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We did an anthology about PTSD, and it seems to be ‘stalled’ for lack of a better term. The reviews are excellent, but we only have 20. We need a minimum of 50 for Amazon to start pushing it, so if you’ve read it, we would appreciate an HONEST review…

If you haven’t gotten it, click on the cover for the Amazon link.

We believe it is important to get the word out that there IS hope and a ‘way’ home. Rather than repeat the blurb, I will just offer this review we received.

Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2021

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Boosting the signal… — 9 Comments

  1. Saw an episode of ‘Called To The Wild’ last night, a Nat Geo TV show which had a dog and their owner stay in the wild for 1o days on their own. One of the participants was a soldier who suffered from PTSD and it became apparent that PTSD really affected him and his life. He claimed the dog helped him a lot to deal with it.

  2. I will leave a review shortly. Loved the book, even though the traumatic stress we’ve been dealing with are wildfires and our idiot governor’s edicts.

    With a lot of the stories set around Christmas, it’s a good time for this book.

  3. I should have done so before, but I just now submitted my review. I found the book a genuine 5-star work, but difficult to describe. Seems it is aimed at sharing with those on the inside but also aimed at those on the outside. VERY hard for me to describe. In any case, despite having some parts that were tough to read, I highly recommend it. I predict there will be different tough parts for different people and it will be purely instructive for others. Well done, authors. Well done.

  4. jrg- Animals DO help! They give unconditional love.

    RC- Thanks. And yes, it’s NOT just combat.

    Bob- Understood, and appreciate the kind words.

  5. Slow on the uptake again —- I just ordered two more copies. Some folks might consider sending to others, particularly as a medium to explain to others what they themselves have found it difficult to explain. Like trainers, educators, and parents, authors never know how many lives they touch.