Snortal Combat…

Koda and Karl at it again…

Koda is faster than Karl, grabs the tennis ball first. And then ‘waits’ for Karl to come fight her for it… LOL

Sometimes she lets him win… Like this one. Women… LOL 🙂


Snortal Combat… — 7 Comments

  1. Jussie Smollett is a Real Stupid Jerk who reached for the brass ring, on the Merry-Go-round and misjudged it and then fell off the horse, and landed in a pile of Horse Dong.

    My guess is he’ll be found guilty as charged but just walk away with a Love-tap on his Butt and a Token Fine, after which he’ll either make the rounds of the Late Night Liberal Talk Shows and get Kudos from the LGBTQ crowd, than write a “book” exposing something that nobody gives a damn about. And after the “Book” flops, he’ll just fade away and be forgotten, like most of the Worthless Jerks do. He’s not even worth my time or attention.