It lives!!!

Our second round of Tales Around the Supper Table Volume 2 is up!

Only on Kindle for right now, waiting on the proofs for the paperback before we release that into the wild.

Click the cover for the Amazon link!

We have new authors joining us in this volume!

Dragons, Cowboys and Indians, SciFi, Magic, Urban Noir… Stories for everyone in this new collection!

Alma TC Boykin- To Absent Dragons
Monalisa Foster- Progeny
Dorothy Grant- I didn’t Sign Up For This
Pam Uphoff- Listen to Me
Carole Lisa Lynn Gilbert- The Unwanted Supper Guest
Celia Hayes- The Kind of Kibira
Cedar Sanderson- The Phoenix Egg
Alyssa Casto- Sea Change Shop
Peter Grant- Piracy in a Good Cause
JL Curtis- The Templar Bank
Karl K. Gallagher- Zombie
John Van Stry- PK
Wayne Whisnand- Cargo

Please feed us starving writers! 🙂

And we hope you will visit the author’s other works and maybe find some new things to read. As always, HONEST reviews welcomed and appreciated!


It lives!!! — 9 Comments

  1. And just like magic a new book appears on my Kindle.

    I’m not the best at grammar, but I think that “Please feed us starving writers!” has a cannibal slant. 🙂

    • TATST Vol I rocked!

      I’m sure the “us” would prefer to eat steak and potatoes over starving writers. Good grammar/syntax/whatever catch.
      Oh, wait, they’d prefer to eat over a plate.

      Anyone know what “Please feed us starving writers” is an example of? And no, dangling participles are not incorrect. 🙂