More pushback on the Covididiocy…

Word from the ‘street’ so to speak is the DOD has turned down 12,000 requests for religious exemption from the vaccine. 35 sailors from SPECWAR sued…

A federal judge in Texas has granted a preliminary injunction stopping the Navy from acting against 35 sailors for refusing on religious grounds to comply with an order to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Full article, HERE from Navy Times.

Now this will pose an interesting situation for the 100+ Marines that have already been discharged, and who knows how many from other services…

Plus the issues with the Guard and Reserve units that aren’t complying (OK and I forgot the other state).

We now know that Omicron is fairly benign, much like a bad cold, but who knows what the powers that be are going to do? A number of states are suing the administration over the OSHA mandate, and I ‘believe’ there are some suits ramping up over the lack of antibody treatments being partialed out by the government after they bought ALL the treatments to keep states from buying their own.

What you decide to do is YOUR choice (or it should be), I know I have been told NOT to take any follow-up/booster shots due to potential heart issues… sigh…

But this is really dividing the country along both blue/red and vax mandaters/your body your choice crowds. Sadly, I’m not sure we are going to come back together after this kerfuffle… Politics and the MSM has only worsened the entire situation, IMHO.


More pushback on the Covididiocy… — 17 Comments

  1. The whole covidiocy has laid bear just how corrupt and ineffective the various governments in my country are.
    They’ve completely ignored law from the constitution all the way down to mandate everyone have a jab, if you don’t want it you’re more or less locked out of working and society as a whole. Yet international stars and political types are exempt. The legitimacy of the institutions and government have evaporated.
    Going to be a real interesting election year, the federal government is “conservative” and hopeless but the opposition is clearing out pretty much anyone who’s not full on socialist or commie.
    Got that nasty feeling I’m living in interesting times.

  2. I’ve taken the two shots reluctantly, but have no plan to take a booster. I figured it would eventually become some sort of mandate so took them in June. I already have a heart issue (artificial valve) and see no need to add even more risk.

    I do my best with countermeasures and then live my life. Gonna die of something you know.

  3. Those that started this entire mess with the experimentation of these viruses in order to infect humans are the ones to hold responsible for the deaths and injuries from the virus and the unproven poison vaccines.
    .The same individuals are responsible for the division in America and other nations around the world. Their goal is two-fold. First goal is to reduce the worlds population by two thirds or more. The second goal is to destroy all the nations governments and set up a one world government under totalitarian communist control. I pray for everyone that took the jab. You may disagree with me but there are many experts around the world that do say the same. There are lawsuits that have been filed with the World Court in the Hague in the Netherlands charging many with violations of the Nuremburg Codes agreed to and signed after WW2 when the experiments the Nazis were doing on people were uncovered.

  4. The government is doing what governments do. Accumulate and keep power. I am more frustrated with the complete lack of pushback. There are still people posting on comment sections of websites I read that un-vaxed people are murdering the rest of the population, causing the vaccine to mutate, causing the pandemic to be worse, etc, etc. Go on local neighborhood social media and people basically saying that our local state senator deserved what he got because all he had to do was to get the vaccine and he wouldn’t die. It is not only at this point what the government will do but the fact that there seems to be a significant minority that is willing to give the government whatever power it needs to lock us down, fire us from our jobs, and mandate all sorts of experimental treatments for us and our children. Meanwhile they won’t even study alternatives.

    My school has gone remote for the next three days because “rising cases”. They claim that it is also due to inclement weather but the weather isn’t that bad so imo they are just trying to soften the blow for parents who are frustrated about this BS. No one seems to care that people aren’t dying from the O-variant.

  5. I took the first two shot because I deal with very vulnerable people in my area of nursing. I will take a booster over my dead body unless my job gives me a full week off that does not count against my PTO.Fuck all of that.

  6. I haven’t had any shots and won’t. At my age, 77, I can’t be intimidated by the loss of employment. Would I comply if my circumstances were different? I’m not sure, but would probably go with, “I am a citizen, not a subject”.

  7. Drafted in ’66, I stood in line for the airgun and was “jabbed” more times than I care to recount. My permission wasn’t needed.
    I’ve now been vaxxed. As a private citizen I won’t be jabbed again.
    But our military signed that blank check and needs to be ready to fight as a “minuteman”.
    Karen, what the hell is going on with our country?

    • Vaccines protect you from dangerous or debilitating diseases. Covid, to healthy young men, is neither of those. The “vexxine”, however, is neither safe nor effective. Therefore, it is not a vaccine, but an experimental gene therapy that has raised the death rate of healthy young men by 40% over the last 6 months. It kills somewhat fewer women, but the miscarriage and stillbirth rates have skyrocketed over the last 6 months.

      • IVF clinics may go out of business, since they are seeing a 100% failure rate if either partner has had the vaxx.

  8. not vaxxed. lost my job b/c of it. not going to jab, ever. when they come to take me to the camp, i fight until i die. “there are worse things in life than death.” i don’t see why most of these vaxxers want to live so long any way. what’s the point of living not free? if this goes on, they will go after my pension. i did not serve my country thirty years to have tyrants take my money. again, i will fight. i will die and so will some of them. no matter, but i will not live like a lab rat. from what i see, there are a great many like me. will they get tired of dying for their cause before we get tired of dying for ours?

  9. My primary care doctor has been a vax-shot pusher, haranguing me over my refusal to take the not-really-a-vaccine. Another one of my doctors strongly advised me to avoid the shot for valid/serious medical reasons. (Said doctor needs to be unidentified, as shown by the primary care doc demanding to know Who Bucked The Narrative! In a rural county, TPTB can raise hell for the dissidents. Some folks have fought back, but it’s a challenge.)

    The shot-pusher keeps pointing out that 90% of the people in our rural hospital for COVID are unvaxxed. I didn’t comment that *every* time he hauls out that tidbit, it’s *always* 90%. Never 95%, nor 80 nor 70… Curious, that. I know what bullshit smells like.

    I had my periodic diabetic checkup (and got upgraded to pre-diabetic…yay!), and he did the spiel, but it’s obvious that he realizes nobody believes that crap any more. (I mentioned the VAERS results, and somehow, his response managed to ignore that…) Yep, still 90%.

    Oregon’s mini-Fuehrer (Despicable Kate Brown) did the state version of mandating the vax for all health care workers. As a result, there are now 15,000 openings for such people in the state. My dentist’s office is still open, but my hygienist was going to quit–getting tested was taken off the table as an option.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    We live in Interesting times, If you want to get vaxxed, Great! if you don’t, Awesome!, It is a personal Choice and the problem is that the other side will not allow that to continue. I’m not vaxxed, I have had Covid 2 times and I will be dammed if I will get that shot, it killed my Dad, and I have the same Heart condition he does, it is hereditary, I have lost over 100+ pounds, no longer diabetic and in good health, I’m not gonna chance it. Sorry for the rant.

  11. I am Unvaxed, and intend to stay that way! Have had a bovine valve in in the Aorctic valve and it has been there for the last ten years. My Tick -Tock Doc said it is good for another ten. SO it is just sit around here and make at least 1K of some sort of bullet!
    Besides, won’t be getting out the door before the Shade man, not with a Pancreatic/Liver discovery and sentence. back in April

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