Found in the wild…

1960 Ford Starliner… Being restored…

~7000 made, something around 1000 (maybe) with 352/360HP engines.

This car sat in a driveway from 1973 until earlier this year…

The gent restoring it has been looking for one for 30 years… One of these was his first car back in the day!


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  1. Very cool car. Hopefully he can do justice to the restoration. It’s NOT easy to get it right on a lot of older vehicles as finding the right parts can be a gold plated bitch.

  2. I once had a car with a 352, though it was a ’66. It really sucked gas though it ran well.

  3. Pretty cool.

    I have no interest in finding and restoring any of the cars I owned.

    I especially don’t ever want anything to do with another Fiat 850 Spider. That car was my one and only convertible, and while it did indeed drive very well, it more than lived up to the reputation of being unreliable.

    • I had a Fiat 850 Spyder. Cool car except for snapping clutch cables all the time. I used to carry a couple of spares with me. Got to where I could swap one out in about 15 minutes on the side of the highway. Finally figured out that the top of the clutch pedal where the cable attached was bent and that was why it kept breaking the cables.

      It also didn’t have second gear because the previous owner’s kid had dropped a hot wheels car through the boot on the stick shift, jamming second gear.

      Paid $400 bucks for it at an auction in Atlanta back in the mid 80’s. Drove it for about six months or so until the Ex got pregnant and sold it for $800 bucks.

      • Mike.
        And having to dig dirt out of the centrifuge oil separator because the designers at Fiat didn’t think it needed an oil filter.
        And having to use the large press at a machine shop to get the seized king pin out.
        And my Dad (hobby leatherworker) hand sewing in a new rear window to replace the sun deteriorated plastic one.
        Odd coincidence that I paid $400 bucks for mine on a whim when I saw it sitting in a driveway with one flat tire and a thick film of dirt when people were moving out of an apartment near my folk’s house.
        This would have been around ’77 and I had it until I left the Navy in ’81.
        By that time the rust of the saltbelt was destroying it and as it sat in our driveway someone knocked on our door and offered $400 bucks for it.
        I told him about the problems, he still wanted it, and the deal was done.

  4. It actually looks like it’s in decent shape. Or am I mistaken?

  5. I’d like to restore a few cars I like and a couple I’ve owned. But I’d need a lottery win to do it.

    64 Olds Starfire – 394 ci 10.5:1 compression (my car in high school)
    74 Plymouth Fury police car- 360 ci TF747 trans (my car in college)
    50 Ford shoe box (always like the look of it)
    46 Plymouth 4 door (first car I fell in love with)
    76 Dodge Monaco Police Package 440 (Dad’s fastest cruiser 135mph with those big boxy lights on top)
    AMC Javelin (friend’s sister had one, always liked the look)

  6. That thing is a work of art! Those wings, and that windshield curve. I’m not a car person, but that is pretty.

    • AC: factory or dealer-installed

      seat belts: dealer-installed

  7. All- Thanks for the comments! Gerry- Seatbelts were added, yes, AC was an option. The one in it is a vintage Cool Aire!

  8. This car sat in a driveway from 1973 until earlier this year… WHERE was the driveway…? My guess is wayyy out west where the sky is clear and the rains don’t come but once in a long, long, LONG time…

  9. Cool old car! My Dad had a 1960 Fairlane, and it was the worst car he ever owned. He went back to Chevy after barely 9 months, and he usually kept his cars two years at the time.

    • I like Fords, but the one my Dad got must have a been a “Monday-Friday” car. Full of squeaks, rattles, and loose trim. The Ford dealer sprayed about half a can of silicone spray under the dash to get rid of the squeaks, and my Dad went nuts over the smell.

      He just got a “bad one”, I guess…