Thank you!!!

Y’all have bumped us to #1 new release in Short Stories Anthologies!

And you’ve marched us pretty far up in the categories too!!!

We, and I think I speak for all the authors, truly thank y’all for your willingness to take a chance on us! It is appreciated!

And HERE’s the link again… Just in case you have friends… 😉



Thank you!!! — 8 Comments

  1. Finished reading this last night. It kept me up past my bedtime. I think Volume Two has more hits than the first volume. At least there were more stories that appealed to me. The last five by the “guys” were the best of the lot, except for Dorothy Grant’s foxy story that may be the best of all.

  2. Got it yesterday-read it yesterday- was great as usual!!

  3. 5 star review left, but 10 demerits for not getting something out of Lawdog too after mentioning him in the Prologue:-)

    Will Danny’s story be included in the next Rimworld book set in the Rift?