a couple of other authors, and planning on trying to sell some books this weekend at a local book faire at the library!

Like everyone else, watching the Rittenhouse trial in fits and starts. What a Cluster!!! If this isn’t a political trial, I don’t know what is…

Lawdog and I are still doing our twice weekly live stream on my youtube channel (OldNFO).

Wondering how much higher food/gas/and? are going to go. Premium is over $4/gal in Texas right now! Turkeys (not store brand) are $2.48/lb, hams are $4.45/lb, and brisket, FFS… is $6-7/lb FOR BRISKET! It’s been usually less than $2/lb… Soup aisles are looking like a wasteland, bacon is going up, and staples are getting hard to find in name brands.

And a reminder, we still need to take care of our troops. The military changes us regardless of whether or not we saw combat. Everybody needs to be reminded they are cared for.



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  1. Two motions to dismiss, one with and one without prejudice. Judge is sitting on them, presumably waiting for the results of jury. If not guilty, then no action needed. If guilty then either with prejudice which allows no further trial but can be appealed, without prejudice which could result in another trial, but this time the defense could a) have a better lawyer and b) actually have access to all the prosecutorial arguments and evidence in advance. Which should make it easier to get a not guilty verdict. Have to say the defense didn’t do the greatest job given the hash the prosecution made of the case, but it can’t be easy when “new” evidence keeps getting introduced and the prosecutor is constantly violating the rights of the accused.

    I bought $400 worth of various meats at Costco last week, split it up into small portions, vacuum packed and froze it. Pending more price increases I’ll be good for a while. We need a new government and maybe a new people. Unfortunately. I really hope DJT doesn’t run in 2024. I think we need someone less divisive. Although the left will attempt to make any R candidate the new PDT it will be harder for them to do that with someone who doesn’t blurt out every random thought that pops into his head. And hopefully someone who has a better grasp of how government actually works. Someone who can push McConnell to actually pass legislation to advance conservative/limited government legislation.

    • DJT was “divisive” solely because the Left didn’t own him and the quislings couldn’t control him. Do we really need another Romney?

      I don’t want DJT to run again because he caved on every important position, and never took the fight to the enemy. He’s a negotiator, not a fighter.

    • My comment below was meant as a reply to you. Apologies for not paying better attention, etc.

  2. a) DJT was not effin’ divisive. The Dems were already thinking of doing this sort of thing, some of them where crazy enough that they threw a hissy fit, and the old Republican establishment would rather lose a Presidential election to Hitler than have new blood gain influence inside the party.
    b) DJT managed to do the sales thing well enough to pick up a bunch of support that had been quietly turned away by the nutjobbery of the mainstream politicians. We have Yale and HArvard graduates talking about how they will be successes continuing on his formula, and they will probably not.
    c) At the same time, he was a squish, and should have started the boogaloo.
    d) McConnell is married to Elaine Chao, whose family’s shipping business out of Taiwan uses PRC shipyards. The PRC satrapy model says that he is deeply compromised, and playing us.
    e) You are out of your everloving mind if you think that choices involving only presidential politics will get us out of this. We have a fairly significant level of institutional compromise. No single person holding a single office can fix all of the crap. We are partly in this mess in the first place because of overvaluing the presidency, and seeing it as a shorthand to more difficult issues.
    f) I’m basically superheated with anger, and start frothing up whenever I am nudged. So whenever I feel safe raving, I start pulling out everything from when I last felt safe raving. I am not in control of my self enough to have a sensible list of action items. Please forgive me for not providing any sensible alternatives.

  3. Disruptor.
    DJT was not an “establishment” politician. We constantly hear there’s not a dime’s difference between D and R.
    He scared ’em to death and they ALL worked against him.

  4. Local Kroger and Sam’s have all the turkeys you want. I bought 2 at $0.35/lb for the Salvation Army for their Thanksgiving dinner. It maybe the big suppliers are covered but the little guys are getting squeezed.

  5. I’ve read that the Rittenhouse defense team were given a 1/4 video tape from the prosecution instead of the high-def video.

