Tis the annual game…

Yes, P-3s DID fly in formation occasionally…

Nuff said…


Tis the annual game… — 12 Comments

  1. Back in the mid 80s I was driving through Jacksonville on I-295 and P-3s were coming out of Cecil Field about a minute apart. I thought for a bit that the crap had really hit the fan somewhere. But after no news of the world catching fire, I figured it must have been an exercise.

  2. Mike- That would have been NAS Jax, and yes, I’m betting a MINEX… LOL Those were ‘fun’!

    Odysseus- LOL

    WSF- 🙂

  3. Have to genetically Go Navy as my grandfather on my mother’s side was a graduate of Canoe U. Never got to meet him because, well, you know that old wive’s tale about leaning back in a chair and you’ll fall back and hit your head and kill yourself? Not an old wive’s tale. Sigh.

    Grandma used to, when she was able, make the pilgrimage to the game. Then, when she wasn’t able to, she’d sit in front of the TV with beers and watch. And constantly comment as if she was a Bosun’s Mate or something.

    Ah, good times.

    Let’s go, Brandon! Go Navy!!

  4. Beans- Yep, that happens…

    DrJim- 🙂

    GB- LOL, you know records NEVER matter in that game! 🙂

  5. Did a tour in the Army before making a career in the Navy. Long story short – didn’t want to freeze my ass off another 3 years in Germany. So I have a small quandary about who to root for, usually Navy.

    I watched the game and it was one of the better Army-Navy games I’ve seen over the years. Plus the right team won.

    • The Korean War started the summer before my Dad’s senior year of high school. About a month before graduation, the Principal called all the senior boys into the auditorium. He told them that since there was a war on, the basically had 2 choices: get drafted, which meant sleeping in the mud and getting shot at; or enlist, that meant getting to pick their branch of service, like the Navy or Air Force where they’d at least sleep on sheets. Dad said the morning after graduation, he and 7 other guys went and joined the Navy. His draft notice caught up to him about halfway through boot camp at Great Lakes.

  6. Obvious photoshop as there is no tail art unless they are from a VQ squadron. They appear to be Charlie models

    • You’re dating yourself there Petty Officer Thyne. I was an AX2 when they removed the AX rate from pro pay. I changed to AT, circa 1968.