  6. Speaking of vets, the local Joint Reserve Base doesn’t even have run a adopt a sailor program for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
    So much fora competent MWR or Family Services.

  7. Hmmm.. Publix store-brand frozen turkeys are running $.49/lb, turkey breasts at $1.49/lb. Our shelves are mostly full.

    Makes me wonder if South of the Border people are what’s driving your higher food prices and lack of availability.

    North Central Florida, not a lot of empty on the shelves. Weird. Wonder if some corporate idiot hates Texas and has rescheduled and reprioritized shipments there. Hmm.

    • No shortages here in the Charleston, SC area either. And our port facilities are running full-out. They are dredging the Cooper River to accomadate bigger, deeper draft ships.

    • And the Soros funded & directed riots will occur tonight. Pallets of bricks already prepositioned a couple of days ago. But neither the police or FBI saw anything (paging Sgt. Schultz), and they will do nothing.

      • I dunno. Kenosha’s finest bagged two BLM idiots picking fights with the pro-Rittenhouse supporters.

        I could be wrong, but I suspect the leftist sturmabteilung are about to discover their welcome is worn out.

  8. The JmStorm thing seems to me to be self pitying claptrap.

    Vets are a whole lot stronger than that.

    My dad was vet. Of the Reichsmarine. Lost the war. British cruiser sank his ship out from under him in 1942. 4 years in POW camps. Then back to a bombed out hometown, Paderborn.

    No biggy doo, he said, lots of fun with a few terrifying moments, but mostly fun. Much worse, he said, for those civilians who lived and died under the bombings.

    Stop talking like the appalling General Milley, one of the worst self pitying drama queens if ever there was one. My dad and his post war friends, from the armed forces of both Axis and Allies, would have pissed on their heads. Those vets of the forces of the good guys and the bad guys knew what was what.

  9. Got some pushback that I used the word “divisive” so let me clarify. He needlessly created conflict. Yes, the left and the establishment right were against him. But he insisted on pushing the buttons. He could just as easily gone to capitol hill and actually done some of his famous negotiations to get the border wall funded, to get immigration under control, to get the various oil and gas programs approved by Congress, etc. Instead he spent his time tweeting out insults and writing executive orders, the former of which turned people off and the latter of which were all overturned in the first 37 seconds of the Biden Admin.

    Bob,I agree with everything you said, including the fact that one person will not save us. But one person can continue to work to reduce the power of the federal government using the power he has been given, and DJT chose not to do that. I didn’t see him making much effort to actually work with Congress vs insulting them when they didn’t agree with him. Not a great negotiating tactic. We may not like the fact that the P is as important as he is right now, but we can accept it and figure out how to start to reduce that power. DJT was not the man. All he did was expose the swamp for what it was. Now we need someone with a bit more savvy to come in and work the system to slowly chip away at the powers that the Feds have taken. And for all the R states to do what Texas, Florida, et al are doing, which is to start saying no.

  10. And to maybe fuel the fire, I too am a bit tired of the “self pitying claptrap”. We did a job. Some of us were damaged more than others, but the best way out of the trap is to go back to civilian life, start a family, work hard to get past it. Lots of studies showing that the effects of PTSD generally don’t last more than a few years except in exceptional cases. What prolongs the effects is constant wallowing. I have a friend, a Vietnam veteran, who believes that all vets have incurable PTSD and should be getting both treatment and freebies from the government. I walked away from all that years ago, both treatment and freebies and am doing just fine. He still struggles and my years of knowing him suggest that a part of his problem is his determination that he can never recover because “veteran”. Twenty years that I have known him and thirty before that of sitting around with other veterans talking about how bad he had it. I seriously wonder what we could do with those who actually need the help if we spent less money on 50 year plans and used that money for better programs to help veterans readjust quickly and more resources for those who truly need the help in the long term.

  11. Fred- No problems with your comments, but I will say it depends on one’s perspective as to what is and isn’t PTSD.

    Hereso- Good points, and yes, there are people that ‘abuse’ the veterans tag… sigh

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